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Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph Automatic Watch Review

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph Automatic Watch Review

We all have brands that hold an exceptional spot in our souls, regardless of whether they aren’t very much perceived, or uncontrollably mainstream. Truth be told, I’ve met numerous devotees who lean toward the estimation of a brand that doesn’t produce something that everyone has. This is particularly obvious in the sub-$5,000 classification for authorities or devotees who have followed the business for some time that might be exhausted or un-enthused by what’s continually being unmistakably shown by each influencer or common rich person on their Instagram feed. As far as I might be concerned, that brand has been Maurice Lacroix . At Baselworld 2018, they revealed a re-vamped line of their Aikon Collection ( aBlogtoWatch Hands-On article here ) – presently including mechanical developments. This month I got an opportunity to try the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph Automatic out, and I was notdisappointed.

For the purpose of straightforwardness, I am somewhat one-sided toward the Aikon Collection. Various years prior, I went on a steel sports watch drinking spree, and spent a ton of time exploring and comparing various watches that were inside my spending plan. I couldn’t manage the cost of the standard Royal Oak, Nautilus, or Overseas echelon, yet needed something that felt comparable – to me in any event – both outwardly, and in quality. Enter the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Gents. It fit the bill impeccably, and I pulled the trigger. It immediately turned into my most worn watch and wound up being my day by day beater.

At the hour of procurement, the watches just accompanied quartz developments. Along these lines, the change to programmed developments was an enormous piece of the attract to the new assortment. I would contend that it was long past due however comprehend that Maurice Lacroix was attempting to fill a affordable hole in their assortments – and in such manner, I feel they succeeded. Numerous discussion occupants felt it demeaned the brand, however I feel it gave an achievable model to flaunt Maurice Lacroix’s inclination for itemized completing and quality plan execution without the additional expense of what was inside it.


Let’s begin with the situation. Not going to gloss over it, this is a major kid compared to past models – however not as large as it might have been. Estimating in at 44mm wide and 15mm thick, the hardened steel case certainly has some wrist presence, and doesn’t precisely slide under a sleeve – however that’s decent with most 7750-based watches. We will discuss the profundity of the dial in a moment, yet the tallness of the level sapphire gem and raised bezel “claws” made the watch tall and absolutely observable. One thing I acknowledged most about this versus its past emphasess, is that the 6-tore bezel isn’t close to as projecting or adjusted. The sharp nearly flush nature implied they weren’t getting captured on strings or edges (particularly denim pockets) and introduced a smidgen even more an advanced energetic look that truly shows itself through the whole watch.

The larger than usual screw down pushers make the watch wear somewhat greater. However, cutting straight to the chase, I figured the pushers would trouble me significantly more than they. I became acclimated to them being there and didn’t feel like they were uncomfortable or in the manner. Unscrewing wasn’t as a lot of an issue as screwing the pushers back down. It might have been an accident, or that I wear watches on my correct hand, however they never appeared to get right, and I would never tell on the off chance that they were completely screwed down without taking the watch off to affirm. I don’t realize the number of individuals will really utilize the chronograph, however I felt it merited referencing – particularly if you’re an individual from the left-gave crowd.

The sharp tightened points of the case and coordinated hauls gave a comfortable fit and counterbalance the weight a bit, and I wasn’t battling to keep it on top of my wrist. The watch was substantial, and I unquestionably can’t state “I failed to remember it was there” as I was very conscious of the closest door jamb, and was purposeful about where my wrist was while moving around. The brushed surface of the case made it somewhat of a scratch magnet, and a work area inhabitant such as myself wound up finding a couple of scratches that I wasn’t beforehand mindful of. However, by and large, the case was an amazing illustration of “well done” and fit in a way that is better than I would have anticipated from a watch that I would commonly consider too enormous and excessively substantial for my taste.


Moving on to the dial and my second main thing from the watch (hang tight, we’ll get to my first), Maurice Lacroix realizes how to do an all around completed, profoundly readable, and genuinely excellent dial, which was what I at first began to look all starry eyed at on my first pass at the brand. I referenced the tall bezel and sapphire gem previously, and I really feel this is the thing that gives the dial a profundity and generally speaking quality that feels path over its value point. Due to the tallness, there is almost no glare taking a gander at the dial, and the gem sits sufficiently high that within mass of the watch attracts the eyes to every surface, except low enough that it feels compact and very much separated. Such countless brands making enormous 7750-based chronographs will in general make what I consider “wasted space” between the gem and the dial that gives the watch a less expensive look and doesn’t give great difference to the dial. Consider Breitling during its 46mm-50mm stages and the enormous hole between the lower part of the gem and the highest point of the dial. Along these lines, I commend Maurice Lacroix for maintaining a strategic distance from that here.

The dial itself has a carved square example with an external blue part ring for the chronograph – a welcome advance away from the sunburst example of its archetype. The differentiating shades of the steel internal divider, at that point blue section ring, at that point white dial, at that point blue sub-registers make everything “pop” and in certain lights, make the white dial plate nearly pearl-esque or silver. The 6, 9, and 12 chronograph registers include a rotating “snailed” or round completion, with cleaned counter files that separate the conceivably jumbled square and roundabout examples looking ungracefully Warhol-ian if they somehow managed to meet directly.

I’ve seen a great deal of scorn toward the Day-Date window being, quote, “unnecessary,” however I think that its fitting for the format. Sandwiched between the Maurice Lacroix logo and text, and “automatic” under it, the marking “burger” (take a stab at unseeing that presently) looks pleasant without being meddlesome. The cleaned edges of the window integrate pleasantly with the cleaned bar lists and clean, lume-filled cleaned hands. The cleaning felt particularly gleaming against the square designed dial, so I had a go at perceiving how obvious it was in low-light, without lume, and it was amazingly intelligible with the light getting the edges reliably. Indeed, I utilized a huge number of various shading lights to check whether it would at present reflect well against the dainty hands and records, and pretty much everything except for a dark light was sufficiently simple to peruse – in spite of not having the lume-filled hour markers that the past age featured.


