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Introducing The Timex M79 Automatic (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing The Timex M79 Automatic (Live Pics & Pricing)

Fast Take

After the wild achievement of the cutting edge Timex Q delivered last May, the Waterbury, Connecticut-based watchmaker is back briefly act in a progression of Timex Q re-releases. This time, it riffs on a plan that’s, once more, extremely natural. In any case, the most surprising piece about this watch has nothing to do with its looks: It’s what’s inside. The new watch is named the “M79,” and “M” represents mechanical. The “79” is a gesture to the year the first Q was released. 

It actually has a similar treated steel woven wristband, acrylic gem, and rakish case that the community has come to connect with the Q, yet now there’s a programmed development and a “Batman” shading plan on the bezel. It’s as though Timex scrutinized the edges of online media where the watch community hangs out and utilized the commentary as a plan brief.

While the Timex Q was estimated at $179, the consideration of a programmed development in the M79 knocks the cost up to $279. 

Starting Thoughts

For people new to the Timex Q, here’s the consolidated adaptation: In request to remain American and stay important, Timex moved its creation to zero in on quartz watches in the mid ’70s. After Timex delivered its first quartz model in ’72, the Q arrangement came in ’79. A year ago saw the re-presentation of the Q, respecting the 1979 game-changing quartz and referring to a famous plan from The Crown with a “Pepsi” plot. It struck a quite certain harmony with the community and quickly sold out, becoming a faction exemplary starter watch in the process.

It was difficult to anticipate the marvels that powered the craze encompassing the Timex Q when it was dispatched in May of 2019. At the point when I at first got some answers concerning the watch, it was in a bulleted thing recorded in a press pack among different deliveries, directly under another Marlin Automatic. I thought the incentive the Marlin offered would have been the feature of the harvest. Sacred Toledo, kid was I wrong!

The Timex Q was actually what the market needed. It’s hard to make the presumption that the absence of accessibility of the Rolex GMT-Master II drove up the deals of the Q, since it’s not truly a substitute and the socioeconomics of the purchasers are unique. However, in some capacity, it unquestionably made the Q even more cool and fascinating. This was a watch that was $179, that got you a riff on the Pepsi plot without straightforwardly duplicating the GMT-Master II, and that you could really buy. 

The M79 desires to catch a similar wizardry that the Q did, with one evident minor departure from the equation: This time, the bezel references Rolex’s “Batman” GMT-Master II plan, the latest model being the 126710BLNR that was presented a year ago. It’s a “shortlist watch” that regularly sells for above and beyond retail on the auxiliary market. The blue-and-dark plan has become similarly as notable as the Pepsi plot, but without a similar verifiable importance. It’s a legitimate advance for Timex to join blue and dark into the bezel plan. It worked for Rolex!

Instead of a GMT plan, the Timex joins a passed time plan. A day and date show are additionally present, and it’s water impervious to 50 meters. The specs put the watch in where it can convey for 99% of possible purchasers. Current every day life for the vast majority of the people who will wear the watch doesn’t request extraordinary water obstruction at any rate, and acrylic precious stone can in fact take an appropriate beating. Inside, a Miyota 8205 forces the watch. It’s a vigorous development that does what it needs to do dependably. It’s not exceptionally embellished and it’s not changed, however it conveys without being particular. That is actually what people will expect out of a $279 Timex.

The experience of really wearing the watch hasn’t changed much from the Q by any stretch of the imagination, despite the fact that the move to a programmed development implies a presentation caseback. The case has swollen to 40mm, with a 20mm drag width. The arm band actually has a similar fitment idiosyncrasies as well.

I have an inclination this model will be embraced by the community similarly as the Q. It’s moderate, it references a notable plan, and it’s a door into mechanical horology by an American company. In particular, it’s only amusing to wear, and that is what is the issue here, all things considered. Why so serious?

The Basics

Brand: Timex

Model: M79

Diameter: 40mm

Thickness: 14.5mm

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Dial Color: Black

Indexes: Printed

Lume: Index, HH/MH

Water Resistance: 50 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Stainless arm band figured out from the first 1979 Q design

The Movement

Caliber: Miyota 8205

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date

Diameter: 26mm

Thickness: 7.4mm

Power Reserve: ~40 hours

Winding: Automatic

Frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vph)

Jewels: 21

Valuing & Availability

Price: $279

Availability: Timex.com, different retailers

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