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Introducing The Urwerk UR-220 'Falcon Project'

Introducing The Urwerk UR-220 ‘Falcon Project’

Brisk Take

Over the mid year, the watchmaking team of Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner introduced what was to be the last version of Urwerk’s UR-210 watch, an exemplary of contemporary autonomous watch plan that had become, since it dispatched in 2012, the reference I most connected with their company. As of late, they’ve declared the followup to the UR-210 as the new UR-220, codenamed the “Bird of prey Project.” Besides being a serious cool looking watch, the UR-220 presents some new highlights, incorporates the arrival of others, and offers a brief look into the following part of the UR-200 series.

On the materials front, the UR-220 case comes as 81 super flimsy layers of high-opposition 150g CTP carbon that has been compressed into a hard pitch. In the event that you take a gander at the inclining top of the case, the way that it’s made of numerous layers is apparent. (CTP represents Carbon Thin Ply; we’ve seen the material likewise utilized in the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater) . The UR-220 tie is made of elastic, a first for Urwerk. In any case, it’s an extraordinary elastic lash. For its first elastic lash, Urwerk has utilized what it alludes to as the Vulcarboné cycle, which Urwerk says give it a touch like velvet.

Most clearly, the UR-220 utilizations the recognizable arrangement of planetary, or meandering, hours. Nonetheless, dissimilar to in the UR-210 models, the development here is physically wound, not programmed.

It’s this signature, three-furnished showcase that the greater part of us will in general connect with Urwerk. The hours are shown on three squares that are associated with the three arms. The showcase divide comprises a 120-degree curve along which the arms pass, getting the retrograde minutes, which snap back at the top of the hour, as they go. The presentation can appear to be somewhat detailed from the start, however it’s in reality instinctive. What’s more, because of the undeniable degree of difference between the green numbers and moment track and the dark engineering of the merry go round, it’s very clear too.

Each turning arm has a square with four of its sides bearing numbers that relate to the hours. The lone other dial-side presentation is the force hold pointer, or indicators, I should say. There are two them, wrapped up the upper left and upper right corners of the showcase, separately. Every one of them tracks back to back 24-hour time spans, so when the first is filled or exhausted, the second dominates, for an all out force save of 48 hours. Parting the force hold between two showcases was no basic accomplishment: It required approximately 83 extra parts.

On the rear of the UR-220, we see the arrival of the oil change pointer, a showcase that was for some time found in Urwerk’s UR-110 models. In its UR-220 pretense, the pointer sees a few upgrades. At the point when the proprietor claims another UR-220, the person in question will see a pin on the rear of the watch. Pulling the trigger causes the oil change pointer to begin checking the months of the watch’s dynamic running time. Following 39 months, the UR-220 ought to be sent in for administration, after which Urwerk’s watchmakers reset the pointer to nothing and reinstall the pin, permitting the cycle to be repeated.

Introductory Thoughts

Looking at the UR-220, one can see a solid similarity to the as of late resigned UR-210. The CTP carbon case the first of its sort for Urwerk the utilization of a manual-wind development, and titanium caseback make the UR-220 a lightweight watch, and a moderately smooth one by Urwerk principles. The new case material likewise gives the UR-220 a superbly finished look. I believe it’s an extraordinary look, however I was shocked to the point that Urwerk hadn’t presented a carbon defense before that I twofold checked this with the company’s U.S. office. The elastic tie, which has an extraordinary finished/layered look that works consummately with the case, is another astounding first.

But for me, the oil change marker with removable pin is possibly the coolest component of the new UR-220. It’s insightful manifestations like this, which can be found all through Urwerk’s watches, that I believe are generally alluring to our “high school mind,” that piece of us that will cheerfully develop a Rube Goldberg machine to be interested or enchanted. 

The Basics

Brand: Urwerk
Model: UR-220 “Bird of prey Project”

Diameter: 43.8mm x 53.6mm
Thickness: 14.8mm
Case Material: Carbon Thin Ply (CTP) in 81 layers; dark DLC-sanded caseback
Dial Color: Black with splendid green accents
Lume: Super-LumiNova
Water Resistance: 30 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Vulcarboné elastic strap

The Movement

Caliber: UR-7.20
Functions: Hours, minutes, power-hold marker, “oil change” indicator
Power Reserve: 48 hours, shown by means of two 24-hour indicators
Winding: Manual wind
Frequency: 28,800 vph
Jewels: 59

Valuing & Availability

Price: $162,000

For more, visit Urwerk.

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