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HODINKEE Radio Episode 53: Summer Watches, Unrest In Hong Kong, And The LA Times's Daniel Miller

Radio Episode 53: Summer Watches, Unrest In Hong Kong, And The LA Times’s Daniel Miller

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There are no ifs ands or buts: We’re somewhere down in the hottest times of the year of summer. It’s hot, it’s damp (at any rate in New York City), and the curiosity of numerous individuals’ #1 season is beginning to wear ragged. However, dread not! We’ve actually got a lot of warm takes about summer watches to bring you. To commence the current week’s scene of HODINKEE Radio, I pulled Cole, James, and Jon into our stopgap office studio (indeed, with cooling) to discuss what watches we’re wearing this late spring and why, our fantasy summer watches, and what makes for a decent summer watch in the first place.

The heart of this scene however is my discussion with Los Angeles Times staff correspondent Daniel Miller about his web recording Larger Than Life , which annals the existence of unbelievable road racer Big Willie Robinson and how he united a partitioned LA through a common enthusiasm for quick vehicles. Indeed, even as somebody who is in fact not the greatest stuff head on the planet, I completely had fun and when I discovered that Daniel was a piece of the HODINKEE community I realized we needed to get him in the studio for a visit. Notwithstanding discussing Larger Than Life we likewise get into what it resembled experiencing childhood in LA vehicle sales centers, how to chase for broken watches on eBay, and why curved bezels make for magnificent plunge watches.

Wrapping things up is our absolute first Voicemail From Joe T, another fragment we’re presenting. This week, Joe brings in to share a few contemplations about the current circumstance in Hong Kong and how it identifies with the watch world explicitly. I’m not going to ruin anything here – it’s exemplary Joe and you certainly need to give it a listen.

We trust you appreciate Episode 53 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

I love it when a visitor comes arranged, and kid did Daniel Miller come arranged. In addition to the fact that he rolled up with a delightful Breitling Top Time on his wrist (one of those watches that he scored broken on eBay and effortlessly resurrected), he additionally immediately pulled a watch turn out of his pack with a couple of other vintage treats in it. Included was a Heuer Viceroy Autavia ( which you can get familiar with about here ), an Omega Chronostop driver’s watch, a Waltham that is amazingly suggestive of an early Bathyscaphe, and a Gruen jumper with a funk raised bezel. On the off chance that you had any questions that this present person’s a genuine watch geek, these ought to do the trick.

Show Notes

The Watches We’re Wearing Most This Summer

Nautic Fish

1960s Doxa Sub 300T ‘Searambler’

Restoration Of A Breitling Sprint Fiberglass Case

“Larger Than Life” podcast

“WUSA” Starring Paul Newman

Ten Vintage Watches That Should Be More Expensive Than They Are, And Why

On The Dash



Watches With Concave Bezels

How The Number Three Cigarette In America Made Heuer A Household Name

Spike’s Car Radio

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