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Introducing The MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT (Now Without Diamonds!)

Snappy Take

It may be difficult to accept, however it was not exactly a year back that MB&F revealed its first-historically speaking ladies’ watch, the Legacy Machine FlyingT . The watch met with an amazingly sure gathering, and for heaps of valid justifications. The development, with its vertical engineering and noticeably shown flying tourbillon, is totally unimaginable; the case is flexible and rich, even with the enormous air pocket molded precious stone on top; the plan language certainly feels like it inclines toward the ladylike, however not in the disparaging, flower petals-and-pink way that such countless watchmakers embrace. Set forth plainly, it’s a boss watch for ladies that is just as thoroughly examined noteworthy as any of MB&F’s more male-focused on watches.

Funnily, however, MB&F checked out input from male customers who needed one for themselves, just with a more curbed tie and less precious stones. That is not all that a lot to request, correct? All things considered, MB&F is conveying simply that, however with a proviso –  the FlyingT is as yet being presented as a ladies’ watch. These models, with their guilloché dial plates (made by Kari Voutilainen’s Comblémine, obviously), may be somewhat simpler for most fellows to wear, however MB&F isn’t abandoning this being a watch intended for ladies. There are two new varieties: one in platinum with a brilliant blue dial plate and one in red gold with a dark dial plate. The two of them look incredible, the two of them flaunt the wild FlyingT development, and they’re both restricted to 18 pieces (each). 

Starting Thoughts

No motivation to cover the lede here: When I originally saw the FlyingT a year ago, my quick response was “Goodness damn … I need one of these.” I even began talking myself into the possibility that in the event that I had the coin, I could totally pull off a case with a thin ring of precious stones around the edge. That is presumably false, but rather it addresses exactly how appealing this watch is. That enormous air pocket formed gem appears to vanish once the watch is on your wrist, and all you see is the pinnacle like development, with the flying tourbillon turning on top. The point of the dial is quite commonsense, making the watch simple to peruse without having to drastically swing your wrist (likely something to be thankful for, since this watch will stand out in case you’re waving it around). I for one love the utilization of guilloché here ( which you may perceive from the Thunderdome ) and could see myself truly appreciating either version. 

To push things above and beyond, I like what this watch addresses however much I like the actual watch. I love that MB&F chose to go all-out on a committed ladies’ watch and not simply paint a LM101 pink (which is, frankly, about what I anticipate from most watch marks nowadays). Besides, I appreciate their determination in not calling these new releases “unisex” or “men’s adaptations.” They stood firm and won’t dilute this. A few ladies need precious stones, some don’t. A few men will wear a “women’s watch” and some will not. You do you. These are watches we’re discussing: Whatever settles on you grin is the correct decision, marks be damned.

The Basics

Brand: MB&F
Model: Legacy Machine FlyingT

Diameter: 38.5mm
Thickness: 20mm (counting the air pocket molded crystal)
Case Material: Platinum or red gold
Dial Color: White finish dial over a dark or blue guilloché dial plate (created by Comblémine)
Indexes: Roman numerals
Lume: None
Water Resistance: 30 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Calf or croc cowhide lash with platinum or red gold pin buckle

The Movement

Caliber: FlyingT
Functions: Hours, minutes, flying 60-second tourbillon
Power Reserve: 100 hours
Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 2.5 Hz (18,000 vph)
Jewels: 30
Total Components: 280

Estimating & Availability

Price: $105,000 (red gold); $116,000 (platinum)
Availability: Immediately
Limited Edition: 18 pieces each

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