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HODINKEE Radio Episode 84: 'Watch Madness' Talking Watches Tournament 2020 Preview

Radio Episode 84: ‘Watch Madness’ Talking Watches Tournament 2020 Preview

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You realize we love an ordinary, competition here on HODINKEE Radio, and it seems like all of you do as well. Reaction to our two dream drafts (which you can see here and here ) has been unfathomable, so we chose to accomplish something much greater. For the following not many weeks on HODINKEE, you’ll be seeing posts marked “Watch Madness.” With no basketball or sports of any note to watch on TV these days, we’re giving you another thing to pull for: Talking Watches scenes. They’ve been isolated out into a competition style bracket, and you’ll will decide on straight on matchups until a last victor is delegated later this month.

We’ll distribute the full dispatch post for Watch Madness sometime in the afternoon, yet since this whole undertaking is tied in with bursting sweltering takes, we figured it is enjoyable to get a group of HODINKEE editors and makers on-mic to offer you a little review. We have the OG Talking Watches team, Ben and Will, who facilitated and created the absolute first scene path back in 2013; we have Talking Watches hosts and enthusiasts James and Cara; and afterward you have me. You’re left with me – sorry. 

The Bracket

While this scene commences with some thinking back about the sources of Talking Watches, a portion of our #1 shoot minutes, and a touch of HODINKEE legend, we additionally separate Watch Madness 2020 for you, matchup by matchup. How might the engaged assortment of Aziz Ansari charge against the more diverse assortment of Wei Koh ? With regards to conceived gatherers, will Matt Jacobson or Todd Levin advance out of the first round? Furthermore, the inquiry you’ve all been posing: Could Gary Shteyngart sub in for Andre Iguodala in the NBA Finals?

Be sure to look at the show notes underneath for all the connections you’ll require to get casting a ballot. Also, we need to hear your comments as well – let us know who you believe will make it all way, the dim ponies to keep an eye out for, and your number one watches from these 50-some-odd assortments. May the best authority win!

The First Round Matchups

(15:40) Aziz Ansari versus Wei Koh

(18:20) José Bautista versus Daniel Dae Kim

(23:10) Reza Ali Rashidian versus Brad Farmerie

(25:47) Dan White versus Jeff Stein

(27:50) Spike Feresten versus Greg Norman

(32:06) Mario Andretti versus Jack Nicklaus

(36:00) Tony Fadell versus John Mayer 2

(38:40) Shuhei Nishiguchi versus Jason Singer

(40:30) Moki Martin versus Roni Madhvani

(43:04) Ahmed Rahman versus René Beyer

(46:23) Don McLean versus Morgan King

(49:40) Howie Kendrick versus David Robinson

(53:00) Jonathan Ward versus Bethenny Frankel

(56:09) David Williams versus Phil Toledano

(58:45) Pras 2 versus Roger Smith

(1:01:30) Mark Haddawy versus Alton Brown

(1:04:30) William Massena versus Fred Savage

(1:06:00) