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Introducing Transparent G-Shocks!

Introducing Transparent G-Shocks!

G-Shocks come in innumerable emphasess. They’re dark, white, pink, and gold. Plastic and metal. Motivated by snakes, samurai caps, and volcanic lightning. What’s more, presently, because of another drop, they’re clear. Clear as a glass bottle, clear as a fishbowl. All the better to zero in on their notorious shape (and, maybe, the skin of your wrist). 

Building on a year ago’s reasonable commemoration version 6900, G-Shock is considering its new assortment the Transparent Pack Series. The audemars surveys include cloudy gum bezels and ties wrapping a few of the plans we definitely know and love. There are actually two colorways, Transparent White and Transparent Gray, the previous light and splendid and the last bringing a cleared out, strategic vibe. 


The models in the new arrangement are the GA2000, GA900, and GA110 in Transparent Gray, and the DW5600, GA700, and GA2100 in Transparent White. The dim ones all have advanced/simple presentations. The whites are even more a hodgepodge – two simple/advanced models, in addition to the all-computerized DW5600. I especially love the manner in which they’ve delivered the DW5600 in clear pitch. No matter how you look at it, you get a huge load of the normal G-Shock capacities and 200 meters of water obstruction, which is acceptable despite the fact that unmistakable items can be difficult to see in water. 

G-Shock has put the new audemars surveys all on a browsable greeting page that allows you to see the contrast between the two new shades. You can likewise see what the new straightforward plans add – or rather, deduct – from effectively surviving renditions of mainstream models. 

Clockwise from base: GA110SKE-8A with magnetic opposition, GA2000SKE-8A with Carbon Core Guard Case, GA900SKE-8A with 7-year battery life.

Prices are in the low three-figure range. I, at the end of the day, am looking at the GA2100, a.k.a. the CasiOak, which may simply be the most attractive execution to date of this genuinely new reference. I additionally think the straightforward DW5600, an exemplary for all intents and purposes ensured to enroll with long-lasting G-Shock sweethearts, will produce a huge load of interest. That is to say, clearly.

Pre-request starts tomorrow.

Pricing: DW5600SKE-7, GA2100SKE-7, GA700SKE-7: $110; GA110SKE-8A, GA2000SKE-8A, GA900SKE: $130.

For more, visit the G-Shock presentation page.

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