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HODINKEE Radio Episode 31: Hannah Elliott And Magnus Walker

Radio Episode 31: Hannah Elliott And Magnus Walker

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Bonnie and Clyde. Beyoncé and Jay Z. There’s nothing very like an ordinary force couple. Furthermore, personally, I believe it’s no time like the present we add the present visitors, Hannah Elliott and Magnus Walker, to that list.

Hannah Elliott is a vehicle essayist and pundit, right now composing for Bloomberg (to be completely honest, we were associates there for pretty much two years). Prior to that however, she worked at Forbes, where she expounded on vehicles, watches, travel –  you know, essentially all the pleasant stuff that we love here at HODINKEE. She’s a genuine writer who isn’t reluctant to be fiercely fair when she should be, however she likewise carries certified energy to a beat that is in some cases ailing in enthusiasm.

Magnus Walker then again moves toward vehicles from a totally unique point. After an effective profession in the dress world, Magnus has become the wear of Porsche gathering, altering, and, obviously, driving. Through his North English inflection, you can hear how energized he is as he runs through frame numbers and his #1 courses for driving specific vehicles. Somehow or another he’s a perfectionist, in alternate ways he’s a skeptic. Here and there, he’s both at once.

In our first since forever two-for-one scene, I plunked down with both Hannah and Magnus, and we were joined by HODINKEE author Ben Clymer as well. The four of us discussed the contrasts between moving toward vehicles as a pundit and an aficionado, why Porsche projects a particularly hefty spell on auto-darlings, and for what reason what’s truly worth gathering isn’t only the actual things, yet the critical minutes you go through with them.

We trust you appreciate Episode 31 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes beneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

Hannah overflowed with wearing a generally new watch – all things considered, new to her, at any rate. This three-hander is a vintage piece from Swiss brand Roamer, a marque that I’d quite known about previously. It’s still near, however less notable than a portion of the greater brands. Hannah’s watch was a swap meet find and she adores it for the marginally strange case shape and the rich, corroded patina on the dial.

Well, what did you anticipate? Magnus possesses watches from a couple of brands, yet he’s typically attracted to Porsche Design and says that it’s his vintage PD pieces that get the most wrist time. This early Porsche Design watch was made by Orfina, the creator that PD joined forces with a long time before they moved over to IWC in the last part of the 1970s and afterward to Eterna. The three-register chronograph with day and date is all around worn, with pieces of the dark PVD dissolved away and the lume a rich orange tone. This is actually what you need a watch like this to look like.

Show Notes

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Ferrari F40

Ferrari 308 GTB

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Magnus Walker MOMO Signature Series Steering Wheel

The Worst Luxury Cars Of 2018

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin


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