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Introducing The Omega Constellation Gent's Collection, Now With Updated Designs

Introducing The Omega Constellation Gent’s Collection, Now With Updated Designs

The Omega Constellation dispatched in 1952, making it one of the most seasoned of Omega’s watch collections – more established than the Speedmaster by five years. What started as a chronometer for men during the 1950s got the natural look that we know today in 1982, when Omega added four unmistakable paws to the sides of the case and bezel. 

My Dad has never truly been a watch fellow, however Mom wore a two-tone Constellation as her day by day watch for essentially my whole ’80s and ’90s adolescence. At the point when I close my eyes and envision a “decent watch,” this is exceptionally near the watch I see. 

Today we got word that Omega was invigorating the men’s side of the collection (following a 2018 revive of the ladies’ setup), and will present 26 new models across two sizes (36mm and 39mm). A public statement from Omega specifies that the entirety of the larger size models have been moved up to Master Chronometer status, however in the event that you consult the Omega site, it looks as though the 36mm adaptations are all Master Chronometers also. These are a ton of new watches, and we desire to get a couple of various varieties into the workplace at the earliest opportunity for a Hands On post.

Integrated arm bands at present being, as the more youthful age likes to say, “a thing,” it’s not difficult to think about why Omega has inhaled new life into the Constellation right now. The company positively knows some things about selling watches, and these new Constellations, while not the stuff of watch nerd feed that the hardened steel Speedy 321 sure is, appear prone to be a huge commercial success.

The all hardened steel form that we see above and below in its 39mm size is evaluated at a competitive $6,050. It’s a fascinating contribution to the field of treated steel sports watches with incorporated wristbands, a class of watches that undeniably, pretty much every watchmaker tries to have in its collection. Omega is conveying a considerable amount of significant worth with this watch, I think, especially given the execution of the Master Chronometer development. It’s intriguing to take note of that the all tempered steel super slender Octo Finissimo from Bulgari, which we covered just yesterday, costs about twice as much money. 

The new Constellations utilize the in-house Co-Axial Master Chronometer cal. 8800/8801, which have numerous preferences that are notable to perusers here, only some of which incorporate incredible amagnetic characteristics and a chronometer authentication. Likewise with the entirety of Omega’s advanced in-house programmed developments, it runs at the somewhat bizarre recurrence of 25,200 vph (21,600 vph or 28,800 vph are all the more commonly encountered).

Aesthetic updates to the Constellation incorporate cleaned and inclined edges along the case, the hooks, and the arm band. The bezels have been thinned down and the Roman numerals that mark the hours have been updated. There are likewise conical crowns and updated handsets – the last mentioned, Omega says, were propelled by the plan of New York’s Freedom Tower. What’s more, where arm bands are concerned, there’s a comfort-discharge work that allows for a 2mm adjustment. 

Below the star on each dial you’ll see a trapezoidal date window at 6 o’clock. Date windows infrequently represent the deciding moment a watch for me, however like any detail of a watch plan, I lean toward those whose position, scale, and shape seem to have been deliberately considered, and I accept that these date windows have been. 

There are a ton of varieties among these watches, beginning with the two sizes, and continuing to incorporate all-steel, different two-tone configurations, adaptations with lashes and arm bands, and dials with a unique sound that are gold, blued, or darkened. In the event that precious stone hour markers are your thing, you’re covered too. 

As far as valuing goes, the reach is wide, which shouldn’t come as an enormous shock given the quantity of new references and the variety of materials in play. The essential 39mm steel on steel variant you see highlighted above is set to cost $6,050, and steel on a croc tie will cost $5,850. Yellow or Sedna gold on a croc tie will cost $18,600, and gold on gold $31,700. In the 36mm size, steel on steel will cost $6,050, equivalent to the larger variant. Be that as it may, normally, you will see some huge contrasts between the estimating for the two sizes where gold is concerned. The all-gold 36mm variants, both Sedna and yellow, are $27,200 apiece.

These were simply declared today, and I haven’t yet seen either size. I’m anxious to investigate every one of them, specifically the steel on steel varieties in both the more modest and larger sizes. 

See the new collection at Omegawatches.com .

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