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Monta Skyquest Watch Review

Monta Skyquest Watch Review

The microbrand universe of watches is consistently growing. In this packed space of watches that are typically sold solely web based, springing up from companies everywhere on the world, it can frequently be hard to figure out which brands merit your well deserved money. I’m an ardent ally of microbrands and I’d contend that they are doing probably the most energizing and fascinating things with regards to the watch world today. In the course of recent years I’ve gotten the opportunity to claim, handle, or survey a variety of microbrand watches, and effectively perhaps the most great brands I’ve come across to date has been Monta . Monta is the sister company of Everest Straps , a notable maker of watch ties for Rolex & Tudor watches.

After a rough beginning dispatching their first model, the Oceanking  at a value purpose of over $3,000, Monta immediately tuned in to client criticism and adjusted their plan of action and evaluating to all the more likely fit the market. As a feature of this brand advancement, Monta has delivered the Skyquest, a GMT watch dependent on the Oceanking design. I got the occasion to put in a long time with the Skyquest on wrist, and discovered it to be awesome. It’s one of those watches that I would peer down at just to get looks of it for the duration of the day, not in any event, thinking often about the time. The GMT usefulness proved to be useful during my day job –planning telephone calls with my UK-based clients –and paying little heed to the action or area I wound up in, the Skyquest would consistently fit in. We should plunge a spot deeper.


Measuring in at a comfy distance across of 40.7mm barring the crown and 43.6mm including the crown, the Skyquest rides low and comfortably on the wrist being just 11.9mm thick. Combined with its drag to haul distance of 49mm, I discovered the Skyquest to be an incredible size for my 6.5″ wrist. Something about strong this watch on looked right – the short hauls combined with an unobtrusive generally measurement felt like the ideal size and shape for me.

The case configuration isn’t anything excessively strange for a jumper or apparatus watch, anyway Monta’s case completing is unquestionably a stage over its individual microbrands. Around the case are cleaned aspects and smooth edges, indicates that show Monta’s longing to situate themselves as a higher-grade brand. While this degree of completing is nothing new to watch devotees, it’s uncommon to discover in the microbrand world.

The case configuration here is equivalent to what Monta utilizes on its Gen 2 Oceanking model, including a crown at the 3 o’clock position, flanked by two little crown monitors. On the off chance that you dealt with Monta’s original Oceanking, at that point you’ll see that the crown here is a lot more modest this time around. Actually, I preferred the goliath crown that Monta utilized on its the Gen 1 Oceanking plan, yet I comprehend that it is anything but a component everybody would have a similar fondness for. While I favor the simple to-grasp parts of the goliath crown, the more modest crown is comfortable and didn’t dive into my wrist in any capacity, while as yet being entirely simple to control. What’s more, obviously, being founded on a jump watch case, the Skyquest highlights 304m of water opposition (a strangely explicit profundity rating, I know).

As we move around the case, the Sellita development is noticeable through the sapphire showcase caseback, yet is generally spotless with not a single etching or text in sight. While the development is nothing insane to take a gander at with its degree of completing, I generally appreciate having the option to look at the pulsating heart of a watch. All things considered, I’m satisfied with the case development and plan of the Skyquest. It wears well, is emphatically developed, the smooth edges and cleaned complements add an extra “oomph,” and it lines up with the general quality that Monta has set a norm for in their past watches.


I truly appreciate a very much planned GMT watch, and the Skyquest doesn’t frustrate in my book. The Skyquest is accessible in three colorways: an enamel dark (which is the thing that I found the opportunity to survey), an overlaid dark (with matte dial), and a blue dial. While I’m generally an enormous sucker for blue dials, the enamel dark is a genuine shocker face to face. The cleaned files and unmistakable white/red content and accents truly fly against that glossy dark dial and make the watch a genuine delight to take a gander at as it plays with the light.

The Skyquest includes some tall applied lists at 12, 3, 6, and 9, with more modest kin files rounding out the other hour markers. Every one is loaded up with a solid measure of BWG9 lume, and encompassed with cleaned rhodium, which adds a very good quality feel to the Skyquest. These files are so tall, indeed, that Monta needed to twist the GMT hand into a canine leg shape to permit it to clear them, a detail that I find cool. Proceeding around the dial, you’ll discover the Monta logo basically imprinted in white at the highest point of the dial, and the content “Skyquest” in red, alongside the profundity rating of “1000 ft – 304m” in white, simply over the date window at the 6 o’clock position. Like the remainder of the files, the date window is encircled by rhodium.

Along the part ring, you’ll locate the 24-hour GMT scale, however just the odd numbers flanked by red accents. The even numbers are found on the bezel, permitting you to really monitor 3 time regions effortlessly, without a ton of math and transformation included. The hour, moment, and seconds hands are completely encircled with rhodium, similar to the records, and are likewise loaded up with BWG9 lume. It very well may be a little detail, yet I love the cool-blue shade of BWG9. It probably won’t get as splendid as C3, yet damn does it look cool.

