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Long-Term Review: Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC001

Long-Term Review: Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC001

It’s been close to 18 months since I have possessed my  Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC001 – in my psyche adequately long to make me need to compose what I had just arranged when I got the watch: a long-term review. I have composed a tribute of a review to the watch here and I have likewise composed what I accept to be the most comprehensive article online on the set of experiences and working of the Seiko Spring Drive development here . Those two together amount to more than 7,000 words and on the grounds that I have worked such a huge amount on those two posts, I’ll do all in my capacity to not rehash a lot of what I have said there. Or maybe, I urge you to click over, read both and come back to this long-term review, for we won’t cover such a large number of the basics.

The purpose of a review is to invest enough energy with a watch to sort out its niggles, professionals, and cons in regular wearability, etc. Thusly, the purpose of a long-term review like this one is to glance back at the discoveries of the first review and perceive how enduring the positives and negatives talked about there have demonstrated to be in the long run.


Let me start on a note of a marginally close to home nature, something one can just find with incredible conviction with the assistance of a watch fitted with a metal wristband. Come the mid year of 2018 (the second summer that I have had the watch) I understood that my wrist has extended from its measly 6.75″ to around 7″ in measurement, possibly more – enough to justify going from the second right to the last, fourth miniature change opening in the side of the catch. Definitely, I know, I am so prepared for my toga virilis now. This goes past the standard, every day development of the wrist or the impacts of summer heat – now I’m as often as possible seeing the watch as too close even on this loosest setting and should add another a large portion of a connection to it, where a year back on the looser settings it wobbled intolerably.

I’m sharing this bit of real to life and typically insignificant data to state that the SBGC001, a significant watch at 43.5mm wide and 16.1mm thick, presently the two looks and feels preferable on my wrist over it actually has (aside from those minutes when the entire thing is excessively close). At the point when individuals, even in-your-face watch darlings, see this watch on the wrist unexpectedly, a portion of their most common first inquiries are about the pushers and some not well educated comment, for example, “wow those pushers should be uncomfortable.”

I have committed a different passage to this issue in the review and I vowed not to rehash myself here – thus I won’t. Long story short, I have not experienced one single event throughout the most recent 18 months when I discovered the pushers or the crown to dive into my wrist. Most Panerais need 18 minutes for that to occur, not 18 months, so it isn’t like different plans couldn’t make agonizing wearing encounters. In any case, not this one – once more, full clarification with pictures is in the review.

In the long run I found that getting a solid match has become simpler as my wrist got marginally more extensive. The watch top of the SBGC001 is hefty and thick thus it tends to wobble around if the fit isn’t in any event 80% awesome. In the event that you like wearing your watches free, or possibly don’t mind on the off chance that they are, indeed, this watch likely still won’t work for you as its extensive weight will be wildly pulling and contorting the arm band, making the watch uncomfortably wobble from one edge to the next of the wrist.

I keep up my unique assessment that this watch preferably ought to have come with an apparatus free miniature change catch. I additionally said and keep up that all extravagance watches fitted with metal wristbands should consolidate some sort of an instrument free miniature change into their catches. I have seen Citizen and Zodiac sort out very shrewd methods of designing little, straightforward and slim miniature changes into their catches and I’d love to see Grand Seiko relinquish this retro rubbish penetrated fasten for good in all its offerings.


The inconspicuous sunburst-completed champagne dial and every one of its components I am totally enamored with right up ’til today. It is refreshingly splendid without having the in-your-face energy of a white dial. It is classy and rich and works with most a wide range of clothing. The hands and lists proceed to a lot of capture everyone’s attention however. They are totally heavenly and better than 99% of the quality I’ve seen on watches underneath $25k in the course of the last number of years. Entertainingly, each factor keeps on saying something with a similar extent after this time: the generous thickness of the records and hands (!) that one can acknowledge with the unaided eye, the amazingly done mirror clean on the top surfaces, and the laser-sharp angles and focuses are altogether grand, really.

