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HODINKEE Radio Episode 83: Horological Homecomings, The Habrings, And The Work From Home Watch

Radio Episode 83: Horological Homecomings, The Habrings, And The Work From Home Watch

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We’re back, and we haven’t overlooked anything! This week, we have a truly fun show for you, with three assorted fragments. First up, we have the main HODINKEE Radio section recorded in our new virtual studio (i.e., one of those video visit applications we’re all living in nowadays). Somewhat more than a month prior, Cole gave a standing-room-just talk at the Horological Society of New York called “Horological Homecoming: The Hidden History of WWII Watches.” It was about an assortment of watches worn by fighters during World War II and how, almost 80 years after the fact, he’s attempting to restore those watches to their proprietors’ relatives utilizing minimal more than the pieces of information engraved on their casebacks. Cole enlightens me regarding how he got fixated on this venture, the essentials of WWII watches, two of the path he’s followed as far as possible, and why he thinks this activity matters in any case.

After that, we have a discussion that our editorial manager in-boss, Jack Forster, recorded a short time back with Richard and Maria Habring, the couple team that makes up Habring². Things clearly get somewhat specialized (this is Jack bantering with a couple of watchmakers we’re discussing here), however their visit additionally incorporates some incredible bits of knowledge into the more modest, more close to home side of the watch business. It helps that Richard and Maria are two of the most delightful individuals you’ll at any point meet and that they’re similarly enthusiastic about making truly intriguing watches.

Last up, we have our most current HODINKEE supervisor, Danny Milton, making his HODINKEE Radio presentation (you would be advised to show him some affection down in the comments!). With everybody in group HODINKEE working distantly, the inquiry “What’s your work from home watch today?” has been flying around our company Slack channels a great deal. This got Danny contemplating the delights of wearing a watch only for oneself and what he’s found out about watches that will stay with him long after this odd stretch has passed.

We trust you appreciate Episode 83 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes beneath, and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Show Notes


Exploring The Hidden History Of World War II Watches At The Horological Society Of New York


Budget Watch Collection Fantasy Draft 2020


99% Invisible


WWII Weekend


Bringing World War II Watches Back Home


HSNY Website




JosephThaddeus Winnerl


Habring Time Only (2004)


Jumping Second Pilot (2005)


Jumping Second (2007)


Foudroyante Felix


HABRING² Felix Line


The Habring² Perpetual-Doppel, A New Perpetual Calendar Rattrapante Chronograph

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