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HODINKEE Radio Episode 41: George Glasgow, Jr.

Radio Episode 41: George Glasgow, Jr.

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All of us have certain individuals in our lives who appear to keep springing up again and again, regardless of where you go, who you’re with, or what you’re doing. George Glasgow, Jr. is one of those individuals for me. He’s the owner of London’s George Cleverley , seemingly the best producer of bespoke shoes on the planet. Name me a popular or notable individual from the most recent 75 years or something like that and I nearly promise you they had a couple or two of Cleverley’s in their wardrobe. At least.

George and I initially met near 10 years back when I was expounding on exemplary menswear, and through a blend of common companions, covering organizations, and a common love of watches we’ve kept in contact the entire time. One of the most punctual HODINKEE item coordinated efforts was even a restricted version set of watch ties made by Cleverley out of some madly uncommon Russian reindeer calfskin from the eighteenth century. In any case, that is a story for another time.

Right now George is on one of his semiannual voyages through the United States to fit clients for shoes, and during a free evening in New York I had the option to get him into the studio alongside our own Cara Barrett to discuss why he has a profound warmth for Patek Philippe, the craziest shoe demands he’s always gotten, and that time that Daniel Day Lewis requested that his father be in an honor prevailing upon film lunch. No doubt, this is a wild one.

We trust you appreciate Episode 41 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

While George’s opinion with regards to watches has advanced throughout the long term, he’s as of late wound up floating generally to treated steel sport watches on wristbands. Combine that with his long-term love of Patek Philippe and it’s presumably nothing unexpected that the watch he wears most is a ref. 5711 Nautilus. Subsequent to playing with some more maximalist styles, he adores how pared back the Nautilus is and how it does a ton with a bit. Most days you’ll discover George in a suit (shod in delightful carefully assembled shoes, obviously) and he enjoys that the Nautilus can be worn lighthearted yet at the same time looks rich and set up. How he wound up with this specific piece is a story all its own, however you’ll need to tune in to the scene for the full scoop.

Show Notes


George Cleverley


“Oxfords, not brogues.”

Patek Philippe 7118/1R Nautilus

Kingsman by George Cleverley

Phantom Thread trailer


Rolex Yacht-Master 42


Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé

Portrait (Top): Jamie Ferguson

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