I don’t remember any event – not to mention repeating situation – when I’ve had issues perusing this watch, aside from totally dark dimness. Once there is a little – or a ton – of light, the cleaned inclines on the fundamental hands make it simple to peruse the time with incredible precision and initially. The little sub-dials aren’t better than different chronographs – yet aren’t more terrible by the same token. I actually like the shading composed warmth blued hands for all the signs of the chronograph, flawlessly isolated from the fundamental time indications.

The power hold sign I depend on as often as possible, in any event double seven days, when I don’t wear the watch for a day or more. It’s only extraordinary to realize that the watch actually has a day or a greater amount of intensity hold when getting it when venturing out from home. The GMT I for one quit utilizing so frequently – now the – 9-hour contrast among CET and LA-time is all in my mind – yet I do set the GMT up as a home-time reference when I travel a couple or more timezones away.

The date bit me in the arse once when I neglected to adapt to a non-checked 31 (which the watch represented in any case since it is a customary date, not a yearly or interminable schedule) and I should purchase another month to month pass for public vehicle – and I didn’t. This truly was more my issue than the watch’s, as the date is anything but difficult to set with the bouncing hour setting of the primary hour hand – you can do this ceaselessly the watch or disturbing the moment sign or the synchronized seconds.

Speaking of which, a most dark pointer of a movement’s refinement I discovered to be the accompanying. Given my pained fanatical compulsive brain, I like the moment hand to arrive at brief marker when the seconds hand understands 60 – not 20, or 45 or whatever. On a side note I have even seen endless video and banner advertisements by significant brands where their watches read 31 seconds or 25 seconds or whatever, yet the moment hand was set dead on brief marker – it pesters me right up ’til today. In this way, I found that on numerous developments in the event that you set the moment hand to the moment marker and you press the crown in to begin the hacking development with the seconds more than 60, it will really require 15-25 seconds for the moment hand’s wheels to work accurately thus the moment hand really won’t be driven for a specific number of seconds, subsequently disturbing the ideal synchronization among seconds and minutes.

With the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC001 setting this is astoundingly simple, as there is a lot more tight connection that permits me to set things up appropriately, start the watch and all will be well. I have ended up taking a gander at the watch on open vehicle or in a line or any place and respecting how the running seconds sign at the 9 o’clock sub-dial disregarded the top marker and the moment hand’s too sharp end pointed snap blast in the marker. No doubt, I surmise I should look for help.

Accuracy & Tactile Stuff

Accuracy of the Grand Seiko 9R86 Spring Drive development is excellent. Seiko calls the 9R86 “by a wide margin the world’s most precise chronograph driven by a mainspring” and like most specialized cases the Japanese make, this also is nearer to being valid, than if the Swiss had said it (heartbroken, not grieved – however it is genuine they have improved as of late with their elevated cases on tourbillons and such). This specific SBGC001 I found to acquire a couple of moments each couple of weeks. In the event that I synchronize it with a reference time, I have at any rate 2 strong long stretches of getting brief pass on the sub-seconds inside one moment to the reference time – really wonderful stuff. Seiko has additionally dispatched what I review to be the 9R96, which is basically a similar development yet with yet more deliberately picked quartz controllers – and on the off chance that you just raised an eyebrow or two reasoning “wait, this has quartz in it?!” at that point you haven’t read the two articles I connected to above… so proceed to peruse them now!

I utilize the chronograph sometimes, however I really dominate at either fail to begin it at the perfect time (like at the earliest reference point of an excursion, not a couple of hours into it) or to check it toward the end (and not a couple of hours after appearance), but rather this is my shortcoming and not the watch’s. The pushers are anything but difficult to screw down, they lock and work through the strings easily and with a consoling vibe right up ’til the present time. The enormous snap when beginning the segment haggle grip prepared chronograph is a delight – as is the completely smooth scope of the chronograph and sub-seconds hands. On account of the vertical grip there is no frightful leap to the focal seconds when the chronograph is begun. The 30-minute counter seizes the finish of every moment and the 12-hour counter loans yet more prominent usefulness to the chronograph.

