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Introducing The KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold

Introducing The KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold

KITH organizer Ronnie Fieg, who we highlighted in the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 3, has teamed up with attire brands like Nike, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger, and Versace, and has even worked with Coca-Cola and General Mills. Yet, the following enormous KITH drop won’t be a couple of monogrammed shoes or a rethought sweatshirt. It’s a Casio G-Shock of specific significance to Fieg, whose joint efforts are regularly pervaded with wistfulness for the 1990s, when he, when all is said and done, grew up. What’s more, G-Shock, obviously, needs no presentation here. A lot of watch sweethearts who gather top of the line mechanicals additionally have a weakness for G-Shock’s tough, multifunction quartz offerings.

This is a major year for G-Shock fans who experienced childhood during the ’90s. The DW6900, which initially dispatched in 1995, is remarkable for its four-screen show and enormous catch to illuminate it. The achievement of the 6900, and of G-Shock all the more extensively, is a case of rough stuff that was made to get hammered becoming a social symbol that could be perceived from across the room. 

To praise the 6900’s 25th commemoration, G-Shock is delivering metal forms that it is calling the GM6900. The KITH joint effort we see here is an elite rose-gold variant accessible through KITH (on the web and coming up) and in restricted amounts at select G-Shock retailers in Asia. It will likewise be the main metal 6900 to advertise when it officially goes at a bargain this Monday.

According to Fieg, the shade of rose gold has for some time been related with KITH. “Rose gold has consistently been in the DNA of our image since the absolute starting point. It’s been one of the essential materials and tones that we’ve been utilizing as a feature of our stylish of the brand,” he told HODINKEE. “Regardless of whether it’s been on trims, or in the store as a feature of our construct, it’s constantly been a piece of who we’ve been since the very beginning.” 

When Casio chose the 25th commemoration was the perfect time for a metal 6900, KITH was an intelligent accomplice for a rose-gold adaptation. Truth be told, a previous KITH x G-Shock cooperation of the 6900 utilized rose gold, however similarly as a complement. To Fieg, this new model addresses a chance to advance the plan and to utilize the tone for the whole watch. It’s not just the utilization of this shading that empowered Fieg and KITH to put their own blemish on their new G-Shock GM6900, though.

Ronnie Fieg's Sneaker Collection

For Volume 3 of the HODINKEE Magazine, we plunked down with KITH author Ronnie Fieg to discuss his imaginative interaction, the ascent of sneakerhead culture, and his best in class assortment of significant footwear. Regardless of whether you don’t have the foggiest idea about the distinction between a Salmon Toe and a Super Green, this is a can’t-miss story.

Check out the full advanced element here.

The huge catch underneath the primary showcase is an unmistakable component of exemplary G-Shock plan that shows up on every one of the 6900 model watches. On the KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold, this noticeable catch is embellished with the KITH logo instead of the standard “G,” a quality it imparts to the keep going KITH x G-Shock coordinated effort. As you can find in the movement underneath, when you press that catch to illuminate the presentation and view the time, you’ll additionally see the words “JUST US,” an regularly utilized term in KITH marked items. One distinction between the KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold and the in-line 6900s is that the KITH rendition utilizes a positive LCD (dull numbers on a light foundation), while the in-line watches will have a negative LCD show (light numbers on a dim background).

The KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold is each piece an intense instrument watch, and it has the entirety of the stun and vibration opposition that you’d anticipate from a watch with a more traditional G-Shock development. It’s additionally water impervious to 200 meters. Little bulges outwardly of the glass-fiber-fortified internal case decrease surface contact with the metal bezel, upgrading the stun opposition of the watch and ensuring the module inside the case. The metal bezel itself goes through various producing measures prior to cutting and cleaning. Having said that, there is a significant measure of steel utilized in this watch. It’s not really strong gold but rather particle plated – and on the off chance that it were strong gold, it would cost significantly more than its $380 sticker price. Lashing on the wrist, one can feel the heaviness of all that steel.

You get two lashes with this new KITH cooperation: The dark form you see beneath, notwithstanding a white rendition. Both element coordinating rose-gold equipment and a metal manager with the KITH logo. What’s more, in the event that you take a gander at the lash, it additionally has KITH’s apparent rehashing monogram print. I believe that both white and dark function admirably with rose gold, but the two distinct lashes truly change the general appearance of the watch. Changing the lashes is very straightforward gratitude to the fast delivery tabs seen below.

While the KITH marking will probably have individuals arranging for this watch when it dispatches, I think this is a cool interpretation of a G-Shock even free of its relationship with perhaps the most smoking retailer around. I like that the entirety of the composition on the bezel is a similar tone as the case, an eminent distinction between this adaptation and the upcoming fundamental line instances of the GM6900. The composing mixes in enough not to occupy from the strong gold vibe of the watch while likewise being legible. 

I surmise a definitive inquiry is, do you need some gold in your life?

The KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold comes out on Monday, February 10, at all KITH shops and at 11:00 AM EST on Kith.com for $380.

For more data, visit KITH . Additionally, make certain to check out this video highlighting G-Shock designer Kikuo Ibe .

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