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Introducing The Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 100 In Titanium (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing The Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 100 In Titanium (Live Pics & Pricing)

First Take

The Montblanc 1858 assortment previously appeared right back in 2015, and in 2019 at the SIHH, we got a first gander at a very dynamite new split-seconds, or rattrapante, chronograph, highlighting a dressed-to-kill 16 ligne development made at the Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie, (formerly the autonomous producer Minerva) and which appeared in a bronze case with a dark polish dial. That watch appeared in a restricted release of 100 pieces and had a few – for a cutting edge creation watch – abnormal highlights, including a combination telemeter/tachymeter dial. It was and is a grandstand for unadulterated top of the line complicated watchmaking – the rattrapante chronograph is viewed as a real high complication, straight up there with the moment repeater and the interminable schedule, on account of the complexity and delicacy of its development. In spite of the fact that there are today part seconds chronographs designed with a view to more prominent sturdiness and diminished complexity , there is an extensive case to be made for the conventional methodology, particularly when it is combined with genuine haute horlogerie finishing. Today, Montblanc has reported another adaptation of this present classicist’s work of art, with a striking blue grand feu enamel dial and a titanium case. 

The dial is a solitary sheet of strong gold, on which the veneer powder is set; the dial is then terminated, vitrifying the powder and transforming it into an even single layer, which has the particular profundity and immersion of shading which makes terminated lacquer dials so promptly conspicuous. The two chronograph hands are beige and red (the lower beige hand is the essential seconds hand and the upper, red hand is the part hand), and start, stop, and reset are by means of a solitary pusher, set into the crown; the split pusher is at 2:00. 

The external chronograph scale is a telemetric scale, which permits you to gauge the distance of any occasion which is both noticeable and perceptible by timing the span between seeing the occasion and hearing it. You can utilize it for anything boisterous enough and eye-getting enough to warrant your consideration; the exemplary models are discovering the distance away a stroke of lightning is by timing the contrast between the glimmer and the thunder, or the distance away a big guns shell (or cannon discharge) might be by timing the distinction between the blaze and the bang. 

The internal scale is a “snail” style tachymetric scale. A tachymetric scale is genuinely standard on chronographs; such a scale allows you to compute the normal speed of a vehicle going over a deliberate mile, however you can perform different computations with a tachymeter, for example, the quantity of units delivered each hour on a creation line. A disservice of a customary tachymeter scale is that you are restricted to timing occasions of a term no longer than 60 seconds. The snail tachymeter extends this to as long as three minutes, perusing from an external perspective to within the snail (there is a useful little bolt on the dial reminding you where to begin reading).

The development is the Montblanc caliber MB M16.31. This is basically a pocket watch type adjusted for a wristwatch – at 16‴ (lignes) wide, or about 38.40mm, and 8.13mm thick, it is well over the 30mm/13‴ measurement considered, though to some degree freely, the conventional furthest cutoff for wristwatch developments. The result for so much excess land, in any case, is that you have an enormous material on which to show customary development completing methods, for which these Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie are notable. The development has the differentiation of being made completely in house, up to and including the Phillips overcoil balance spring; the overcoils are framed by hand, one at that point, and stuck to the equilibrium by hand as well.

Beginning Thoughts

My first response to this watch is equivalent to my later response: It’s quite possibly the most excellent things I have at any point seen a haute horlogerie company produce. Brain you, this is an unmistakable sort of wristwatch. Above all else, it is a wristwatch take on a pocket watch development, which regardless of the quantity of wristwatches that have been worked around a pocket watch development (in which I incorporate each watch worked around the ETA 6497, which is the last pocket-watch explicit development ETA at any point made) are somewhat surprising except if you are attempting to channel a verifiable wristwatch dependent on a pocket watch caliber. 

People who will acknowledge, not to mention eagerly embrace, a watch that is 44mm in width, on its strength lodging an exceptionally enhanced adaptation of a vintage pocket watch development are most likely dainty upon the ground. And afterward to take matters further, the watch is explicitly expected to engage the little gathering of authorities who comprehend the specialized jargon of very good quality development completing and will put resources into supporting its existence.

By any sensible target standard, this watch, at its asking cost, addresses the conveyance of a surprising measure of genuine worth and genuine association with watchmaking history, comparative with what the remainder of the business offers. It is an odd fledgling, unquestionably. The combination of titanium and terminated lacquer for the dial, just as the exceptionally improved and characteristically sensitive development, address a dream of the job of conventional watchmaking in extremely specialized universes like investigation. In the mid twentieth century, you would frequently see developments and watches from haute horlogerie firms going to the most distant corners of the world as essential planning instruments, as they addressed the cutting edge of timekeeping in their era.

If you do like such a thing, however – exceptionally completed rattrapante chronograph pocket watch development, twofold tachometer and tachymeter scales, drop-dead perfect grand feu enamel dial, and a case material that challenges you to take it mountaineering – there is certifiably not an entire ton else out there. The case material is an update, in its detail, that quite a long time ago this – not Garmin, Suunto, G-Shock, or their kind – is the thing that you would take with you to visit the far off corners of the earth, and I would give a ton ($36,000 in addition to flights and reasonably provincial accommodations) to take it anyplace on earth and put it through some serious hardship. Toss in a sextant, paper graphs, and a hedge plane, and we’d truly have a story.

The Basics

Brand: Montblanc
Model: Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition 100

Diameter: 44mm
Thickness: 14.55mm
Case Material: grade 5 titanium
Dial Color: dark blue, grand feu enamel; radiant numerals and house of God hands
Water Resistance: 3 bar/30 meters
Strap/Bracelet:  Blue Sfumato crocodile skin tie from Montblanc Pelletteria in Florence, Italy with Titanium pin buckle 

The Movement

Caliber:  Montblanc Manufacture Caliber MB M16.31
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds; rattrapante chronograph with tachymeter and telemeter
Diameter: 38.40mm
Thickness: 8.13mm
Power Reserve: 50 hours
Winding: Manual
Frequency: 2.5 Hz (18,000 vph)
Jewels: 25
Additional Details: all plates and extensions, rhodium-plated maillechort (German silver). Balance, 14.5mm; snapshot of latency = 59 mgcm² , with hand-shaped Phillips terminal bend. Train wheels jewel cleaned and gold plated; sloped arms. Customarily executed rattrapante chronograph with two section haggles clutch.

Evaluating & Availability

Price: $36,000
Availability: September 2020
Limited Edition: 100 pieces worldwide.

See the 1858 Collection on the web at Montblanc.com.

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