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Introducing The Timex Nuptse Atlantis Edition For Japan

Introducing The Timex Nuptse Atlantis Edition For Japan

Snappy Take

I’ll let it out: While a large number of my companions had Flik Flaks, Shark watches, and G-Shocks as acquaintances with the wide universe of watches, my most punctual days were gone through with a pack of computerized models from Timex, and those loveable watches have had an enduring impression upon me. 

My venture started with an Ironman – a story I have shared here – and a couple of years after the fact, I was the pleased proprietor of a dark and dark Timex Expedition. Where the Ironman felt energetic and unassuming, the Expedition was my first evident prologue to roughly proficient straightforward watches. And keeping in mind that I can’t go out and purchase another adaptation of my unique Ironman, Timex has as of late made ten vivid renditions of the Expedition. Lamentably for me, they’re made for the Japanese market. I’m not actually tingling to get on a plane at the present time, yet I need one so awful I’m thinking about swimming over.

Originally dispatched in 1985, the Expedition – which went to the states in 1991 – is known as the Atlantis in Japan; the watches are generally very comparable. This new line is known as the Atlantis Nuptse (or “Nupsi” in Japan), and its rainbow of tones gestures to the bold foundations of the Expedition – and the splendid tones common to the chilly climate Himalayan outerwear. (“Nuptse” is a combination of the Tibetan words for “West” and “Peak”). 

Pricing begins at JPY 8,800 (that is about $85), and the spread incorporates everything from more standard toll like my unique dark model to a rendition with a wristband, a “Search and Rescue” model in splendid red and lime green, and the two forms seen here, the “Mountain” in white and the intense “Woods Service” in green and yellow. 

The complete reach for the JDM-just Timex Atlantis Nupsi collection. 

As this is a JDM restrictive, not the entirety of the subtleties are known. I had the option to affirm that the Nuptse assortment isn’t explicitly restricted (beside the JDM part) and that a small bunch are accessible on eBay through flippers that have (as usual) lifted the value way. While the Expedition was recently stopped in the U.S., different cycles actually exist in different business sectors (Canada, for instance) and these modest and lively Nuptse models are the aftereffect of an association with a Japanese merchant. Timex says a USDM return of the Expedition stays “open for conversation.”    

Beginning Thoughts

Regardless of shading or title, these models stay exactly as expected with a 40mm gum case (my calipers read 39mm from knock to-knock), 10mm thick, 44mm drag to-carry, and only 27 grams – with the lash! Wrist presence has not changed much in the (around) thirty years since I possessed an Expedition, with an extremely flimsy and light impression coordinated by a smooth and malleable gum tie. The catches are somewhat of a torment to use with grown-up estimated fingers, however the screen is sharp, the UI is basic, and, while the list of capabilities is fundamental (time, chrono, caution, clock, second time-region), it’s helpful and unobtrusive. 

The nostalgic force is solid with these, particularly for 85 bucks. And keeping in mind that I’m not in the least excited about the two colorways we were adequately lucky to get in for photography, I do believe that every single adaptation has its own appeal that adds a touch of untainted fun into a generally direct and available watch. 

If you don’t care for Indiglo, we can’t be friends. 

While I was entirely incapable to source one to call my own straightforwardly out of Japan, I couldn’t want anything more than to see Timex accomplish more like this with a portion of their ’90s plans. In addition to the fact that it was an impact to remember my brave youth for a couple of Indiglo-doused minutes, however both of my little youngsters quickly inquired as to whether they could each wear one. They see the entirety of the watches that come and go for my work, and this was a first. Similarly as the Expedition addressed me about 25 years back, these bright and great watches quickly addressed my children, and they cherished wearing them (and illuminating me regarding the time on a moment to-minute basis). 

So, no, you can only with significant effort get one. However, in my brain, that is auxiliary to my enthusiasm for Timex for making these and my request that they keep on making fun, carefree door watches that can both sparkle and re-touch off an interest with watches. Goodness, and kindly carry them to our shores, too. 

The Basics

Brand: Timex

Model: Atlantis Nuptse 

Diameter: 40mm (39mm from 9:00 to 3:00)

Thickness: 10mm

Lug to carry: 44mm
Weight: 27 grams
Lug width: 19mm

Case Material: Resin

Dial Color: Digital, positive LCD

Lume: Indiglo

Water Resistance: 100 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Color-coordinated sap tie with pin clasp (one model with a metal bracelet). 

The Movement

Caliber: Timex computerized quartz

Functions: Time, date, chronograph, caution, clock, second time-zone

Valuing & Availability

Price: JP 8,800 (~$85)

Availability: Japan exclusive 

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