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HODINKEE Radio Episode 66: HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5, And Bringing Back Om Malik

Radio Episode 66: Magazine, Volume 5, And Bringing Back Om Malik

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It’s been a really huge week here at HODINKEE HQ. Our companions in the HODINKEE Shop turned into an approved retailer for Omega and opened an Omega spring up shop in SoHo, New York , a couple of us bounced a trip to Tokyo to plan for the dispatch of HODINKEE.jp , and we likewise delivered Volume 5 of the HODINKEE Magazine . We likewise dropped this , this , and this . Like I said – huge week.

We figured it is enjoyable to carry Jon and Jack into the studio however and to give you each of the an inside gander at Volume 5 of the HODINKEE Magazine. We’ve been dealing with a portion of the tales inside since before Volume 4 was off the presses and it truly shows, on the off chance that I may say so myself. The three of us talk about the tales we created ourselves, giving you a brief look into how a story goes from a contribute a gathering to a completely detailed, shot, and planned magazine piece, just as the epic main story wrote by our associate Cole Pennington . We’re quite amped up for Volume 5 and I figure you can hear it in our voices.

Om Malik. (Photograph: Chris Michel )

But there’s additional. Of the handfuls and many visitors we’ve had on HODINKEE Radio, Om Malik is among those for whom we get steady demands for another scene. Indeed, I’m glad to say that the opportunity has at last arrived and Om is back! On the off chance that you haven’t tuned in to his unique scene, which was only our fourth, you should give it a look and tune in here . James and I plunked down with Om at the last part of the late spring in San Francisco and, similarly as with most discussion with Om, we covered a lot of subjects, from design to watches to the idea of gathering itself.

We trust you appreciate Episode 66 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

Lately, Om has been paring his watch assortment back, cutting back the excess as it were. He’s been disposing of watches that he just wears every so often, liking to have fewer pieces that he wears and appreciates consistently. The watch that has become the anchor of his engaged assortment is the Grand Seiko SBGR301. Om likes the watch’s straightforwardness and the way that it’s not difficult to wear, yet additionally that it’s a watch that conceals a huge load of detail for those willing to set aside the effort to look. The completing of the hands, the shine of great importance markers, and the manner in which the case embraces the wrist are on the whole excellent, making an apparently fundamental watch something considerably more than that.

Show Notes

The HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5

The Watch That Came In From The Cold

Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman

The Death of Truth

Lizzo: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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