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Introducing The Rolex Submariner Ref. 124060, A 41mm No-Date Sub With An Upgraded Movement (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing The Rolex Submariner Ref. 124060, A 41mm No-Date Sub With An Upgraded Movement (Live Pics & Pricing)

Watch news doesn’t get a lot greater than this. There isn’t some world-first complication; a record sell off cost hasn’t been broken by a VIP claimed chalice; a cherished free watchmaker hasn’t been procured by one of the huge gatherings. The news is route greater than that: Rolex has recently delivered a fresh out of the plastic new Rolex Submariner.

The watch you see here is the ref. 124060, the freshest cycle of the hardened steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner without a date show. The whole Sub line-up has been refreshed, remembering a couple of models for valuable metals and varieties with the date also, however this watch is the establishment, all things considered, It’s another size (41mm), it has another wristband (which is somewhat more extensive), and it’s fueled by another type (the 3230). Something else, it’s particularly a Submariner through and through.

This is the thing that makes Rolex’s “new deliveries” so intriguing and unique in relation to what most watchmakers do – Rolex has a triumphant equation and isn’t attempting to rehash an already solved problem here. The compulsion to accomplish something insane should be there, however Rolex’s steely purpose wins out, and we end up with cycles on works of art that, as a rule, offer target quality upgrades without playing with the je ne sais quoi of a given model. 

The last time the Submariner got a redesign was back in 2012, with the presentation of the ref. 114060, a no-date companion to 2010’s ref. 116610. The 116610 was the primary Submariner to utilize a fired Cerachrome bezel embed and to utilize the more extensive dragged “maxi”- style case. The 114060 carried those highlights to the no-date Sub, and it’s been a backbone in Rolex’s assortment ever since.

This time around, we’re getting an update to the entire Submariner line-up at the same time. It has another look and feel, another development, and another viewpoint on what an advanced Rolex sport watch can be. How about we burrow in.

What Sets It Apart

The most feature getting update to the Submariner is the new case size. The Submariner has estimated in at around 39-40mm returning to the 1950s, and this is the first occasion when we’ve at any point seen a 41mm Submariner. Presently, you may be wondering why Rolex chose to build the size by a solitary millimeter, and that would be an absolutely sensible inquiry. I can’t start to dare to say into Rolex’s reasoning, yet I can say that the thing that matters is slight yet observable. This is neither an on-paper-just change, nor a fantastic move. The watch looks and feels a smidgen greater, yet it actually feels like a Submariner. This isn’t a Sea-Dweller by another name.

If you just took a gander at that distance across number, you’d be feeling the loss of a portion of the better purposes of the update. The drags have gotten slimmer, giving the watch a general look and profile considerably more like a vintage Sub than to its nearby archetype. It’s something little, however I think it has an immense effect. The decision to match the watch with a somewhat more extensive Oyster wristband emphasizes this change as well – the corresponding width of the arm band to the drags develops considerably more, making a substantially more shapely and form rich watch.

The ref. 114060 (left) and the new ref. 124060 (right), side by side.

The new ref. 124060 (right) has slimmer carries than the ref. 114060 (left).

There is likewise a slight difference in the extents of the dial and the bezel. I don’t have precise estimations from Rolex, so this is totally founded on my own perceptions, yet the bezel seems, by all accounts, to be somewhat more extensive comparable to the dial opening, which I think gives the watch a marginally bolder look. It’s unpretentious, yet so are the entirety of the progressions we’re discussing here.

As far as genuine dial changes go, you need to look truly near detect any. The lone out and out change is the content at the lower part of the dial. Rather than basically saying “Swiss Made,” it presently has the Rolex coronet between those two words, and they’re situated at the actual lower part of the dial, with the moment markers looking out above them rather than beneath them. In all cases, the typefaces utilized have gotten somewhat more limited and more extensive, with the profundity rating and such seeming sturdier and nibbled more current. In the event that you look actually carefully, you’ll likewise see that the moment hand is only a hair longer, as are the two sides of the seconds hand. It’s practically vague (this isn’t care for the change to the Explorer’s hands), yet it’s there.

The Caliber

While you can’t see it, and numerous individuals will not think to get some information about it at their neighborhood Rolex AD, the new development may be the main change acquainted with the Submariner with the ref. 124060. In the course of the most recent couple of years, Rolex has consistently been refreshing the types across the entirety of its watches, regularly as a piece of calm, however critical changes to models like the Datejust. The presentation of the new type 3230 is only that –  quiet, yet significant. 

Becoming more acquainted with The Chronergy Escapement

Back in 2016, Jack did a profound plunge into the advanced Rolex Day-Date 40 and the Caliber 3255 that powers it. There are a lot of lovely photographs of the Day-Date, however Jack likewise gives huge loads of specialized understanding into how the Chronergy escapement functions and why it’s discreetly a particularly serious deal. In the event that you need to truly comprehend the new Sub, this is truly important foundation reading.

