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Introducing The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept, The World’s Thinnest Mechanical Watch

Speedy Take

The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept watch – we should consider it the AUC – was first presented as a sort of horological test in 2018, and at that point, there was no genuine aim communicated by Piaget to make it an ordinary creation watch. It was and is ludicrously flimsy – at 2mm generally speaking, it is really more slender than most watch movements. There are many specialized issues, to say the least, which must be tended to in making a watch this level. For a certain something, most watches which have pushed slenderness to this level have had cases so level that they will in general curve when the watch is lashed onto the wrist, which verifiably has been one of the significant restricting elements in how meager a watch can really get.

When I saw the AUC in 2018 at SIHH, I discovered it overwhelmingly charming. I have consistently had a weakness for super slight watches, and truly, Piaget has been one of the business’ chiefs. Yet, I must be honest, I didn’t anticipate it, ever, to become an ordinary creation watch – and in the event that anybody had asked me, I would have given Piaget precisely barely any possibility at all of truly making it commercially accessible. (We were really asked, from the start, to not deal with the models by any stretch of the imagination, which did little to impart any certainty that it would be anything you could really buy.)

However, mirabile dictu, here it is. In addition to the fact that it is accessible to buy as an arrangement delivered watch (however I can’t envision that they plan on making a lot of them each year), it is additionally adaptable. You can, on the off chance that you need boasting rights for wearing the most slender mechanical watch at any point made, determine your selection of shadings for the subdial for the time, the movement plate, the completion of the hands, and even the completion of the lash. As indicated by Piaget, there are more than 10,000 potential changes, which implies that in the very improbable occasion that you meet another person who is additionally wearing one, odds are you are ensured to not have that Met Gala snapshot of frightfulness where another person is wearing the equivalent outfit.

Price is on solicitation (unsurprisingly).

Starting Thoughts

Piaget has a solid presence in high adornments watches, and verifiably, that has been a major piece of the brand’s character. However, during the 1960s, it was additionally an innovator in making super slim movements, including the programmed caliber 12P and the hand-wound caliber 9P. These were record-setting movements at that point and today, they are still, even by present day guidelines, striking developments; they were probably the most slender truly functional mechanical movements built. There were endeavors to make compliment movements, including the late and to a great extent unlamented Lassale calibers (which were dainty to the point that adjusting them for the most part implied tossing them out, as you were unable to open the watch case without harming them destroyed). In any case, regarding movements you could really utilize each day, Piaget had not many adversaries in super flimsy watchmaking.

Piaget caliber 9P, 2mm thin.

The caliber 12P, 2.3mm thin.

At 2mm meager, the 1957 caliber 9P remaining parts perhaps the most generally significant super slim movements, and keeping in mind that the super slender wars have warmed up impressively lately, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept watch is out before the pack, at any rate until further notice, in outright slenderness. This accomplishment is accomplished through various irregular specialized highlights. For one, the movement is coordinated straightforwardly into the case, which goes about as the movement plate. The issue of unbending nature has been tended to by presenting the defense, not out of ordinary watchmaking materials, yet rather, an innovative cobalt combination. The movement works and hands have been smothered into the movement with the goal that they lie on a similar plane as the going train, and the sapphire precious stone is a murmur dainty 0.2mm.

It is, in a word, a most uncommon specialized accomplishment, and one which stylishly has a presence that has no opponent, at any rate for now. In the event that the most recent couple of years have shown us anything, it is that an adequately decided watchmaker can break records up to this time thought about unassailable. In any case, it is exceptionally troublesome, nonetheless, for me to envision anybody thumping the AUC from its seat any time soon.

The Basics

Brand: Piaget
Model: Altiplano Ultimate Concept

Diameter: 41mm
Thickness: 2.0mm
Case Material: Cobalt amalgam, 0.2mm thick crystal
Dial Color: Customizable
Strap/Bracelet: Alligator calfskin, 1.5mm thick

The Movement

Caliber: 900P-UC
Functions: Hours and minute
Power Reserve: 40 hours
Winding: Manual through rectangular crown coordinated into the case band
Frequency: 28,800 vph
Jewels: 13
Additional Details: Case incorporated into movement plate 

Estimating & Availability

Price: On request
Availability: TBD
Limited Edition: No, however extremely restricted production.

See it at Piaget.com.

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