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Introducing The Seiko 'Tuna' Models S23631 And S23629

Introducing The Seiko ‘Tuna’ Models S23631 And S23629

Fast Take

Every other watch in Seiko’s setup has been blessed to receive a tasteful update for 2020, with the exception of one: the Tuna. It’s remained outwardly a lot of like the Tuna of 2019, and that is OK, in light of the fact that the Tuna isn’t about its looks at any rate. The Tuna’s center strength is its mind boggling specialized ability and veritable inheritance as a trusty instrument for immersion jumpers. You know, the sort of jumpers that go down and live in a compression chamber until their blood and tissue are soaked with inactive gasses that permit them to work at profundity and decompress just a single time. This isn’t a watch for the we-took-a-vacay-to-the-Caribbean-so-we-went-plunging swarm. All things being equal, it’s designed for the limited cut of jumpers who do it for a living. For them, Seiko has presented two new models: the S23631, evaluated to 1000m, and the S23629, appraised to 300m. 

Given the idea of the expert job the watch plays, Seiko has overhauled these two models with the Caliber 7C46 quartz development. It’s a high-force development that is intended to move the lume-stacked hands effortlessly. Furthermore, a sapphire precious stone discovered its way in with the general mish-mash alongside Seiko’s “very hard covering” on the case. This development has been utilized inTunas truly, yet the latest round of Tuna’s utilized a sun oriented fueled movement. 

The watch is crafted by Ikuo Tokunaga and was the principal plunge watch with a top-stacking gem with a L-molded gasket, and the originally made from titanium. It appeared in 1975. Once more, this isn’t the sort of watch where Seiko architects and creators would change without improving it. There are not many watches in the commercial center for an immersion jumper regardless, and the Tuna is at the top of the pack. 

The S2361 actually utilizes a titanium case adding to its 1000m of water obstruction, though the S23629 uses the properties of steel to accomplish a 300m rating. The previous rings in at $2,400, while the utilization of steel and nonattendance of earthenware bring the value down to $1,450 for the S23629.

Beginning Thoughts

There’s a dedicated continuing in the gathering community around the Tuna. The covered one-piece titanium case has a particularly solid character, despite the fact that it was never truly intended to be a looker. The stimulus for the formation of the watch originates from a letter that an immersion jumper kept in touch with the company in 1968, back when composing a letter to a watch producer could bring about the making of an altogether new item. The creator of the letter was working in the oil fields off the shore of Japan and found that his watch frequently experienced afflictions of working at incredible depth.

The new looks during the current year are especially in accordance with Tokunaga’s vision that was acknowledged in 1975. The Caliber 7C46 is vigorous and dependable, and dependability is principal when these watches are really utilized by the market they’re proposed for. Without a doubt, gatherers make up the heft of the model’s deals, however for the couple of immersion jumpers that are out there that need a watch, this is the model, and it’s extraordinary to see Seiko repeating on the plan in a particularly controlled fashion. 

The Tuna recipe hasn’t changed much since 1975, and hypothetically, the objective market hasn’t either, despite the fact that the general job watches play, particularly in the sea, has significantly moved. The situating of the Tuna – or rather, the way that it’s by and large been saved from extraordinary shading changes and extravagant showcasing efforts – focuses to the way that it’s still a lot of the watch that it was in 1975. The watch couldn’t have seen a preferable change for 2020 over the re-presentation of a vigorous quartz caliber.

The Basics

Brand: Seiko

Model: “Tuna”

Reference Number: S23631 and S23629

Diameter: 49.4mm(S23631) and 47.7mm(S23629)

Case Material: Titanium and ceramic(S23631) and pure steel(S23629)

Dial Color: Black

Indexes: Geometric circles

Lume: Yes, LumiBrite

Water Resistance: 1000m (S23631) and 300m (S23629)

Strap/Bracelet: Rubber plunge strap

The Movement

Caliber:  7C46

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date

Power Reserve: Five-year battery life

Winding: No, quartz

Jewels: 7

Valuing & Availability

Price: $2,400 (S23631) and $1,450 (S23629)

Availability: July 2020

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