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Introducing The Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing The Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy (Live Pics & Pricing)

Snappy Take

Earlier this year, our own Cole Pennington went active with the Rado Captain Cook Bronze , highlighting fired for both the bezel and the dial. That watch came in variations wearing profound earth tones of green, blue, and dim – and, obviously, bronze cases. Presently, Rado is declaring another expansion to Captain Cook Bronze setup – a watch so red that it inspires images of a certain other commander with a dislike for one flying youngster in green leggings, and something that advantageously rhymes with “cook” for a hand.

The Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy is the first run through Rado has attempted to make a watch utilizing red-shaded clay, which is an especially burdensome endeavor. Dissimilar to its earth-conditioned partners, this watch comes on a red and gold texture NATO lash – adding to its energetic, retro jump watch charm. 

Introductory Thoughts

Now, this year has seen a ton of brands make minor changes to existing models – everything from dial tones to arm bands to case material. This delivery from Rado is – actually –  nothing in excess of another shading variety of a current model yet, for reasons unknown, it comes across as more than that. For a certain something, red is a bolder tone than hearty green (or blue, or dark), and the choice to match the watch with a red NATO tie, instead of a similarly gritty earthy colored calfskin lash, causes it to appear completely realized.

As I noted before, making red earthenware isn’t simple. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the story behind the ceramic bezels on present day Rolex GMT Master II’s, it is said that when Rolex changed to utilizing clay, it stopped the acclaimed “Pepsi” (blue/red bezel) variation due to the specialized complexity associated with making a bi-shading bezel with red fired. In any event, when Rolex at long last delivered its own cutting edge ceramic Pespi GMT , it required various years to get the red shading right. The entirety of this is to say that creating red clay is no little accomplishment. With this new Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy, Rado has taken on an extreme undertaking and conveyed. As it did with different emphasess in the Captain Cook Bronze assortment, the brand has used the red earthenware for both the bezel and the dial.

Despite the utilization of ceramic – an advanced material – Rado has kept up its run of the mill retro-propelled look with the typeface on the bezel, the exemplary Captain Cook word mark, and the red hued date text. Every one of these components hardens the old fashioned, vintage inclining, experience of this watch.

What truly shuts the circle on the merging of vintage and present day is the red hued clay dial. There is something in the vibe of the red earthenware that, more than the blue, green, or dim variations, appears to catch the substance of that 1960s vintage plunge watch spirit.

The Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy wears taller than its partners, generally because of the NATO lash. The twofold pass nature of any standard NATO will in general do that. The lash additionally distends to some degree along the edges, so you don’t get that equivalent “tight to the wrist” feeling that Cole noted in his compose up. 

As with the other shading variations,  the case isn’t simply made of bronze, however a combination known as CuAl which incorporates an aluminum oxide covering to help seal the case, and forestall erosion. Albeit the brand expresses that each watch will take on a novel patina, CuAl will in general slant more toward the unblemished than the patinated. 

Of course, taking a gander at any red bezel, one can’t resist the opportunity to think about the first Tudor Black Bay , with its own burgundy hued bezel – despite the fact that that watch has an aluminum bezel and a matte dark dial. That Black Bay additionally includes overlaid accents, and gold-hued hands. The Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy plays in a comparable space as that Black Bay. Sure the bezel has the common earthenware sheen to it, however the hazier, burgundy tone shows up very quieted. Combined with gold hued hands and accents on the dial, the plan is truly strong. There is consistency and difference as you move from the bezel to the case to the strap.

The texture NATO tie is thick and strong, with coordinating brushed brilliant bronze accents on the managers and the clasp. There is a calfskin strip at the focal point of the lash containing the pin openings. At the point when you eliminate the subsequent pass segment of the lash, you locate a roundabout printed RADO stamp in coordinating burgundy/bronze hue. Eliminating the tie from the watch completely uncovers the shut, and beautified titanium caseback. The spring bars include a brisk delivery framework called “Simple Clip” by the brand.

The dial, as expressed, is additionally produced using red earthenware. The specific earthenware utilized for both the dial and the bezel is the thing that Rado alludes to as “innovative clay.” While the brand calls this a sunray finish, it is entirely polish like in surface. The evenness of the dial is separated somewhat by the three o’clock date window. It is outwardly satisfying to see the red shaded numerals utilized for the date. The decision to make it red probably clarifies why the date wheel has a white foundation. It would be genuinely avant-garde to go red-on-red – if not totally unreadable.

The development inside this watch, similar to different variations in the line, is the Rado Caliber 763 (an altered form of the ETA C07) which brags 80 hours power save. On the wrist, this 42mm bronze jumper wears bigger than its size recommends, part of the way because of the NATO tie, as noted. It likewise seems bigger. Red pops, and thusly causes the watch to appear to be bigger than it is. 

Size discernment in any case, this is a strongly fun watch in the metal. You may have perused the latest Editor’s Picks about our number one watch monikers . This watch appears to be ready to join the fight since fun is the thing that monikers are about. I’m tossing “Skipper Hook” out into the ether – any takers? The Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy joins a current arrangement of bronze artistic watches in the Rado assortment, albeit this one certainly stands apart from the bunch. 

The Basics

Brand: Rado

Model: Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy

Reference Number: 763.0504.3.131

Diameter: 42mm

Thickness: 12.5mm

Case Material: Bronze (CuAl)

Dial Color: Red

Indexes: Applied markers

Lume: Yes

Water Resistance: 300m

Strap/Bracelet: Red texture NATO with a gold stripe

The Movement

Caliber: Rado Caliber 763

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date

Diameter: 25.6mm

Power Reserve: 80 hours

Winding: Automatic

Frequency: 3Hz

Jewels: 25

Chronometer Certified: No

Estimating & Availability

Price: $2,600

Availability: December 7, 2020

Limited Edition: No

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Photos: Kasia Milton

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