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My Watch Story Beginning A Journey With A Panerai Luminor, Restoring A Father's Bulova, A Patek Philippe Nautilus As Quarantine Watch, And More

My Watch Story Beginning A Journey With A Panerai Luminor, Restoring A Father’s Bulova, A Patek Philippe Nautilus As Quarantine Watch, And More

Welcome to another portion of ” My Watch Story ,” a video arrangement featuring HODINKEE perusers and their most valued watches. The entries keep on gushing in, and we were unable to be more joyful to impart them to the watch community. Today, we have five new stories put together by Justin Brayman, Anirudh Kallakuri, Raoul D., Greg Johnson, and Stephen Owens. 

Feeling propelled, or simply finding this task? If it’s not too much trouble, look down to the lower part of the page to figure out how to present your own video. On the whole, we trust you appreciate this portion of My Watch Story.

Justin Brayman And His Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 'Navy Blue'

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Justin Brayman is from Spokane, Washington, and he imparts to us today the account of his Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Naval force Blue.” He and his better half commended their 15th wedding commemoration this year and his significant other disclosed to him he should purchase a watch. He’d generally been a devotee of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight since its plan and extents are ideal for his wrist. In any case, it was this execution specifically that truly grabbed his eye in light of great importance markers, files, and the way that blue is his number one tone. The day after his commemoration, Justin got a call from an AD 300 miles away; decisively, Justin assembled his dad and they made purchasing Justin’s commemoration watch an important street trip.


Anirudh Kallakuri And His West End Company Vintage Dress Watch

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For Anirudh, an occupant of Bangalore, India, the account of his granddad’s 1930s West End Company dress watch is one that has associated his entire family. Anirudh’s granddad was talented the watch on his big day and subsequent to wearing it nearly his whole life, he gave it to Anirudh’s mom. Finding no genuine use for the watch, she offered it to Anirudh’s uncle, however later its whereabouts were obscure for quite a while; it was Anirudh who truly looked into discovering it. A long time later, his sibling uncovered that he knew where it was and given it over to him. As the current caretaker of the watch, Anirudh has since had it reestablished back to its unique condition. The watch is as of now 82 years of age and he anticipates seeing it well past its 100th birthday.

Raoul D. Also, His Patek Philippe Ref. 5740/1G Nautilus Perpetual Calendar

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There’s a watch nerd inside the greater part of us who read HODINKEE and for London-local Raoul, 2020 has been an uncommon year gone through with his Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar. London went into lockdown in the early long periods of 2020 and Raoul took advantage of the lucky break to invest a ton of energy with this watch. His enthusiasm for it has developed massively – he cherishes the equilibrium of its straightforward, energetic introduction coordinated with the astounding complications it has at its core.

Greg Johnson And His Panerai Luminor Ref. P00164

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For Greg, who is from the UK, the Panerai Luminor ref. P00164 is the watch that started his interest with watches and horology. A present from his better half for his 30th birthday celebration, the Panerai was really Greg’s subsequent watch; he had worn an Omega Seamaster for a very long time earlier. With its combination of brushed and cleaned completes and the intelligible numerals on the dial, the watch coordinates his easygoing style. Throughout the long term, his preferences have changed and his assortment has developed, yet the Panerai actually gets a great deal of wrist time. 

Stephen Owens And His Bulova Oceanographer

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New Orleans local Stephen Owens has been a watch lover the entirety of his life, predominantly because of his dad’s enthusiasm for the side interest. Stephen unmistakably reviews minutes in his youth when his father would inform him regarding the watch he purchased after he graduated secondary school, yet had disappeared – his Bulova Oceanographer. The day after his dad passed, his mother found the watch secured away a cabinet, in helpless condition. Stephen felt compelled to have it reestablished, and today it gives an uncommon association with his father.

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