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Introducing The Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P-011 Split-Seconds Chronograph

Introducing The Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P-011 Split-Seconds Chronograph

Another day, another new blue dial form of an incredible watch, yet here, the stakes are impressively higher. The shading comes from Patek Philippe via a rich blue Grand Feu lacquer dial for their truly amazing 5370 Split-Seconds Chronograph. Fitted to one of the best and most restricted watches in Patek’s line up, an extra reference for the 5370 is a tremendous delivery and a solid token of Patek’s competency when it comes to hefty hitter complicated watches – you know – like exemplary hand-wound split-seconds chronographs. 

For those of you who probably won’t recollect, the 5370P was launched at Baselworld in 2015 with a dark polish dial and an unfathomably technical and perfectly completed development (truly, continue to peruse). Like the first model, the new blue 5370P has a 41mm platinum case that is 13.56mm thick, water-impervious to 30 meters, and comes with both a sapphire showcase caseback and an interchangeable strong caseback. If you want the full scoop on the first model, make certain to check out Ben’s Hands-On post from 2015 . Spoiler alert: He adored the first form and wrote the following in summation, “The 5370P is totally perhaps the best watch Patek Philippe has delivered in years. It is the watch we, as vintage Patek sweethearts, have been waiting for, and it has done an incredible arrangement for moving renewed energy among current Patek gatherers. This will go down as a classic.”

The unique dark dial 5370P from our 2015 Hands-On post. 

Opt for the showcase caseback (clearly), and you’re blessed to receive an extremely extraordinary view – Patek’s own CHR 29-525 PS type. Physically wound with little seconds and a quick 30-minute counter, the CHR 29-525 PS has 312 sections supporting a 65-hour power save, a pace of 4 Hz, and a split-seconds chronograph with a segment wheel and a flat clutch. As indicated by Ben in his already referenced write up, the CHR 29-525 PS additionally includes some specific rattrapante advancements including a framework to seclude the split-seconds wheel from unnecessary erosion when ending the split-seconds measure and a jewel between its level heart cam bears that guarantees the split hands are appropriately aligned. 

Easily as lovely as the dial (in blue or dark), this development is flawlessly completed and, while I’ve not had the joy of working a Patek Philippe split-seconds chronograph, I need to envision it feels pretty unique. Addressing the usefulness, the top pusher starts and stops the chronograph, the lower pusher resets the chronograph, and the pusher set in the turbine-style crown starts and stops the split-seconds function. 

With slanting cabochon covered hauls and a band of flat glossy silk completing that characterizes the two flanks, the 5370P is unpredictably completed and offers an authority well disposed and traditionally disapproved of articulation of Patek Philippe’s watchmaking prowess. While there is absolutely a partner that knows Patek Philippe best for watches like the consistently famous Nautilus, the 5370P takes uncommon to a new level. Back in 2015, we revealed that the U.S. market expected to get close to three examples in the main year. While a new dial will unquestionably add to those numbers, we’re actually discussing a genuinely uncommon and top-spec creation. 

Looping back around to the blue dial, we see a flawless rich and shiny blue that has been hand-delivered by Patek Philippe in Grand Feu polish (subsequently the “Email” on the dial, which is French for veneer). For impact, the Breguet numerals and hands are on the whole white gold and, while it’s difficult to say which form of the 5370P is more wonderful, I think it is protected to say that the blue surely offers a completely extraordinary presence that somewhat suits the customary styling of the model.

Fitted to a matching blue crocodile tie (with a platinum overlay over catch), the 5370P-011 will slow down you some $263,093. That figure can be inexactly compared to the 2015 evaluating of $249,200, however these are so uncommon and such technical manifestations that Patek Philippe can cost however they see fit, it’s protected to accept that the number won’t be met with a great deal of affectability by the individuals who would end up on the lookout for such a watch. 

As one of three new and noteworthy 2020 deliveries from Patek Philippe, the new blue 5370P resembles a flat out shocker and is a fitting kin for a watch that figures out how to catch the clout of the brand’s advanced assembling and the allure of their 1940s chronographs. 

The Patek Philippe Reference Ref. 5370P-011: case, platinum, 41mm x 13.56mm, sapphire front and back, and 30 meters water opposition. The dial is reflexive blue Grand Feu lacquer with white-gold Breguet markers and hands. Development, CHR 29-525 PS type hand-wound, split-seconds chronograph, 4Hz, greatest running time 65 hours. Estimated at $263,093; see more at Patek.com.

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