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Introducing The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Quantième In 41mm

Introducing The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Quantième In 41mm

Snappy Take

Over the most recent few decades, Jaquet Droz has created an extremely wide scope of models, going from time-just watches as far as possible up to extravagantly complex mechanical machines, including the Singing Bird watch, with which we went active in 2017. The foundations of Jaquet Droz’s assortments, nonetheless, have consistently been the Grande Seconde watches, which include a figure-8 dial plan with an exceptionally huge, noticeable sub-dial for the seconds hand. The measure of unoccupied space on the dial has for a large part of the brand’s set of experiences, allowed it a chance to exhibit various artworks – most particularly the specialty of plating, which has been a territory in which Jaquet Droz has frequently created genuinely excellent pieces (I think, for instance, of the awesome paillonée enamel pocket watch, which we had a chance to take a gander at up very close in 2016) .

Owing to the way that the dials have so regularly been the focal point of such a lot of innovative exertion, the Grande Seconde watches have would in general be on the bigger side, with cases commonly 43mm in distance across and 12.21mm thick. (There have additionally been a few models accessible in 39mm cases also). Jaquet Droz as of late declared the dispatch of another to-the-assortment 41mm size for a situation which is somewhat more slender than for the 43mm models – the new models are 12.10mm thick.

There will be an aggregate of seven new models in the new size. Four of these are in red gold (which has consistently struck me as an ideal metal for the Grande Seconde watches as a rule; it appears to truly underscore the case calculation) with grand feu enamel dials, in ivory, dark blue, burgundy, and anthracite.

Three extra models will be offered in steel, with matte black, sandblasted titanium gray, or a sandblasted silver dial. Costs are uniform across all models in each metal, with the steel watches recorded at $9,500, and the red-gold models at $20,000. The development is the type 2660Q2, with two heart barrels that convey a 68-hour power save and which incorporates a silicon balance spring (this is the most up-to-date form of the Jaquet Droz type 2663, which depends on the F. Piguet/Manufacture Blancpain 1151). 

Beginning Thoughts

I have admired Jaquet Droz looks for a long time. At the point when the name was restored in 2000 by the Swatch Group, the company’s utilization of intriguing and only sometimes seen plating procedures immediately made them a pundit’s dear, if rather specialty in allure. The company’s initial and reliable dedication to making fragile, costly to deliver, and regularly exceptionally expound finish dials implied that the watches were not all the time seen, in spite of the fact that they established a colossal connection in person.

The 43mm cases for the Grande Seconde observes never struck me as especially exorbitant in size – particularly when paired with a portion of the company’s momentous enamelwork, the breadth appeared to be a purposeful decision to have a bigger material on which to show what was then a seldom seen horological improving art. 

Certainly, notwithstanding, tastes have changed since the mid 2000s, and I think having a 41mm case for the Grande Seconde models bodes well. At that distance across, you penance minimal regarding the surface territory fundamental for the dial composition, which offers an engaging measure of negative space – consistently a solid suit for Jaquet Droz. Valuing additionally appears to be prominently reasonable – particularly in steel, the new 41mm Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde watches address a very intriguing option for somebody wanting for a bizarre, yet at the same time traditionally proportioned, dial.

I will consistently hold a warmth for the Grande Seconde watches in finish, however. It’s hard to recall a good ways off of twenty years, however horological plating was at one point an almost lost workmanship. It required the exertion of a couple of committed, very obstinate and steady, and frequently self-educated craftsmen like Miklos Merczel at Jaeger-LeCoultre, Suzanne Rohr at Patek Philippe, and Anita Porchet, to keep the different incredibly troublesome classes of horological plating and lacquer small work of art alive. Despite the fact that one sees finish dials – both standard glassy veneer and more complex enamelwork, for example, paillonée, flinqué, and cloisonné –all the more as often as possible today, it merits recollecting that like mechanical horology itself, it was all at once a specialty whose future appeared to be particularly in uncertainty, and which keeps on existing today because of brands like Jaquet Droz, which was a pioneer in carrying the craftsmanship to a more extensive audience.

The Basics

Brand: Jaquet Droz
Model: Grande Seconde 41mm

Diameter: 41mm
Thickness: 12.10mm
Case Material: Steel or red gold
Dial Color: Red-gold models, grand feu enamel in anthracite, burgundy, ivory, and dark blue; steel models, matte black, sandblasted titanium gray, or a sandblasted silver dial
Water Resistance: 3 bar/30 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Matching gator for the red-gold models; calf calfskin for the steel models

The Movement

Caliber: Jaquet Droz 2660Q2
Functions: Large seconds, askew hours and minutes, with date
Power Reserve: 68 hours
Winding: Manual and automatic
Frequency: 28,800 vph
Jewels: 30
Additional Details: Silicon get away from haggle/p>

Valuing & Availability

Price: Red gold, $20,000; steel, $9,500
Availability: Currently available

See the new 41mm models at Jaquet-Droz.com.

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