You can see the full report here.

Before we get into the more bare essential specialized subtleties, the functional advantages of the 3230 are a big deal and are things that your normal buyer will probably notice and advantage from. You get a more extended 70-hour power save (almost half more than the 48 hours offered by the type 3130 in the ref. 114060) and Rolex’s exclusive Chronergy escapement, which makes for a more productive and solid watch over the long haul. This implies you actually get the – 2/+2 accuracy, you’ve actually got the extraordinary Parachrom hairspring, you’ve actually got the Superlative Chronometer confirmation, however it likewise implies that you ought to have the option to get that sort of exactness out of your Submariner for any longer before it needs a service.

Now, while the type 3230 is in fact spic and span, it depends on the type 3235, which appeared at Baselworld 2015 and highlights a date show. That development was first utilized in the Pearlmaster (and debuted close by the type 3255 which has a day-of-the-week show also for use in the Day-Date), however it has since discovered its way into the Datejust and Sea-Dweller too. The 3235 resolution the most recent age of Submariner Date watches, and its new no-date cousin self discipline the non-date Subs. This is the sort of gradual specialized advancement that feels quintessentially Rolex, and it’s acceptable to see Rolex’s lead watch get a current-age movement.

The Bigger Picture

When I previously heard that the Submariner was getting greater, I was somewhat concerned. The maxi case previously made the ref. 114060 wear like a lot greater watch than prior Subs, so how might another millimeter deal with this work of art? I’m glad to report that my anxiety was to no end. I just had the chance to go through an hour or so with the new Sub, however in that brief timeframe, I think it prevailed upon me. The new case profile, albeit greater on paper, wears all the more comfortably, and I don’t think the watch looks that a lot greater on the wrist. I believe it’s most likely a superior and more accommodating portrayal to say that the Submariner’s case is presently different as opposed to bigger.

All You Require To Know About The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is quite possibly the most notorious watches ever, having experienced many cycles since its 1953 delivery. In Reference Points: Understanding The Rolex Submariner, we take apart the Sub and the inconspicuous subtleties that make every rendition unique.

Check out the top to bottom story and video here.

Within the more extensive line-up, this fills an opening in Rolex’s assortment of Professional arrangement plunge watches. Rolex currently offers a 40mm Yacht-Master, this new 41mm Submariner, a 42mm Yacht-Master , a 43mm Sea-Dweller , and a 44mm Deepsea (just as one anomaly – a 37mm Yacht-Master in valuable metals). This implies that you could, in principle, stroll into a Rolex AD and get yourself some variety of a Rolex jumper anyplace in the 40-44mm territory, with an assortment of metal, dial, and bezel arrangements. Like all Rolex sport watches, this new Sub is probably going to be difficult to get, and strolling into a Rolex vendor and having your pick of a lot of in-investment opportunities is unadulterated dream, yet that is another story entirely.

In a similar way that Rolex revealed the most recent age of Chronergy-prepared developments in the course of the most recent five years, it will be intriguing to check whether this new way to deal with the Professional case and arm band advance into different models. Truly, it would amaze me on the off chance that it didn’t. Rolex doesn’t do anything in a vacuum. Might the following GMT-Master include slimmer drags? Or on the other hand will the following Explorer have an alternate style of Oyster wristband? The truth will surface eventually, yet getting the Submariner off the maxi case is a bellwether, on the off chance that I at any point saw one.

For numerous individuals around the planet, the Rolex Submariner is the dispassionate ideal of the “decent watch.” It’s people’s opinion about when you give the signal “watch” much of the time. The frequently abused word “famous” doesn’t start to do the Submariner equity, so any progressions to it are serious. In exemplary Rolex design, the Geneva-based watchmaker has selected to murmur rather than yell, giving the Submariner considerable redesigns that will not have aficionados of the Sub yelling for bygone times. The 40mm Sub is dead. Long live the 41mm Sub.

For more on the new Submariner ref. 124060, visit Rolex online .

Full Specs

The Basics

Brand: Rolex

Model: Submariner

Reference Number:  124060

Diameter: 41mm

Case Material: Oystersteel

Dial Color: Black lacquer

Indexes: Luminous circles, square shapes, and triangles

Lume: Yes, on hour markers, hands, and bezel pearl

Water Resistance: 300 meters (1,000 feet)

Strap/Bracelet: Oyster wristband with Oysterlock collapsing catch and Glidelock augmentation system


Caliber: Caliber 3230

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds

Power Reserve: 70 hours

Winding: Automatic

Frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vph)

Jewels: 31

Superlative Chronometer Certified (Both COSC accreditation and Rolex certification)

Additional Details: Hacking seconds; Chronergy escapement; Paramagnetic bed fork and departure wheel


Price: $8,100

Availability: At all Rolex approved sellers beginning Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Limited Edition: No, primary production.

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