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Radio Episode 110: The Slowdown’s Spencer Bailey & Andrew Zuckerman

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This week, we have two amazing visitors, and we’re committing the whole show to my discussion with them. A week ago, I had the joy of plunking down to visit with Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman, the fellow benefactors of The Slowdown , another sort of media company that portrays itself as making “short-structure content with a long view.” I’ve known these folks for a long time (and even worked with Spencer back during our days at Surface Media) and have been an enthusiast of what they’re doing since they dispatched in mid 2019. From their bulletin to their digital recordings Time Sensitive and At A Distance , all that they do burrows beneath the surface and urges you to marinate in huge thoughts instead of surge on to the following thing. As somebody who’s extremely liable of doomscrolling my way as the day progressed, it’s a welcome difference in pace. 

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Spencer and Andrew are two people who are likewise profoundly fixated on schedule and how we experience it, and their speculation regarding the matter is truly savvy, as I would see it. We positively plunge profound into that theme in the scene, yet we additionally talk about the intricate details of a great meeting, the possibility of “un-gathering,” and, obviously, why we’re all into watches. The vast majority of our discussion is more on the philosophical side of things, however we do get into some low down watch visit toward the end, if that is the thing that you’re searching for. I generally gain proficiency with a great deal when I converse with Spencer and Andrew, and the present scene is no exception.

We trust you appreciate Episode 110 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes beneath, and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Show Notes

(4:00) The Slowdown – Culture, Nature, and the Future

(4:15) In Memory Of: Designing Contemporary Memorials

(7:00) Simon Critchley

(13:00) “Human | Nature” Curated by Andrew Zuckerman

(20:00) At a Distance

(20:15) Time Sensitive

(37:00) Oris Watches

(46:30) The Order of Time via Carlo Rovelli Review

(47:45) Handmarking Time from The Slowdown

(1:09:20) The Slowdown Newsletter

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