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Introducing The New Breitling Chronomat Collection (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing The New Breitling Chronomat Collection (Live Pics & Pricing)

First Take

The Chronomat has been a mainstay of Breitling’s watch collections since it was first dispatched in 1984 (in the adaptation still underway; the absolute first Breitling watch to have the name appeared in the 1940s) and since then, it has had a bigger number of incarnations than the Dalai Lama. It has showed up in for all intents and purposes each variety imaginable and likely a couple of you would not have considered in your most out of this world fantasies, yet two things have remained reliable about it since the very first moment. These are the utilization of the strangely bygone onion-formed crown and the utilization of the alleged “rider tabs” on the bezel. The last are maybe more unequivocally related to the Chronomat than some other plan component of the watch; they have loaned it such a quick conspicuousness that most watch models just dream of, and keeping in mind that they have historically been something of an adoration it-or-scorn it highlight of the Chronomat, they have made it as much what it is as the octagonal bezel has made the Royal Oak what it is.

Original Breitling Chronomat promotion, 1987.

At the very time that it has accomplished (at any rate to my perspective) a definite retro-cool vibe in its original plan, it is likewise evident that the Chronomat was past due for a re-assessment and a revive, which is the thing that it has quite recently gotten. The new Chronomat collection includes an inconspicuously changed and refreshed form of the watch, intended to give it a more contemporary allure while simultaneously, underscoring a portion of the vintage configuration signals that made the watch a particularly enormous hit in the first place.

Vintage Breitling 1983 Frecce Tricolori, the inspiration for the original Chronomat.

The original Chronomat from 1984.

The new form of the Chronomat brings us a more inconspicuous take. The rider tabs are still there (it wouldn’t be a Chronomat without them), however they lie all the more flush with the bezel while as yet providing the usefulness of the original plan, both regarding timing, and as far as providing a superior hold. I have no clue about the number of pilots these days actually wear mechanical chronographs in the cockpit (be that as it may, likewise with immersion jumpers and mechanical watches, it’s presumably more than we think), however the rider tabs certainly make the bezel simpler to hold and turn. With them, you can without much of a stretch turn the bezel with gloves on (I should know, I just attempted), and you get the double advantages of a commencement bezel with a chronograph. Add that to the way that with the lume on the dial and indexes and the 200-meter water obstruction, you have an ISO 6425 compliant plunge watch, and an in-house self-winding chronograph development that in toughness and exactness quits any pretense of nothing to any of its competitors, and you have an exceptionally appealing worth proposition.

One other interesting element of the rider tabs, is that you can unscrew the tabs at three and nine o’clock and switch their positions, which allows you to utilize the bezel as either a commencement or check up clock (Breitling unequivocally recommends that on the off chance that you need this done, you have it done at a Breitling store rather than going DIY).

At dispatch, the collection will comprise of four steel on steel models, with silver, copper, blue or dark dials, at $8,100. There will likewise be Bentley or Frecce Tricolori Limited Editions, with steel cases; the Bentley model with a green dial and the Frecce Tricolori model with a blue dial, at $8,250. Furthermore, there is a steel adaptation with gold rider tabs, a silver dial, and steel arm band, at $9,350;  as well as a model with a steel and gold case, with an anthracite or blue dial, on a steel and gold Bracelet, at $12,100. Rounding out the collection is a model with a full-gold case and anthracite dial, which comes on a dark elastic tie, at $20,200.

Initial Thoughts

I was never especially a fanatic of the Chronomat. I must be straightforward, it generally resembled a kind of college kid satire of a specialized watch to me, which is unreasonably critical, yet I guess we as a whole have our biases and that is one of mine. The new form of the Chronomat especially shocked me in two different ways. As a matter of first importance, it made me like a Chronomat, which I would have not set any cash on happening any time among now and … all things considered, ever. Also, it made me take a gander at the existing Chronomat models in another light.

It has, to put it plainly, become an interesting and compelling watch, at any rate as I would prefer, which as I have said I was not expecting. The rider tabs, potentially the most polarizing component of the Chronomat, presently feel practical, and present in the assistance of usefulness. The overall feel and look of the watch is considerably more specialized and undeniably less striving for consideration than I think it has at any point been in many years. It’s an extremely cautious and I think shrewd revive that regards what made the original Chronomat a particularly hit, while simultaneously acknowledging and in any event, getting in front of the requirement for a hotly anticipated update to the line. 

One other final point: The new/old rouleaux wristband is extremely exciting. It gives the new Chronomat models an extremely solid visual association with the past, which I am certain was its intention, however it is likewise flexible, comfortable, outwardly pleasing, and an astounding complement to the recently upgraded Chronomat itself. The cleaned interlinks in the wristband additionally associate outwardly to the rider tabs, giving the whole watch a more amicable look in general. Ordinarily, I lean toward ties to arm bands simply when all is said in done, and I realize this isn’t what we by and large allude to in severe terms as an “integrated wristband,” however it seems like quite possibly the most pleasantly integrated wristbands, from a plan and feel standpoint, that I have found in quite a while. No spoilers, however as I compose I have a prototype close by, and I anticipate bringing a more definite assessment whenever I’ve gotten an opportunity to invest some more energy with the genuine watch. Until further notice, I have an extremely sure initial introduction of the new Chronomat collection.

The new Chronomat looks incredible on-wrist.

The Basics

Brand: Breitling

Model: The new Chronomat Collection

Reference Numbers: AB0134101G1A1/AB0134101K1A1/AB0134101C1A1 or AB0134101B1A1; Bentley model, AB01343A1L1A1, Frecce Tricolori model, AB01344A1C1A1, IB0134101G1A1; UB0134101C1U1 or UB0134101B1U1; RB0134101B1S1 (18k red gold)

Diameter: 42mm

Thickness: 15.10mm

Case Material: stainless steel, gold and steel, or 18k red gold

Dial Color: fluctuates with model

Lume: dials and applied markers

Water Resistance: 20 bar/200 meters

Strap/Bracelet: varies with model

Other subtleties: Unidirectional commencement/check up bezel with rider tabs, screw-down twofold gasket crown; sapphire front and back

The Movement

Caliber: Breitling type 01

Functions: hours, minutes, running seconds; 12-hour chronograph

Diameter: 30mm

Thickness: 7.2mm

Power Reserve: 70 hours

Winding: manual and automatic

Frequency: 28,800 vph

Chronometer Certified: yes; COSC certified

Additional Details: column wheel, vertical grip, self-winding chronograph movement

Pricing & Availability

Price: From $8,100 in steel to $20,200 in gold on an elastic strap

Availability: Available now

Limited Edition: No, customary creation with the exception of the Frecce Tricolore model

See the new Chronomat Collection at breitling.com.

Live Photos: Masaharu Wada, HODINKEE Japan

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