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Introducing The MB&F + L’Epée 1839 TriPod

Introducing The MB&F + L’Epée 1839 TriPod

Fast Take

The TriPod is the second of what vows to be a threesome of articles that MB&F and L’Epée 1839 have assigned their “Robocreatures” – half robot, half creature – and the company’s thirteenth cooperation all the more comprehensively. Odds are you likely know about the two-legged T-Rex, the first in the Robocreatures series. At its dispatch a week ago, the new clock passed by the name Trinity, however has sinced changed to TriPod considering the previous’ utilization by a noticeable gems line. The TriPod name continues in the strides of past manifestations like the OctoPod and the AquaPod.

In the plan of the TriPod, we see the number three repeated on different occasions: in the animal’s three legs, in the three glass amplifying circles, and in the three levels of the movement. The clock’s dial additionally shows the time in three successive 12-hour scales, with the minutes separated in augmentations of 15. The presentation completes its turn once like clockwork, few out of every odd 12, permitting an opportunity to be perused any of the round mineral glass “eyes” displayed over the limited scale. An illustration of how the showcase glances through one such eye can be seen beneath. L’Epée’s specialists needed to ascertain the right harmony between the size of the circles and the distance between the circles and the showcase while advancing decipherability and safeguarding the respectability of the first plan. To do that, the circles, which are suspended from metal arms and held by hands that seem to support them, must be fabricated to inside 10 microns.

The thought for the TriPod’s sensitive, bug like plan started with a youthful planner, Maximilian Maertens, who is additionally credited with the T-Rex. Likewise with the T-Rex, Maertens discovered motivation in the 1993 film Jurrasic Park, the principal film he saw as a kid. The notorious golden caught mosquito from which pre-notable dinosaur life was resuscitated given the underlying sparkle, and further motivation came from the water strider, the spindly-limbed bugs that one will once in a while experience easily skating across pools of still water. “It seems similar as a suspending creepy crawly strolling over the water,” Maertens says, “and this propelled me to make something that looks very delicate.”

The clear defensive body shields, which come in three neon tones, are produced using cast acrylic, and it’s through these touched defenders that one is managed the cost of an unhindered perspective on the detailed eight-day clock system at the core of the TriPod.

Starting Thoughts

I love that the TriPod’s presentations depend on optical glass, and that from a good ways, it’s very conceivable one wouldn’t have even the remotest clue that this is a gadget for reading a clock. Coming somewhat nearer, one may see the three sizes of numbers and miracle exactly what is the issue here. It’s simply in the wake of investigating one of the circles that the time leaps out at you. Along these lines, the TriPod figures to be an item fit for attracting somebody from a far distance prior to conveying the result regarding the time. While the fragile appendages positively review both the water-strolling bug and Jurassic Park’s mosquito, the demonstration of peering through the three circles for the time or through the acrylic shields at the clock movement likewise feel associated with the critical mosquito.

While the provided photographs we have here look incredible, it’s been my experience that interfacing with these time-telling items is an encounter that doesn’t completely decipher in two-measurements. It’s hard to completely get a handle on the way in which they rest in space. This is one motivation behind why the M.A.D. Display Concept has been so successful.

It’s been said commonly that no one actually needs a decent watch, or a watch of any sort besides. The time is surrounding us. This certainly applies to an item like this TriPod, obviously. In any case, I’m happy it exists, and that there are individuals propelled to make such objects.

The Basics

Brand: The MB&F + L’Epée 1839
Model: TriPod

Body Diameter: 30cm 
Body Height: 26cm
Weight: 2.8kg
Materials: Plated metal, optical mineral glass, fluorescent acrylic shields
Lume: No

The Movement

Caliber: L’Epée 1839 in-house planned and fabricated movement
Functions: Hours and minutes by means of two concentric dials noticeable from every one of the three optical mineral glass circles. Dials make one full pivot in 36 hours.
Power Reserve: Eight days
Winding: Manual-winding by means of twofold finished key to set time and wind the movement
Frequency: 18,000 vph
Jewels: 21

Estimating & Availability

Price: CHF 22,500 + VAT (roughly $25,000 + tax)
Limited Edition: 50 pieces each in neon blue, neon red, and neon green

For more, visit MB&F .

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