The GMT hand varies from the pack here, and is generally dark to mix in with the dial, until you get to the brilliant red, bolt molded tip, additionally loaded up with BWG9. As I referenced before, the tip is bowed upwards into a canine leg shape to permit it to clear the lists, while as yet connecting with contact the section ring, making it simple to peruse your second (or third) time region. The twisted GMT hand is something I’ve likewise seen on some vintage Seikos, and is a straightforward, yet imaginative answer for still consider the tall lists. Some may call it lethargic designing, or can’t help thinking about why Monta didn’t simply change the dial configuration to dodge it, yet I truly burrow the dial all in all and discover the bowed GMT hand to be a cool detail of the Skyquest.


Monta has extraordinary compared to other inclination bezels that I’ve ever dealt with. This was valid on the Gen 1 Oceanking that I found the opportunity to look at, and stays valid on the Skyquest. The turning activity is unmistakably fresh with an exceptionally fulfilling click, comparable just to a Damasko bezel. There is no play in the middle of the 72 snap positions, and it is bi-directional as a GMT bezel ought to be. While the external edge of the bezel is instituted for simple hold, I thought that it was hard to get a strong handle on it while grasping at 12 and 6 due to there being almost no shade; holding somewhere in the range of 3 and 9 notwithstanding, is a breeze. Coordinating with the remainder of the high-class expand on the Skyquest, the bezel embed here is dark clay, and is printed with the even digit 24-hour scale, with a slick objective molded pip at the 12 position, which is lumed with BWG9. The bezel is proportional compared to the case and dial and looks extraordinary on the watch.


The Skyquest is controlled by the Sellita SW330, a programmed GMT development with a 42-hour power save and 25 gems that ticks along at 28,800 bph. Monta initially flaunted the Skyquest model at Baselworld 2017, where it had an Eterna development inside. From that point forward, Monta has changed their plan of action to sell just online rather than in retail locations, and have made some cost-slicing measures to give their watches at lower costs to buyers. Probably the biggest move, was to change away from the costly Eterna developments, to bring down evaluated developments. While the Eterna developments are cool from a scholastic/horological viewpoint, I comprehend Monta’s choice to change to something like the Sellita. Not exclusively are the costs lower, however you’ll have the option to handily get this SW330 adjusted and parts are anything but difficult to come by. The exhibition of the Sellita SW330 has been okay during my perception. I wouldn’t roll out any improvements here.

Bracelet & Strap

After I discussed Monta’s cost-saving estimates prior, some of you may have promptly felt that the wristband would have been one of those regions. Nonetheless, the Monta wristband is essentially fabulous and effectively the most comfortable arm band I’ve ever worn, being matched simply by the Grand Seiko arm bands that I’ve attempted. The connections here understandable very well, permitting the wristband to consistently wrap comfortably. The wristband is 20mm at the hauls, tightening to 16.3mm at its most slender part, with a 18.5mm catch. Like the remainder of the watch, the wristband has some cleaned complements along its external edge, yet is generally brushed. The fasten highlights a lock with the Monta logo, and four miniature adjusts.

While the wristband is truly comfortable, the one expansion I’d prefer to see would be an instrument less miniature change or plunge augmentation like what is seen on the Gen 2 Oceanking, permitting you to give yourself a smidgen more space on a hot day. Nonetheless, for those hot days, Monta additionally incorporates a nylon NATO tie in the container with the watch. The nylon material isn’t the gentlest or most adaptable I’ve felt, yet the equipment is done here. The material is somewhat hardened, yet I envision it will become milder with customary wear. In the event that you’re not an arm band individual, the Skyquest is accessible with a fitted dark or blue elastic lash also, at a marginally lower price.


The Monta Skyquest is a presentation of what microbrands can be fit for when they genuinely look for something better. While numerous microbrands consign themselves to the under-$1,000 value point, Monta has indicated that microbrands can create an extremely top notch watch complete with the better subtleties we would expect on a better quality Swiss piece. From the cleaned case complements, to the phenomenal bezel, and super comfortable wristband, the Monta Skyquest checks a ton of boxes for me, and I extraordinarily making the most of my experience with it. I’m a sucker for GMTs, and the plan of the Skyquest is well-executed.

At its pre-request cost of $1,575 on elastic, and $1,730 on the wristband, I believe it’s an incredible watch that won’t frustrate you on the off chance that you decide to spend your well deserved dollars on it. After the pre-request time frame closes in July, the costs will go up to $1,750 and $1,925 separately. I’ll be anticipating seeing what else Monta makes in the coming years, as I probably am aware this is only the start and they haven’t yet arrived at their last structure. The Skyquest is accessible solely online from Monta’s website, and starts transporting in August. montawatch.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Monta

>Model: Skyquest

>Price: $1,575 on elastic and $1,730 on wristband during the pre-request, $1,750 and $1,925 after the pre-order

>Size: 40.7mm width, 49mm haul to-drag, 11.9mm case height

>Would analyst by and by wear it: Yes, I extraordinarily appreciated wearing this watch.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: The continuous explorer or truly anybody searching for a decent in general, ordinary watch.

>Best normal for watch: The arm band. The articulating joins make it very comfortable.

>Worst normal for watch: The catch. While very much built, I’d prefer to see a device less miniature change here.

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