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My Watch Story The Watches Of Grandfathers, A Birthday Panerai, A Speedmaster With An Astronaut Connection, And More

My Watch Story The Watches Of Grandfathers, A Birthday Panerai, A Speedmaster With An Astronaut Connection, And More

Welcome to another portion of ” My Watch Story ,” a video arrangement featuring HODINKEE perusers and their most valued watches. The entries keep on spilling in, and we were unable to be more joyful to impart them to the watch community. Today, we have five new stories presented by David Myers, Desmund Mojica, Corey Cavalieri, Sean Ogle, and Joseph Stuart. 

Feeling enlivened, or simply finding this venture? Kindly look down to the lower part of the page to figure out how to present your own video. On the whole, we trust you appreciate this portion of My Watch Story.

David Myers And His Grandfather's Hamilton

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David, who lives in Ann Arbor, MI, gotten this Hamilton from his dad, yet it initially had a place with his granddad. His granddad was an architect by profession, and his work included structure the DeSoto auto manufacturing plant in Detroit –  and this Hamilton was a blessing from DeSoto. Today, it’s a significant piece in David’s assortment, and one that he anticipates passing down to another person in his family.

Desmund Mojica And His Panerai Luminor

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A local of Oahu, HI, Desmund got this Panerai Luminor as a 25th birthday celebration present from his folks. He initially needed something more complicated, however chose this straightforward, time-just piece –  and doesn’t think twice about it. He has gone on it on a ton of outings (counting to Milan and the Panerai shop), wears it day by day, and anticipates making more recollections with it on his wrist.

Corey Cavalieri And His Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

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Pennsylvania-local Corey has other significant watches in his assortment, yet this AP Royal Oak Nick Faldo Edition in tantalum is exceptional on account of the relationship that emerged from procuring it. He initially saw it on Miami-based vendor Matt Bain’s Instagram account and connected inquisitive whether it was available to be purchased. Turned out it was, and Corey and Matt keep on talking watches to this day.

Sean Ogle And His Omega Speedmaster

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Sean, who lives in Portland, OR, purchased this Omega Speedmaster as a result of its association with his granddad. During the 1960s and ’70s, his granddad filled in as a maker for ABC News in New York, and in that limit, he became acquainted with space explorer Pete Conrad (the third man to stroll on the Moon). During the 1970s, the story goes, the two were at a bar in Houston on Sean’s granddad’s birthday –  and Conrad took the Speedmaster off his wrist, offered it to Sean’s granddad, and said, “Upbeat Birthday.” Sean respected that story, and his granddad, a long time later by getting his own Speedmaster.

Joseph Stuart And His Grandfather's Pulsar

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Joe, who is from Australia, considers this Pulsar his most significant watch. It had a place with his granddad and was allowed to nine-year-old Joe after his granddad’s passing in 1994. Today, Joe wears it once in a while, and when he does, it helps him to remember the two his granddad and existing apart from everything else his dad gave it to him.

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