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My Watch Story Making It Out Of A Car Accident, A Concert Pianist's First Watch, An Appearance By Kid Cognito, And More

My Watch Story Making It Out Of A Car Accident, A Concert Pianist’s First Watch, An Appearance By Kid Cognito, And More

Welcome to another portion of ” My Watch Story ,” a video arrangement featuring HODINKEE perusers and their most valued watches. The entries keep on gushing in, and we were unable to be more joyful to impart them to the watch community. Today, we have five new stories, presented by Andrea Ho, George Ko, David Klint, Ryan Krakofsky, and the undercover Kid Cognito. 

Feeling roused or simply finding this task? Kindly look down to the lower part of the page to figure out how to present your own video. On the whole, we trust you appreciate this portion of My Watch Story. Merry Christmas everyone!

Andrea Ho And Her Rolex Oysterdate Ref. 6694

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Andrea, who is from Singapore, exploited her self-isolate time to impart to us the narrative of her Rolex Oysterdate. About a year back, she chose to add this vintage Rolex to her assortment since it’s watch her granddad used to wear. Andrea shares her short development as an authority: beginning with a Scooby Doo watch, wearing G-Shocks and Swatches, prior to discovering her first “genuine watch” in a vintage Omega Speedmaster, and now her darling Rolex Oysterdate with plated markers. A delightful assumption she shares is the partiality she has for winding the watch regular; she compares it to developing a relationship with a mechanical object. 

George Ko And His Raymond Weil Maestro

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In extraordinary compared to other created My Watch Story recordings ever, George Ko comes to us piano-side and shares the affection he has for his first watch – the Raymond Weil Maestro. George is a composer and professional piano player and the watch is the ideal companion when he performs in front of an audience. At a show in the relatively recent past at Carnegie Hall, George met an individual watch devotee who commended him for performing with a watch on his wrist. George’s watch is lightweight, tasteful, and it gives him the certainty to go out in front of an audience and be the virtuoso that he is. 

David Klint And His Rolex Submariner Ref. 16610

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David Klint, another dad who hails from Southern California, reviews his watch fixation began at 10 years old. The side interest is something he enthusiastically shares with his dad and uncle, who are additionally large watch fans. At the point when David got ready for marriage, his dad skilled him a Submariner like his; the two of them share that bond now of having Subs on their wrists. David wore the watch the day he got hitched and it’s been with him consistently since as he’s brought up his infant daughter. 


Ryan Krakofsky And His OCTO Automatic Watch

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Sometimes a watch is on our wrist during the most awesome aspect times in our lives, yet once in a while not. For Ryan Krakofsky, an innovation mentor at an elementary school in Hong Kong, his OCTO was there with him in the trauma center after he got into an auto collision. Fortunately, Ryan is OK. The silver coating to the entire occasion is the appreciation he left away with for all the specialists and attendants from Princess Margaret Hospital that went to his guide. We’re glad to hear Ryan’s protected and that each time he peers down at his OCTO, he’ll be helped to remember the alarm he suffered in 2020 and how he overcame it.


Child Cognito And His Undone Snoopy Chronograph

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We’re finishing the current week’s contribution of My Watch Story with none other than Kid Cognito –  not much can be assembled from this mysterious figure other than he’s from Toronto and he’s significantly into watches. From the video’s start, we see that his dad is a pleased wearer of the Oris Diver’s 65 LE and Kid Cognito isn’t bashful to casually flex his Casio G-Shock DW5600 NASA LE . The watch they are featuring, notwithstanding, is the Undone Snoopy Chronograph – the principal watch to at any point decorate Kid Cognito’s wrist. Much more great, the youthful watch aficionado realizes how to work the chrono like a champ. The decision is out: Kid Cognito is an authority to keep your eyes on in the future.

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