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HODINKEE Radio Cindy Crawford Shares Her Piece-Unique Omega Constellation & Memories Of Picnics In Switzerland (Plus Video)

Radio Cindy Crawford Shares Her Piece-Unique Omega Constellation & Memories Of Picnics In Switzerland (Plus Video)

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As far as should be obvious, Cindy Crawford was the absolute first current watch brand diplomat. Indeed, Rolex highlighted renowned competitors and pilgrims in their commercials, and infrequently a brand would land an item position manage a significant Hollywood blockbuster. Yet, when Crawford joined up with Omega in 1995, in addition to the fact that she started a now-25-year relationship that would see her plan watches, venture to every part of the globe talking about them, and band together with Omega on humanitarian work – she likewise changed the watch business forever.

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So whenever I got the opportunity to plunk down and visit with Crawford half a month prior, I had a heap of inquiries concerning those early days. How was it being drawn closer by a watch company before that was de rigueur for an individual of her height? When did she go on her first outing to the Omega make, and what does she recollect about seeing genuine watchmaking interestingly? Which plan components of the celebrated Constellation really came from her?

Cindy Crawford working with planners at the Omega make in 1996.

I found solutions to the vast majority of those inquiries, however I additionally got many stories I hadn’t anticipated: Memories of picnics on Swiss peaks with in all honesty Jean-Claude Biver (who was amidst reforming watch advertising as the head of Omega), that time she playfully revealed to Nicholas G. Hayek Sr. that she truly needed a platinum Constellation (and, spoiler alert, he made it for her), and a ton more.

In expansion to discussing the details of watchmaking and extravagance promoting, we likewise got into Crawford’s initial days working in cornfields and seeking to be president, why the mid ’90s were the ideal time for the development of supermodels, and how she has transformed her vocation into a stage for having a voice and having an effect. “I’ve generally said that displaying is my specialty, it’s not who I am.”

We trust you appreciate Episode 114 of HODINKEE Radio. Make certain to look at the show notes, and let us understand your opinion in the comments below.

Show Notes

(19:45) Cindy’s Career With Omega

(20:00) Herb Ritts

(21:00) HODINKEE Radio: Episode 25: Jean-Claude Biver And Joe Thompson (Live From HODINKEE 10)

(27:45) Omega’s Constellation Watches

(34:10) Orbis International

(36:55) Cindy’s Shotgun Wedding By David Yarrow

(38:30) “The Supermodels” Documentary

(43:00) Cindy Crawford Throughout the Years in Vogue

(43:30)  @cindycrawford

(44:05) @kaiagerber

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