A bizarre detail I’ve seen on so numerous Grand Seikos is the way the crown is introduced as it were with the goal that when it is in a bad way down and made sure about the GS logo on it is topsy turvy. I have no clue about why that is, however don’t bother, since throughout the most recent 18 months the strings extricated a touch and now the GS logo is topsy turvy in addition to about 30°. For the record, this is from incidental use and with no constrained fixing of the screw-down crown. The 100m water opposition rating implies never during the responsibility for watch was I stressed over it under any conditions. I am no jumper (scuba-or something else), however it is ideal to realize I can do anything I desire without agonizing over the watch self-destructing, spilling or such.

It additionally feels unshakable, both the arm band, the case, whatever moves, turns or should remain unblemished – everything feels unbending and consoling, and in view of the considerable load as well as in light of how things fit together.

Zaratsu Polishing versus Every day Wear

One of the delights to strong, top notch tempered steel is that it can get hammered without in the blink of an eye building up the visual characteristics of a dog’s supper. On the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC001 the case and arm band are the absolute most flawlessly completed I have ever seen on a watch at this value point (and very above it too). I wouldn’t think I’m especially awkward or hard on my watches, however I don’t keep an eye on by the same token. I’ll either keep a watch in its crate in unblemished, unworn condition or wear it as I regularly would – I for one don’t see the highlight taking the watch out into this present reality and afterward going nuts over the watch coming in contact with ordinary objects.

With this prominent, my SBGC001 shows a considerable amount of wear on the arm band, case, and bezel. There are stages to how a watch wears: there’s the moment that it’s all new and grandly sparkly and staggering all around. At that point the main scratch shows up, and afterward a couple of something else. There comes a point, and this is the saddest part in my psyche, when the watch actually has the characteristics of another watch however is scratched up. Things just improve from here, as the watch begins to create what I surmise we could call patina. As all ordinarily obvious surfaces show wear, the more modest or bigger flaws presently don’t stand apart so much and the watch takes another and more agreeable look – that of a watch that’s been worn, as all watches ought to be.

I am not a devotee of resurfacing in light of the fact that I esteem sharp edges substantially more profoundly than I do sparkly or consummate surfaces. I additionally have definitely no trust at all in any Grand Seiko (or something else) administration focus and their capacity to loyally reproduce the profound clean on the carries, for instance. I’ve seen an excess of awful completing and sparkly yet lopsided surfaces not to like the thick, profound, yet worn look of the hauls on this watch – and I recommend that you, at the end of the day, in the event that you truly demand, check resurfacing out on a quality watch (since cleaning poop won’t yield dynamite results worth judging) that you presently don’t wear or hold so sincerely, just to see the distinction between a revamped surface and a unique one.

A truly smart thought then again is washing your watch much of the time. Simply under running water from the tap is fine – however a super sonic cleaning of the arm band (or the case with the development suitably eliminated) in a workshop will yield shockingly better outcomes. Right up ’til the present time I’m astonished by the distinction in this watch between when it looks clean and when it actually is clean.

General Comments On Ownership

To this day the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC001 is the watch I go after regularly when picking a watch to wear for the afternoon. The comfort, unwavering quality, sturdiness, looks, and scrupulousness render it the most fulfilling bundle – I realize that it generally will be amazingly exact, I know the subtleties of the case and dial will keep on stunning me should I have a second to look at it, and the general feel and comfort is eminent too. I wouldn’t deny a titanium rendition significant wear-time either, as I might suspect the solitary way this watch could be improved is by adding softness – and a friggin’ instrument free miniature adjust.