Inside the Aikon Chronograph Automatic is the ML112 – either an ETA or Valjoux 7750 based development – however, comparing it against another Valjoux-based Chronograph I have, it would seem that a superior finished 7750. I’ll try not to utilize the most common industry word(s) related with this development, yet long story short, it’s attempted, valid, tried to death, and competent. Additionally, I don’t fundamentally think purchasers scooping this up are searching for something new and forefront, in addition to the additional reasonableness of adjusting the development won’t trouble anybody searching for a utilitarian Chronograph that keeps great time.

Maurice Lacroix additionally didn’t basically leave it as an un-embellished development. Noticeable through the sapphire caseback, is some Geneva striping covering the whole length of the rotor, just as some perlage behind it. Moreover, even with the sapphire caseback, the watch conveys a water obstruction of 200m – which, not exclusively is very useful for a chronograph, however gives its wearer some simplicity of psyche taking it for a dip (expecting it doesn’t go about as an anchor). The development beats at 4Hz and highlights a 48-hour power reserve.


And presently on to my main thing from the watch, the arm band. Maurice Lacroix, and particularly in the Aikon Collection, has generally made probably the most comfortable wristbands I’ve ever worn in the value range they are competing in (and frankly, the calfskin alternatives are wonderfully comfortable also) and the Aikon Chronograph Automatic isn’t an exemption. Truth be told, I would contend that the new arm band has a decisive advantage over its predecessor.

The wristband includes a speedy delivery framework that was so natural, I could pop the arm band off with my fingernails and trade it with another tie in 30 seconds. A little detachment at the base is regularly the situation with speedy delivery systems, and this watch had none. It made a strong fit with no draw or squirm once fit properly. That being stated, due to the two-prong haul plan, wearers should have a custom tie made, or buy one of the three tie choices from the brand itself – which I can envision will be aggravating for tie addicts who couldn’t want anything more than to trade the wristband out for something somewhat crazier. By and by, I was so content with the wristband, I couldn’t envision evolving it.

Where the arm band meets the case is a practically wonderful hole tying the remainder of the 5-interface plan and the slight tighten the side of the wrist together while not seeming manipulated or practiced. I comprehend “rehearsed” may appear as though a peculiar word to portray a plan stylish, yet that is to state the wristband isn’t exaggerated or over designed and feels easily connected to the watch with no distinctive holes or present alternate routes to the plan – liquid. Each and every connection appears to fit consummately, and even the holes between them are uniformly dispersed, from the fasten on up to where it meets the case – something progressively uncommon in watches at this value point. Time after time the dividing between the connections is more tight than the dispersing to the case and it looks conflicting and spotty.

The brushed wristband includes some cleaned edges to give some incredible difference and as opposed to the radically raised focus connections of past adaptations, Maurice Lacroix selected a smidgen even more a held, practically flush plan. The wristband is more slender in nature, adding a less sensational touch to a generally huge watch – giving some nuance without compromising comfort or wearability. Don’t read that as shaky, on the grounds that the watch is as strong as any chronograph I’ve worn. The perlage-enriched butterfly fasten isn’t bothering, and fits well against within the arm band, which, thusly, causes the midsection to feel steady, with no recognizable areas of discomfort. Generally speaking, this is quite possibly the most comfortable and appealing wristband contributions I’ve found in any cost point.


Over the course of my time investigating this watch, I discovered almost no to complain about. Pretty much every part of the watch felt all around designed and carefully planned, directly on down to the weight, which added another layer of apparent extravagance. From press pictures, I was apprehensive it would have been a little tasteless, yet the subtlety and plan once on the wrist… Well, let’s simply state, it outperformed my assumptions, and a high bar was at that point set up from my positive experience over the numerous years with my past Maurice Lacroix.

The Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph Automatic fits cozily into a market where a purchaser is searching for a strong, great steel sports watch, yet can’t or won’t front $20,000 for an Audemars Piguet or one of its numerous extravagance competitors. I think the Aikon Collection gets a great deal of inappropriate flack for impersonating or sometimes being a “straight up knockoff” of the Royal Oak, however I don’t think it’s a reasonable comparison. Truly, it takes some plan lines and some tasteful references, yet certainly has its own flavor and as much character as possible. The Aikon Chronograph Automatic makes a fine showing of strengthening that fans can have a specific look, without joining the 5-figure club, and I don’t feel that “if you can’t bear the cost of it, you shouldn’t have ANY alternatives accessible for the style” – which is the place where I got myself 3 years prior when I bought my unique Aikon Gents is as yet the conclusion I feel on the most current interpretations of the collection.

The Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph Automatic fills a frequently swarmed, and regularly costly fragment of steel chronograph watches with a straightforward plan and a pervasive allure. Nonexclusive? Maybe for some, yet in addition generally wearable with an appeal and quality that doesn’t require a subsequent home loan. Cost for the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph Automatic is $2,950 mauricelacroix.us

Necessary Data

>Brand: Maurice Lacroix

>Model: Aikon Chronograph Automatic

>Price: $2,950

>Size: 44mm

>Would commentator actually wear it: Absolutely.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Anyone on the lookout for a steel chronograph that looks and feels more costly than it is.

>Best normal for watch: The wristband. Hands down.

>Worst normal for watch: The weight. You’ll need to focus on light poles.

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