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Introducing The Vacheron Constantin La Musique du Temps Les Cabinotiers 'The Singing Birds'

Introducing The Vacheron Constantin La Musique du Temps Les Cabinotiers ‘The Singing Birds’

Brisk Take

For Watches & Wonders 2020, Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers workshop has introduced several new one of a kind high complications. However, the workshop devotes its energy similarly to the decorative artworks which truly have been such a lot of a piece of watchmaking in Geneva. The Les Cabinotiers “The Singing Birds” watches are a gathering of four watches with an avian subject – each portrays an alternate lark. Portrayed are a blue jay, blue tit, robin, and hummingbird. The images of the fowls are enriched in champlevé enamel, which is a kind of grand feu or vitreous finish procedure, in which cells are carved or engraved into a metal surface. These cells are then loaded up with enamel.

The time is shown utilizing a sort of complication known as “meandering hours.” The hour is appeared on a numeral mounted on a concealed satellite transporter, and over the course of 60 minutes, the satellite moves across a curve on which the minutes are appeared. The complication traces all the way back to the mid-17th century in any event when, in 1656, the clockmaker Campanus siblings spread the word about the primary meandering hours clock for Pope Alexander XII. 

The complication in this manner discovered its way into pocket watches and afterward into wristwatches and, in the advanced period, variations on the meandering hours show can be found from creators as varied as Vacheron, Audemars Piguet, and Urwerk (the last have a meandering hours check made around 1680 in their office in Geneva ).

The movement for the Singing Birds watches is the type 1120 AT, which depends on the ultra-meager 1120. That movement was first introduced during the 1960s and, at that point, it was the most slender full-rotor programmed movement ever constructed at 2.45mm thick. In spite of the fact that there are more slender programmed movements today, it stays the flattest full rotor movement. It has been utilized by Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet as well.

In the Singing Birds watches, it is done to a very exclusive expectation and conveys the Geneva Seal/Hallmark Of Geneva, which verifiably is related with haute horlogerie watchmaking and which sets up quality principles for both completion and functionality.

Each of the four watches is a novel piece.

Beginning Thoughts

The specialty of finishing watch cases with veneer is nearly just about as old as watchmaking itself, and generally, Geneva was one of the extraordinary focuses of expressions of the human experience. Vacheron Constantin has been nearly since its beginning quite possibly the most notable professionals of the craftsmanship (there is a fine model in the Metropolitan Museum of Art , from 1832), and today, the company is still appropriately popular for the nature of its lacquer work. Frequently, it is done in combination with bizarre showcases of the time, whose format leaves a huge canvas on which the enamelist can rehearse their craft .

The combination of a precisely distinctive movement, with superlative artistry in dial enhancement, isn’t obviously exclusive to Vacheron Constantin, however it is one of the company’s most distinctive resources – part of Vacheron’s overall character, which has consistently underscored peculiar plan in large numbers of its most popular timepieces.

One consistently trusts, when one sees a particularly set, that they will all go into a similar assortment. I feel it would be somewhat of a disgrace to separate the gathering. These fowls of a quill should run together.

The Basics

Brand: Vacheron Constantin

Model: Les Cabinotiers La Musique du Temps “The Singing Birds”

Reference Numbers: 2010C/000R-B681 (hummingbird) 2010C/000R-B682 (blue tit) 2010C/000R-B683 (blue jay)  2010C/000G-B684 (robin)

Diameter: 40mm

Thickness: 12.37mm

Case Material: White gold or 5N pink gold

Dial: Representation of a winged creature in champlevé enamel

Strap/Bracelet: Hand-sewed blue gator leather

The Movement

Caliber: 1120AT

Functions: Wandering hours complication

Diameter: 32.80mm

Thickness: 5.45mm

Power Reserve: 40 hours

Winding: Manual and automatic

Frequency: 19,800 vph (2.75 Hz)

Jewels: 36

Additional Details: Geneva Hallmark   

Estimating & Availability

Price: On request

Availability: TBD

Limited Edition: Set of four one of a kind pieces.

For more, visit Vacheron-Constantin.com.

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