A Note On The Non-Seiko Grand Seiko Version

This is a really emotional thing so in the event that you discover you can’t help contradicting me completely, that’s all cool as well – simply stay cool about it. Seiko has as of late oppressed this piece – whose dial plan and eccentric yet settled equilibrium I appreciate so a lot – to the non-Seiko-ization-treatment by eliminating the independent Seiko logo from 12 o’clock and moving the Grand Seiko logo from 6 o’clock to its place (really to the 11 o’clock position). This obviously made some unfilled space at 6 o’clock thus they put GMT in red to its place. I think this new “design” is an absolute debacle, with the adjusted equilibrium of the first piece decimated. I love the way that the SBGC001 has SEIKO on it and Grand Seiko underneath for it is like the parent company Seiko – energetically and accomplishments – was peering down over the more modest Grand Seiko brand inside it. In more straightforward terms, Grand Seiko is important for Seiko and eliminating the last is honestly a loftiness, best case scenario, (affront to say the least) to the measly reasonable Seiko really every individual who needs a GS adores and claims. Wouldn’t it be silly if Mercedes-Benz eliminated the Mercedes-Benz logo and name from its AMG items, since it wasn’t selective enough for the top of the line in-house skunkworks of AMG? Beneficial thing is that I am certain there are some BNIB (pristine in box) SBGC001s actually out there.

Removing the Seiko marking and jacking costs is Seiko taking two of the most noticeably terrible offenses from the Swiss extravagance watch brand handbook: self-aggrandizement and eager evaluating. The Japanese (at a corporate level) act gradually (or as a rule don’t act by any means) with regards to PR and branding… and I assume it took them a decent 10-15 years to handle what the Swiss had been doing since the beginning of the new thousand years and now they figured OK, “it worked for them so we’ll need in too!” The issue is that it had as of now stopped working for the Swiss years prior, just clearly not long enough for the Japanese to deal with this change. This is my hypothesis, in light of what I’ve been seeing and getting with Grand Seiko item dispatches and official public statements in ongoing years.

Here’s the essentially significant piece. I think the SBGC001’s looks experienced this rebranding in light of the fact that it was done as a feature of a cycle the Japanese seldom actually permit themselves to do: the cycle was committed not to improving the item but rather to push it through a marking/communications choice. They botched it since they have no involvement with doing this – and that’s absolutely why I like them to such an extent. The SBGC001 was dispatched longer than 10 years back following quite a while of work on the Spring Drive development and it is a perfection of excellent plan and designing, being one of the uncommon examples where the dispatch item is now immaculate for it is a presentation of all the exertion that was devoted to its creation. In shutting of this tirade, I’ll state that I wouldn’t have gotten this new form (the SBGC201G) regardless of whether it was the sole model, basically in light of the fact that it looks unusual a lopsided to me. It isn’t comparable to it could be.


The key remove message from this I think ought to be that purchasing a watch for its characteristics will give you more noteworthy long-term delight than getting one for the marking, the loftiness, the set of experiences, or the story appended to it. Most hustling themed watches won’t put you in your as a primary concern into a dashing vehicle when you’re riding the tram similarly how purchasing a watch with pointless, over-designed highlights won’t transform you into a combat jumper or popular stargazer in the store line all things considered. These are obvious. What isn’t so unmitigatedly clear however, except if you’ve encountered the comparison first-handedly, is the distinction between an all around made watch and an extraordinarily made watch. The more slick, great subtleties there are, the more unequivocally constructed the case and arm band are, the better the readability, the less pointless and the more advantageous highlights a watch has, the more you’ll go after it years not far off – and the later you’ll want to relinquish it.

I’ll get done with what I said toward the start of my unique review: “The Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SBGC001, completely, all things considered out of the crate, is actually the bundle of plan, development, usefulness, innovation, exactness, and worth that at least one significant Swiss brands ought to at any rate be attempting to offer.” After 18 months of possession and standard wear, I particularly keep up this assessment – with my lone expansion to it being my anxiety with the Grand Seiko of today with its undeniably yearning valuing and honestly dumb non-Seiko-Grand-Seiko rebranding.  grand-seiko.com

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