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Introducing The Greubel Forsey QP À Équation In Red Gold With Chocolate Brown Dial

Speedy Take

The QP À Équation from Greubel Forsey is perhaps the most complicated watches from one of the world’s incredible complications and completing trained professionals, so it’s consistently worth featuring. This most recent emphasis comes in a red-gold case, combined pleasantly with a chocolate-earthy colored dial. It’s a hotter interpretation of the QP À Équation, and it very well may be my most loved colorway for the watch yet.

The QP À Équation was first delivered at SIHH 2015 , however the starting points of the undertaking return a whole lot sooner than that. The thought behind the watch was to make a never-ending schedule that took estimating the long recurring patterns of time to the following level. By including the Equation of Time complication, you get a point by point feeling of where we are in reality, from the years and seasons down to the minutes. It’s an incredible scholarly exercise and one that GF has executed in its run of the mill maximalist way. Talking about which, there’s one of Greubel Forsey’s particular calculated tourbillons for great measure as well. Why not, right?


In expansion to the 15 complications that you arrive (that is the manner by which GF checks them, however you could likely bandy and get that number up or down a piece), you’re getting a watch made to the best expectations right now reachable. What’s more, I imply that in a real sense: From the icing on the development plates to the dark cleaning on the tourbillon extension to the hand etching looking into the issue and clasp, all of art and masterfulness is stretched to the edge. A few people like Greubel Forsey’s unmistakable style, others don’t, however you can’t keep the target quality and imaginativeness from getting what they’re doing. There’s really no other watchmaker very like them, and this watch is additional verification of that.

Starting Thoughts

I recollect the first occasion when I saw the QP À Équation. Not all watches stay with me very like this one has. I was talking with Stephen Forsey at SIHH, and he had something under a microfiber fabric on the table between us. He gave me a touch of backstory, informing me concerning how it was the consequence of long periods of R&D and that it was something somewhat trying, in any event, for them. I genuinely didn’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store. At the point when he pulled the material back, I may have perceptibly wheezed. This watch is simply … to such an extent. It’s insane complicated, it’s madly completed, and it’s a psychological study that lone the nerdiest of watch geeks will really appreciate. From second one, I appreciated the combination of cerebrums, hands, and guts that it takes to deliver something like this.

Regular perusers would presumably anticipate that I should not be the greatest Greubel Forsey fan. Their watches are somewhat the direct opposite of the downplayed moderation that rules my own watch taste. In any case, those normal perusers would not be right. I love what Greubel Forsey does, regardless of the way that my slender wallet and considerably more slender wrists will keep me from wearing one at any point in the near future. I like that Greubel Forsey is doing whatever its might feeling like doing and has created both a plan language and a calculated way to deal with watchmaking that is in-your-face, yet such that makes you need to lean in and learn more as opposed to taking you leap back. The QP À Équation is one of GF’s more lovely watches, and this new colorway may be its most congenial manifestation yet.

The Basics

Brand: Greubel Forsey

Model: QP À Équation

Diameter: 43.5mm

Thickness: 16mm

Case Material: 5N red gold

Dial Color: Chocolate earthy colored shaded gold

Indexes: Applied Arabic numerals and batons

Lume: Yes, on all fours markers

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Brown croc lash with red gold collapsing clasp

The Movement

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, 24-second tourbillon, 24-hour marker, power save pointer, unending schedule with plate based presentation, mode selector show, equation of time on converse, year show on reverse

Diameter: 36.4mm

Thickness: 9.6mm

Power Reserve: 72 hours

Winding: Hand-wound

Frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vph)

Jewels: 75, olive domed in gold chatons
Total Components: 624

Additional Details: Variable-dormancy offset wheel with gold interim screws; offset spring with Phillips terminal bend and Geneva-style stud; tourbillon slanted at a 25-degree point; two quick pivoting barrels running in series

Evaluating & Availability

Price: CHF 670,000

Availability: Immediately

Limited Edition: No, yet restricted production

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