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Introducing The Seiko SPB151 and SPB153 'Captain Willard' Prospex Models

Introducing The Seiko SPB151 and SPB153 ‘Captain Willard’ Prospex Models

Speedy Take

A resurrection of the Seiko 6105, casually known as the “Commander Willard” for its part in the film Apocalypse Now, has returned for the subsequent time (the first run through was as the SLA033 ). In any case, this time around, it is anything but a restricted version, and it’s evaluated in accordance with the remainder of the Prospex line. This is the thing that a great deal of Seiko fans have been holding up for. 

The watch comes in two emphasess: the dark dial and bezel (SPB151) like the first and a variety highlighting an olive-dreary green dial and bezel (SPB153). Inside is Seiko’s type 6R35 with an amazing 70-hour power save. Furthermore, what’s more is that the case is really smaller and thinner than the first 6105. It’s currently 42.7mm across. The precious stone is currently marginally domed and highlights against intelligent covering within. A screw-down crown and treated steel case add to 200 meters of water resistance. 

The SPB151 comes on an arm band, while a silicone lash is fitted to the SPB153. 

Starting Thoughts

A few images of the SPB151/153 got out and about via web-based media before this watch was formally debuted. 

But It’s not, at this point ordered, right? Did they advise you? (in Kurtz’s reflective and marginally evil voice.)

The watch is authoritatively here, and it looks fantastic.

If you’re thinking “take my cash” and attempting to shroud a grin without having seen anything over Seiko-gave press photos of this new watch, at that point we’re in a comparable situation. Talking with watch industry heads consistently has made one thing understood: The aficionado is seldom the client that companies like Seiko make items for. It’s as yet a business, and the aficionado community is a tight segment all in all, particularly for a producer the size of Seiko. What’s more, that is the reason the presentation of this watch is so special. 

It’s a standard creation watch that is estimated like a standard creation watch, yet it would seem that a restricted release focused on aficionados. Truth be told, it even was a restricted release simply a year ago, and it was evaluated at $4,250. Presently, obviously, there are contrasts between the SLA033 and the SPB151/153, specifically the nature of the development and get together close by Grand Seiko pieces, yet I’d wager that the imminent purchasers of the previous would surely be planned purchasers of the last had the SLA033 never been delivered. As far as I might be concerned, the SPB151 even appears to be a more alluring watch size-wise, and profoundly, it’s nearer to the 6105 as in this is a mass-created watch made for the numerous that depends on its dependability and power instead of its possibility being a restricted release made with a high-grade development and evaluated for the few. 

The premium re-version is somewhat of a figure of speech in the advanced horological promoting scene: Take an old watch that is built up an after and money in on the wistfulness by coming out with something that looks much the same as it, however doesn’t have any of the entanglements of a vintage piece. However, does that truly catch the embodiment of the first? I’d contend in the 6105’s case, not actually. This was a watch that help individuals purchased to manhandle. They got it since it was reasonable and available. They could stop by the PX and leave with one. No shortlists. No competition for restricted quantities. 

But obviously, there’s a business opportunity for everything; the SLA033 tends to one market, and the SPB151/153 tends to another. Furthermore, that is the reason this watch is so energizing, it includes another incredible Seiko jumper along with everything else and opens proprietorship to more purchasers. What’s more is that there’s little compromise in the plan. Indeed, it’s the plan the devotee community has been requesting. It covers two classes: It’s alluring to purchasers searching for the vintage vibe, but on the other hand it’s presently on the radar for those searching for a worth proposition. 

To be clear, I truly like the SLA033, yet I’m amped up for the possibility of the SPB151/153 being cross-shopped against other reasonable jumpers in the cutting edge scene. More people can stomach pummeling a mass-created Seiko jumper rather than a restricted release Seiko jumper. The watch is intended to be utilized, after all! 

Seiko has never come out and recognized or consolidated the Apocalypse Now association straightforwardly. All things being equal, the legend encompassing the 6105 in advertising materials is the incredible North Pole undertaking made by Naomi Uemura on May 1, 1978. He was wearing a 6105-8110 as he turned into the first-historically speaking individual to arrive at the North Pole solo. That is an accomplishment worth discussing and celebrating. Furthermore, the Vietnam War isn’t something to romanticize at any rate, Apocalypse Now simply strengthens that thought. Horrible things occurred. The frightfulness… the repulsiveness…

However, I can’t resist the urge to imagine that by delivering a model in olive-boring green, it’s Seiko’s method of recognizing the military association. We’re unequivocally in the time of the green dial, yet it’s even more extraordinary when it’s delivered on a watch that makes sense. 

At $1,100 (SPB153) and $1,300 (SPB151), the watch presents a genuinely compelling arrangement of specs and inclines toward the legend that makes Seiko what it is. It’s set to show up at some point in June, and chances are you’ll really have the option to get one as amounts aren’t restricted. I’m now arranging the mission to recover the watch from the store in NYC. 

Part of me feared what I would discover and what I would do when I got there. 

I may return home with both. 

The Basics

Brand: Seiko
Model: “Second Diver” ’70s Diver Contemporary Interpretation
Reference Number: SPB151 and SPB153

Diameter: 42.7mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Dial Color: Black, Olive Drab Green
Indexes: Applied
Lume: LumiBrite
Water Resistance: 200m
Strap/Bracelet: Stainless steel arm band, silicone strap

The Movement

Caliber: 6R35
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date
Power Reserve: 70 hours
Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 21,600 vph
Jewels: 24 jewels

Estimating & Availability

Price: SPB151: $1,300; SPB153: $1,100
Availability: June 

For more about Seiko, click here .

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