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Introducing The NOMOS Tetra Symphony Collection, An Homage To Ludwig Van Beethoven

Speedy Take

The NOMOS Glashütte Tetra assortment is one which I have consistently felt merited more consideration. It’s not the main NOMOS assortment all the rage, but rather the watches establish a connection in person which is messed up with regards to both their actual measurements, and to their impression in the fan world. I had by and by never really thought about the Tetra watches until getting a chance to work several models back in 2016 , and I was truly shocked at how persuading they were in person. 

NOMOS has quite recently announced another four-watch Tetra assortment, which is a homage to Ludwig Van Beethoven, so the company says. The four watches have names related with different works by Beethoven – particularly the Ninth Symphony, whose last development is the well known “Ode To Joy” with verses from Friedrich Schiller’s sonnet, written in 1808 (the Symphony was completed in 1824). 

The Tetra Divine Spark.

The four models are the Divine Spark, Ode To Joy, Immortal Beloved, and the Fidelio – dials are copper, olive green, turquoise, and dim blue individually. Divine Spark is an English translation of the German “Götterfunken” which shows up in the Ode To Joy (“Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium … ” and so on) Ode To Joy is obvious. Eternal Beloved alludes to a baffling letter which Beethoven clearly wrote in Leipzig on the sixth and seventh of July, 1812 (a loaded year; it was the year Napoleon’s Grande Armée invaded Russia). 

The well known picture of Beethoven by Joseph Karl Stieler, 1820.

The letter was an affection letter, ten pages in length, and it was routed to his “Godlike Beloved.” Beethoven never sent the letter, and today there is as yet extensive hypothesis with respect to whom the planned beneficiary may have been. Fidelio is, obviously, the name of Beethoven’s just drama (I recently found that the first title should have been Leonore, Or The Triumph Of Marital Love, and you gotta concede that Fidelio has a touch more punch) which was first acted in 1805.

These four minutes from the composer’s vocation address a portion of his most popular work, just as quite possibly the main secrets in his account. The Immortal Beloved letter was even the motivation for a film of a similar name , in 1994, which featured Gary Oldman as the composer and in which Beethoven’s secretary endeavors, after the composer’s passing, to set up the personality of the proposed recipient.

The Tetra Fidelio.

The development in each watch is the NOMOS Alpha type, which is a 10½‴ round development that comes in at a very level 2.6mm (the development depends on the Peseux/ETA 7001). 

Introductory Thoughts

As I’ve just referenced, I discover the Tetras, when all is said in done, persuading face to face. While they’ve been, since 2016, fairly overshadowed by different presentations from NOMOS, I think they keep on contribution a very fantastic incentive for anyone searching for a truly elegant, mid-twentieth century-vibe watch that likewise has a solid contemporary presence, and which comes from a brand that keeps on being an important piece of the modern fine watchmaking landscape (and which through some marvel has managed to keep on working together without being gained by one of the significant extravagance groups). 

The Tetra Ode To Joy.

An clear inquiry with this assortment is, “What amount do they really have to do with Beethoven,” and, hard upon its heels, “What amount does it truly matter?” I don’t see anything explicitly Beethoven-driven about the plans – I mean, sure, the Immortal Beloved is absolutely a shade of blue which, against the sparkle of the gold hands, may be thought to inspire the melancholy of a lovelorn virtuoso considering an admission of incomprehensible love in a world torn by war. However, you needn’t bother with that relationship to appreciate the watch as a watch, and I daresay anyone who enjoys the watch on its own benefits will think that its comparably appealing, with or without the shade of Beethoven floating in the background. 

The Tetra Immortal Beloved.

The association with the composer is, fairly, a more broad one: This is the time of his 250th birthday celebration, and, obviously, there’s the entire made-in-Germany thing. Be that as it may, the watches appear to me to stand more on their (extensive) merits as watches. I believe it’s really one of the ideals of the assortment that it leaves drawing an obvious conclusion regarding the plans, and the occasions of the composer’s life, to some degree to the creative mind. You can undoubtedly wind up with something evident and tiresome by hitting the association excessively hard, which NOMOS has managed to maintain a strategic distance from. The four colorways seem as though an exceptionally appealing update to the Tetra line and likewise offer a further expansion of the more pastel range in the assortment – and at an amazingly alluring cost for a watch with an intriguing development and unmistakable, characterful plan; they start at $2,080.

And hello, in the event that you do end up peering down at the Immortal Beloved, and quickly imagine a crazy looking Beethoven watching pitifully out a window at nothing, on a quite a while in the past July day in a war-torn Europe, that would be preferable. Get one for your one genuine affection who won’t ever cherish you back today.

The Basics

Brand: NOMOS Glashütte

Model: Symphony Collection

Case width: 29.5mm x 29.5mm

Thickness: 6.5mm

Case Material: pure steel

Dial Color: fluctuates with model

Water Resistance: 3 climates/30 meters

Strap/Bracelet: velour calfskin, 18mm drag width

The Movement

Caliber: NOMOS Alpha caliber

Functions: Hours, minutes, little seconds

Diameter: 10½‴

Thickness: 2.6mm

Power Reserve: 43 hours

Winding: manual

Jewels: 17

Chronometer Certified: no; in any case, changed inside by NOMOS to six positions

Valuing & Availability

Price: $2,080

Availability: accessible now

See the entire assortment, right here.

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