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HODINKEE Radio Episode 52: Morgan King, Safe Deposit Boxes, And An Ode To The Speedmaster

adio Episode 52: Morgan King, Safe Deposit Boxes, And An Ode To The Speedmaster

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We’re back! While you haven’t gotten another scene of HODINKEE Radio these most recent fourteen days, this is on the grounds that we’ve been hard a work retooling the show and tweaking all the subtleties. What’s more, truly, I don’t think I’ve been this amped up for a scene since we previously dispatched the show barely a year ago.

The center of HODINKEE Radio has consistently been tied in with acquainting you all with the most fascinating and mind boggling individuals in the watch community. Also, that is not changing by any means. The core of every scene will in any case be a discussion with somebody extraordinary. Furthermore however, we will begin each show with a visit among our editors, giving you a more top to bottom gander at watch news and what’s happening in the HODINKEE universe. So you will get much more Ben, Cara, Cole, Jack, James, Joe, and Jon, just as some new voices that you probably won’t be acquainted with yet. Nothing to contend with there, right?

We’re likewise going to acquaint some more account highlights with the HODINKEE Radio line-up. There are such countless incredible stories to tell about watches and the manners in which they identify with our way of life and history all the more extensively, and at times recounting those accounts ordinary way is best.

To kick off the as good as ever HODINKEE Radio, we have one hell of a great show for you. To begin, Ben, Cara, and I glance back at the main stories to hit the watch world since we last presented to you a scene, including the wellbeing store box shocking tale announced by The New York Times , the most recent commemoration Speedmaster and its 321 development , and the disclosure of Marlon Brando’s Rolex GMT-Master from Apocalypse Now . At that point we have an incredible meeting with super authority and all-around magnificent person Morgan King (who you may recollect from his scene of Talking Watches ). It’s just as fun as you’d anticipate. At long last, Jack welcomes us a few musings on why, after 50 years, the Speedmaster moon observe still holds so much passionate power.

Let us understand your opinion about the current week’s scene and the new organization when all is said in done! We generally love to get with you and we’re truly amped up for the shows we have for you in the coming weeks.

Wrist Check

Morgan King is the solitary individual I realize who can truly pull off wearing two looks as once. Indeed, I don’t think I’ve at any point seen Morgan just wearing one watch. What’s more, when you get some information about it, you get a casual “It’s about certainty.” For our chronicle, Morgan rolled in shaking a ref. 1680 Rolex “Red Sub” with a Mark I dial and a too perfect case to his left side wrist and a later rail dial ref. 1655 Explorer II on his correct wrist. It’s an incredible illustration of how two watches that, somely, are fundamentally the same as can really be very unique. Very much done, Morgan. Well done.

Show Notes

Storing Watches In A Not-So-Safe Deposit Box

Reference Points: Understanding The Rolex Submariner

Reference Points: Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronographs

Talking Watches With David Williams

Talking Watches 2 With John Mayer

Marlon Brando’s Rolex GMT-Master From ‘End of the world Now’

Twelve Of The Greatest Missing Watches

The Sale Of Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona

Talking Watches With Jack Nicklaus

HODINKEE Editors Pick Their Very Favorite Speedmaster

A Cartier Panthère In The Original ‘Top Gun’

Talking Watches With Morgan King

Pop Swatch

1960’s Corgi Batmobile

Morgan’s selfie with Drew Barrymore

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