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HODINKEE Radio Episode 106: The Call-In Show, Volume 2

Radio Episode 106: The Call-In Show, Volume 2

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Back in July, we did our absolute first bring in show , with Jack, James, and me alternating noting the different exhibit of inquiries that you all left as voice messages. We had a great time and realized promptly that we expected to do another round. Indeed, the opportunity has arrived. This time, I had the option to plunk down with Danny and Jon for our second go-around. We got a huge load of incredible inquiries and scarcely started to expose what came in. We cover a wide exhibit of themes, from more miniature conversations about specific watches, gathering systems, and our #1 city-explicit pieces to more large scale investigations of things like the morals of watch gathering and the longterm effect of this unusual year on the watch industry.

Is this the ideal watch for an outing to Kyoto?

We likewise need to keep the calls coming past the present scene. The telephone line stays open at +1 401-307-DINK (3465), so give us a ring and leave us a voice message with that consuming inquiry you’ve for the longest time been itching to pose. The sooner we get an extraordinary group of inquiries, the sooner we’ll do the following bring in show. Additionally, as an update, kindly keep the voice message messages under 60 seconds, and make certain to give us your first name as well as your HODINKEE Community username so we can give you a holler. I can hardly wait to dive into our next mailbag.

We trust you appreciate Episode 106 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes beneath, and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Show Notes

(3:17) Episode 80: Phil Toledano And Big Baselworld News

(6:00) Giuliano Mazzuoli Manometro

(9:30) Golden Aging: Prince Michael Of Kent

(13:47) Jon’s SBGM221

(15:40) Danny’s First Watch

(18:00) The Cartier Tank Américaine In Steel

(20:00) A Brief History of Rolex Stella Dial Timepieces

(29:50) The Complete History Of The Robert Redford Submariner

(30:45) Robert Redford’s Doxa in Three Days of the Condor

(32:10) Matthew McConaughey’s Doxa in Sahara

(33:00) John Tucker Must Die

(34:30) On The Inside” From HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5

(35:30) Fixer Upper

(59:00) The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

(1:03:00) Reference Points: Understanding The Rolex Submariner

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