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Introducing The Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold

Snappy Take

For LVMH Watch Week 2021, Hublot presents a new form of its Big Bang MP-11, a watch which includes a 14-day power save by means of a progression of seven in-arrangement fountainhead barrels. This is one of the longest power saves in any watch delivered by Hublot; it has recently been delivered in red earthenware. That model was the subject of a Hands-On review in June of 2020. The new form is in Hublot’s Magic Gold, which is a restrictive composite made of a combination of artistic and gold.

The new watch, similar to its archetype, is a generally controlled (for a 14-day watch) 45mm x 14.50mm, and retails for $89,500, in a restricted release of 50 pieces.

Starting Thoughts

Magic Gold is a material with various fascinating properties. It’s an incredibly scratch-safe gold combination, to such an extent that Hublot’s comfortable depicting it as “for all intents and purposes scratchproof.” The numbers appear to bear this out: 18-karat gold has a hardness of around 140 on the Vickers hardness scale, which gauges the obstruction of a material to a norm, jewel tipped indenting device (316L treated steel, commonly utilized for watch cases, is normally around 150-200). Sorcery Gold, then again, is around 1,000 on the scale. 

Its uncommon strength is on account of its composition. To make Magic Gold, you first beginning with a clay powder (boron nitride) and compress it in a form. The subsequent shape is then positioned in a sintering heater, at a temperature of around 2,200 C. The warmth intertwines the clay particles together however leaves the inside permeable. Fluid gold is then worked into the material, again under extremely high tension. The last material is, notwithstanding its composite nature, still sufficiently high in gold content to qualify as 18k gold.

It’s really slick stuff – a scratchproof gold composite is a significant interesting expression in materials science, and I give Hublot a great deal of credit for seeking after it. Enchantment Gold doesn’t exactly have the warm charm of customary yellow or red-gold composites, yet it has a smooth, practically green-gold sheen with its own novel allure. While the Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold doesn’t look to the statement of customary watchmaking for its allure, it has a ton of significant worth added for any individual who wants a watch that wears its high level specialized properties on its sleeve.

The Basics

Brand: Hublot
Model: Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold
Reference Number:  911.MX.0138.RX

Diameter: 45mm
Thickness: 14.40mm
Case Material: Hublot “Wizardry Gold”
Water Resistance: 30 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Black elastic with titanium and artistic collapsing clasp

The Movement

Caliber: HUB9011, hand-wound skeleton type, with 14-day power hold from seven heart barrels
Frequency: 28,800 vph, running in 39 jewels
Number Of Components: 270
Other Details: Black-plated spans; silicon Swiss switch escapement

Estimating & Availability

Price: $89,500
Limited Edition: Yes; 50 pieces worldwide.

For more data, visit Hublot.com.

LVMH Watch Week is a yearly dispatch occasion for the LVMH watch brands. Some of a year ago’s inclusion on HODINKEE can be found here and here. Although LVMH Luxury Ventures as of late turned into a minority financial backer in HODINKEE, we keep up complete article independence.

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