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HODINKEE Radio Episode 60: Latest On Apple Watch Series 5 (Plus Fantasy Watch Draft Results)

Radio Episode 60: Latest On Apple Watch Series 5 (Plus Fantasy Watch Draft Results)

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As the Vice President of Human Interface Design at Apple, Alan Dye is somebody who shapes the path a considerable lot of us utilize our computerized gadgets consistently. You may think about what that title implies, precisely, yet it’s in reality lovely direct: From the MacBook Pro I’m composing this on, to the iPhone sitting around my work area and the new Apple Watch on my wrist (it felt proper to wear it today), Alan is accountable for sorting out precisely how I ought to communicate with the screens and keys that associate me to the world. Without a doubt, that is somewhat of a misrepresentation, yet you get the point.

The day after the Apple Watch Series 5 was declared a month ago in Cupertino, California, I had a chance to plunk down with Alan at Apple Park to discuss the most recent age watch, how he sees the Watch developing and coming into its own, and what remarkable plan difficulties the Apple Watch presents. Alan’s a watch fellow himself ( similar to some different people at Apple ), so we additionally  get into the horological motivations present in watchOS and how the Apple Watch has started greater discussions about watches in the 21st century. This discussion was an impact and I’ve been on edge to impart it to you all.

Alan Dye, Apple Vice President of Human Interface Design.

Before that however, I plunked down with Jack, our most ingrained Apple Watch wearer , to perceive how the Series 5 is treating him up until now. It’s been around fourteen days since he lashed his on interestingly, and, as should be obvious, it hasn’t left his wrist since. I previously shared my considerations on the Series 5 with all of you , so I figured it was time we get another viewpoint. Spoiler alert: Jack’s into it. 

And you’re not going to need to remove of this one early. To polish things off, Gray and I uncover the consequences of the 2019 HODINKEE Radio Watch Collection Fantasy Draft . Who won the crowd survey? You’ll need to tune in to discover. Notwithstanding declaring the victor, we additionally recap the draft everywhere and feature the absolute most significant picks. Things get a little goofy –you’ve been warned.

We trust you appreciate Episode 60 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes beneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

Just 24 hours in the wake of showing it off to the world, Alan was (shock!) wearing an Apple Watch Series 5. However, it’s his specific styling decisions that I truly appreciate here. For one thing, he has the white ceramic Apple Watch Edition, rather than one of the metal choices, and he has it combined with the coordinating white silicone Sport Band. It’s a smooth, cool look, and I’d say he’s pulling it off beautiful darn well. As you’ll hear in the scene, Alan’s a major enthusiast of the California watch face ( one that I likewise love ) and in this photograph he has it delivered in the dim on-white colorway with his monogram at 12 o’clock and his Activity Rings at six o’clock. This balance of clean plan and admittance to data is right on the money for me, and I figure I may need to give this arrangement a go myself…

Show Notes


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