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My Watch Story Father's Day Edition

My Watch Story Father’s Day Edition

Each and each Wednesday, we present a new portion of ” My Watch Story ,” a video arrangement featuring HODINKEE perusers and their most valued watches. Today, out of appreciation for the forthcoming Father’s Day in the U.S., we have five fatherly themed stories presented by Ted Larsen, Ross and Jay Nadel, Alan Cohl, Shyam Kurian, and Paul Connolly.

My Watch Story

See the entirety of the recordings in the arrangement here.

Already sent your video, and don’t see it here? Dread not – it’s probably going to show up here in the weeks to come. Because of the huge volume and nature of entries, we are glad to report that we will introduce five additional recordings every week going forward.

Feeling motivated, or simply finding this venture? If it’s not too much trouble, look down to the lower part of the page to figure out how to present your own video. Above all, we trust you appreciate this portion of My Watch Story.

Ted Larsen And His Tiffany & Co. Watch

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Ted is a NFL hostile lineman who has played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, and Chicago Bears in his long term profession. This Tiffany watch had a place with his granddad; it includes the Merrill Lynch bull on its caseback, commemorating his granddad’s 25 years at the company. Ted says he considers the day he’ll give over his watches to his children – and no uncertainty passing on the watch he got from his granddad will be especially special.

Ross And Jay Nadel And Their Two-Tone Rolex Submariner And LeCoultre Travel Alarm Clock

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Ross and his dad Jay are from Demarest, NJ. Jay consistently needed a Rolex – so he had a decent Father’s Day in 2001, when his significant other got him this two-tone Rolex Submariner in the interest of his three children. Ross got his LeCoultre travel morning timer from his grandma; it had been a blessing to her significant other for his work in the interest of amazing New York Senator Jacob Javits’ mission for New York’s 21st Congressional District in the 1940s.


Alan Cohl And His Early-1950s IWC

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Alan is a planner and inside architect living in Israel, and his folks were Holocaust survivors. This IWC had a place with his dad and was the solitary thing he had when he went to the U.S. –  and he wore it constantly. Alan himself seldom wears it, however he takes a gander at it frequently for inspiration.

Shyam Kurian And His Omega Speedmaster

watch@audemarsreviews.com .com

Shyam got this Omega Speedmaster Reduced from his dad when he began clinical school at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Presently entering his last year there, he wears the watch day by day in the emergency clinic, and he says its quality on his wrist has started numerous discussions with watch-adoring patients.

Paul Connolly And His 1970s Sekonda

watch@audemarsreviews.com .com

Paul is a creator who lives in Cookham, England, only west of London. This Sekonda had been a blessing from his dad during the 1970s, yet at that point, he didn’t respect it and never wore it. Two years prior, he rediscovered it in a cabinet –  and was stunned that it began running when he wound it, approximately 40 years after the fact. Alongside bringing back a great deal of recollections, it likewise set him off on his watch gathering journey.

Prepared To Submit Your Own Watch Story? Here's How It Works

1. Pick one watch that is uncommon to you, and get your camera telephone ready.

2. Record a video revealing to us your generally fascinating or important tale about your watch. Suppose 2-3 minutes is the sweet spot – on the off chance that you go longer, that is alright. (What’s more, if it’s not too much trouble, make sure to present yourself: your name and where you are from.)

3. Get imaginative, keep it clean, and have fun! 

4. Take some photographs on the wrist and a couple of shots of the watch so we can gladly show them on our site. Flat, please.

5. To share your video and photographs, you can either A) transfer here ; or B) transfer to your favored huge record move support and send a connect to mywatchstory@hodinkee.com .

There is no cutoff time for presenting your Watch Story; we’ll keep on distributing five recordings every week however long we are accepting sections, so keep them coming! 

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