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HODINKEE Radio Episode 105: Author, Podcaster, And Menswear Enthusiast Pedro Mendes

Radio Episode 105: Author, Podcaster, And Menswear Enthusiast Pedro Mendes

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There are sure individuals you simply click with, and Pedro Mendes is one of those individuals for me. We were presented by a common companion – amazing menswear author G. Bruce Boyer – yet plunking down to record this scene of HODINKEE Radio is the first occasion when we’d had a genuine inside and out discussion together. Pedro is a multi-faceted person, with titles like creator, digital broadcast maker, columnist, menswear master, and more to his resume, and our visit covers an assortment of points, as you’d anticipate. Furthermore, the occasions I wound up saying, “Absolutely, I concur 100%!” in the rear of my head verged on being vexing. Is Pedro a clairvoyant too?

We get going looking at garments, how we both got fixated on getting dressed, and a couple of the fashion stumbles we’ve made en route (Pro tip: Don’t generally purchase “the most energizing” thing. You’ll very likely think twice about it.). From that point, we get into watches and how Pedro’s underlying experience with a wonderful Seiko lead him down the way to becoming an out and out watch geek with an extraordinary fondness for the Japanese monster. There are a lot of individual tales en route, and unmistakably Pedro is somebody who invests a great deal of energy contemplating non-genuine things. I’m generally a fanatic of that.

But there’s additional. One thing I would not like to miss is that today, the very day this scene goes live, is the dispatch day for the second period of Teamistry , a webcast that Pedro produces for the efficiency programming company Atlassian (whoop to my Trello peeps out there – and, no, this isn’t supported, I’m simply a geek). The main scene of season two is about Seiko and the inner competition made between the Suwa and Daini produces during the 1960s and ’70s. I thought I knew that story inside and out, yet it turns out I had a long way to go. Unquestionably look at the scene when you’re finished tuning in to HODINKEE Radio – I believe it’s an absolute necessity for any watch lover.

We trust you appreciate Episode 105 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath, and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

The Seiko SPB143 is the furthest down the line expansion to Pedro’s assortment, however it’s immediately become his go-to. Indeed, he says that different watches need to “get time” on the off chance that they need to get any wear nowadays. It’s not difficult to perceive any reason why: The watch is too a la mode, has incredible extents, and offers up that ideal blend of wearability and feeling somewhat unique. Pedro is a long-term admirer of Seiko and Grand Seiko, so he knew when this watch was delivered that it needed to advance into his assortment. The solitary inquiry was which colorway to pick, yet you’ll need to tune in to the scene to hear why he chose this one. (PS – For additional, look at James’ full audit of the watch here. )

Show Notes

(3:00) Pedro Mendes On Instagram

(3:49) G. Bruce Boyer

(5:45) Bruce Boyer on Put This On

(10:00) Stephen’s Rolex GMT

(16:30) Pedro’s Seiko SPB143

(22:30) Ten Garments Every Man Should Own: A Practical Guide to Building a Permanent Wardrobe

(26:30) Zenith Watches

(42:00) Seiko TicTac SZSB006

(45:45) HODINKEE Radio Episode 95: The Call-In Show, Volume 1

(50:21) Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

(51:25) Teamistry

(55:00) Seiko Marvel

(55:15) Teamistry, Season 2

(59:30) Pedro’s Seiko Lordmatic

(59:35) Pedro’s King Seiko

(59:40) Pedro’s Seiko Bell-Matic

(1:05:23) Unbuttoned – G. Bruce Boyer’s Life In Clothes

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