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One to Watch The 25-Year-Old Upstart Breathing New Life Into Traditional French Watchmaking

One to Watch The 25-Year-Old Upstart Breathing New Life Into Traditional French Watchmaking

It’s not difficult to fail to remember that Switzerland wasn’t generally the worldwide focal point of watchmaking. The United States drove the dash into modern watchmaking in the late nineteenth century; Britain made chronometers to fuel the Age of Exploration. Furthermore, in the middle, France took the combination of specialized and creative watchmaking higher than ever, civility of legends like Abraham-Louis Breguet. 

Théo Auffret is a youthful Frenchman hoping to reconsider his country’s celebrated horological past for the present authorities, making really high quality watches in a particular style. Auffret’s list of qualifications is as of now noteworthy, and he’s in any event, beginning to build up a plan language all his own – no little accomplishment for somebody scarcely 25 years of age. He’s at present making his first assortment of sequentially delivered watches on membership, another gesture to the experts of history.

Who Is Théo Auffret?

Théo Auffret

Age: 25

Hometown: Poissy, France

Origin story: Auffret previously found watchmaking during an end of the week hike to Pontoise, an adjoining town around 30 minutes across the Seine from his local Poissy. He discovered a watch shop and started visiting with the watchmaker in the back while his dad was perusing models by Alpina and Eterna. It wasn’t well before he was spending however many evenings and ends of the week as he could at the watch shop, dousing it all in. 

Eventually, Auffret chose to seek after watchmaking full time as opposed to going to a more conventional designing school. After a couple of battles with discovering somebody to disciple with in France, he went to Paris in 2012 to work with a free horologist named Denis Corpechot who had practical experience in fixing old tickers and watches. 

“One day, I found a photo of a F.P. Journe pocket watch and asked my lord what it was,” Auffret says. “He revealed to me it was made in Paris by an expert now famous in Switzerland, and that the man’s name was Journe. I experienced passionate feelings for this thought, and this was the day I concluded I would figure out how to construct my own watch from nothing.”

The Tourbillon à Paris reevaluates conventional French watchmaking tropes.

Why We Love Him

Auffret originally hit our radar back in 2018 when he was one of three victors in the FHH and F.P. Journe supported Young Talent Competition. The watch that won him the renowned honor was an incomplete variant of his Tourbillon à Paris, with its controller style dial, enormous, hand-made tourbillon, and authentic silver case. While numerous components of the watch actually have a specific crude quality to them, the Tourbillon à Paris obviously shows Auffret riffing on old French plans and thoughts, yet with a refreshed reasonableness. Additionally, the swagger it takes to dispatch your name on the worldwide stage with a semi-openworked tourbillon controller isn’t anything to sneer at.

To transform his energy into a feasible business, Auffret expected to sell a few watches. Along these lines, he dispatched the Tourbillon à Paris Subscription Series, more refined forms of that unique model specially made and delicately modified to every proprietor’s details. Case metals, dial metals and completes, and other stylish subtleties can be blended and coordinated – and unique solicitations can be made, however not all can be accommodated. Standard alternatives incorporate platinum, gold, silver, titanium, and steel for the case and dials, decision of finish and tones for the hands, either a sapphire or mineral glass gem, huge loads of bespoke lash decisions, a custom box settled on of the client’s decision of wood, and even the completion and shade of the tightens utilized the movement. 

The development completing and engineering of the Tourbillon à Paris.

While a portion of the scaffolds and plates are cut utilizing current CNC machines, everything is hand-wrapped up by Auffret, and he works straightforwardly with other craftspeople on things he doesn’t do himself, for example, carpenters for the cases, leatherworkers for the ties, and so forth Auffret isn’t anxious about accepting new innovation when it helps, and he appreciates working with different craftsmans, however what makes his watches genuinely exceptional is the degree of handwork and the degree of expertise typified by each completed piece.

Importantly, the Tourbillon à Paris is likewise 38.5mm, making it significantly more wearable than a portion of the curiously large watches delivered by other youthful watchmakers making things by hand. Additionally, the watch is designed to be vigorous enough for every day wear – “A few people consider it odd,” says Auffret, “yet what I love most is to make a watch and realize it will travel all around the planet and be worn by a collector.”

The level of handwork typified in Auffret’s watches sets them apart.

What's Next

Auffret is working on different models and on advancing his plan language. In particular, he’s expecting to carry a marginally more current reasonableness to the exemplary French establishments on which he’s structure his name. He’s in no race to go excessively quick or to extend excessively fast. All things considered, he likes to place in the work, take as much time as is needed, and do things the correct way. Another model will be coming at some point in the principal half of 2021, however Auffret is reluctant to say considerably more than that. 

“These days, I am buckling down, not dozing a ton, and I’ve been longing for a vacation for about 18 months now,” Auffret says. “However, watchmaking is my obsession. Once in a while I stay up the entire evening attempting to fabricate a watch. It resembles I just can’t stop.”

The Tourbillon à Paris is Auffret’s first sequentially delivered watch.

A custom wood box co-planned by a client.

A Tourbillon à Paris in its custom box, with additional lashes at right.

See with your own eyes

Auffret takes all requests straightforwardly and doesn’t right now work with any retailers or wholesalers. As of now, Auffret is citing roughly a six-month stand by time on Tourbillon à Paris orders, however this can fluctuate because of his little creation limit and the carefully assembled nature of his watches. The Tourbillon à Paris is estimated at €108,000 (barring VAT) paying little mind to design, as the majority of the incentive in the watch comes from the craftsmanship and not the crude materials. 

To find out more or to commission a watch, contact Auffret at contact@auffret-paris.com or visit auffret-paris.com .

Photographs: Antoine Delage De Luget

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