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Radio Episode 37: Scott Schuman

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No matter how you help a living, you can most likely think back and highlight a couple of individuals who made your vocation conceivable. Regardless of whether it was somebody who propelled you, somebody who coached you, or somebody who offered you that first huge reprieve, there are individuals who pose a potential threat in your very own story. Furthermore, once in a while they don’t know it. 

For me, Scott Schuman is without question one of those individuals. You may know him better as The Sartorialist , which is the blog he began back in 2005. At the point when I was as yet an understudy and figured I should take a stab at expounding on garments on the web professionally, The Sartorialist was an unmistakable illustration of somebody having the option to utilize photography and their very own energy to make something unique and construct a community around it. I’ve checked the Sartorialist essentially consistently for longer than 10 years at this point – there aren’t numerous sites I can say that about. 

Scott himself is something of a secret however, since his emphasis is consistently on others. His work is something to that effect of a supervisor or custodian, however behind the entirety of that he’s a truly interesting person with a ton to say all alone. He’s likewise dealing with some truly fascinating stuff nowadays, remembering a book about style for India, so don’t think you know the entire story already.

This scene is somewhat not quite the same as our standard thing – I committed a booking error and needed to leave halfway through the discussion. Try not to stress however, Ben and Scott kept things moving fine and dandy without me and things get truly fun in the back portion of the show. We likewise recorded this at the HODINKEE workplaces and you can hear a few lines murmuring and alarms blasting at a couple of focuses – sorry for the interruption, however I guarantee it doesn’t make the discussion any less interesting.

We trust you appreciate Episode 37 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Show Notes

(3:00) The Sartorialist site

(4:00) The Sartorialist in soft cover

(8:00) Steve McCurry representations

(9:15) The Sartorialist in India

(14:30) Paris is Burning

(24:15) Bill Cunningham

(33:00) Tim Walker

(33:15) Paolo Reversi

(37:11) Wei Koh on Instagram

(44:32) Jenny Walton

(1:07:30) The Dogist

(1:11:30) Pierpaolo Piccioli

(1:12:15) George Cortina

(1:17:30) The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Automatic

(1:18:40) Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Watch

(1:30:00) On the Bowery

(1:31:15) New York Magazine inclusion of the school confirmations embarrassment

(1:31:43) Rao’s: New York’s Most Exclusive Restaurant

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