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HODINKEE Radio Episode 112: A Look Inside HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 7

Radio Episode 112: A Look Inside Magazine, Volume 7

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Every time we dispatch another volume of the HODINKEE Magazine, it seems like a day for festivity. Every volume takes us over a large portion of a year to create, for certain accounts in progress for longer than a year prior to they at last make it onto the printed page, and incalculable HODINKEE staff members and associates work vigorously to get these magazines together and into your hands. Be that as it may, the arrival of Volume 7 feels considerably more great than expected. We created the whole magazine, beginning to end, distantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, enrolling mind boggling scholars, makers, picture takers, and more from around the planet to make it a reality. I was unable to be more joyful to have it accessible for you all to see.

As we prepared to put this issue out into the world, I realized that I needed to share somewhat more about a portion of the inconceivable stories we have for you this time around. Along these lines, I got Danny, Jack, and Joe on-mic to offer a look in the background, giving their first-individual records of how their accounts went from obscure thoughts in gatherings to out and out tasks to the smart, lovely stories you’ll discover inside Volume 7. Danny addresses his meetings with enthusiastic gatherers of watches, guitars, streetwear, and then some, truly considering being energetic about something and to put yourself in it; Jack dives deep on the Cartier Tank, quite possibly the most famous and persuasive watches ever; and Joe shares accounts of his outings to Japan, his developing relationship with Seiko and Grand Seiko, and why Seiko CEO and President Shinji Hattori is perhaps the most intriguing chiefs with regards to watchmaking. I was associated with the entirety of their accounts all along, I actually educated a ton conversing with them. I realize you will too.

Obviously, when you’re finished tuning in, go get a duplicate of Volume 7 of the HODINKEE Magazine , in the event that you haven’t as of now. Regardless of the insane creation conditions, it could possibly be our best volume yet, and you unquestionably don’t have any desire to miss it.

We trust you appreciate Episode 112 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath, and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Show Notes

(2:45) Introducing: The HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 7

(17:45) Introducing: The Cartier Privé Collection Tank ‘Asymétrique’

(33:30) Watch Spotting: Chef Kevin Gillespie Wearing A Tudor Pelagos On Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’

(46:30) A Tale Of Two-Tone Rolex Datejusts

(1:11:30) HODINKEE Radio: Episode 39: Joe Thompson

(1:13:15) Four Revolutions: Part 1: A Concise History Of The Quartz Revolution

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Introducing The HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 7
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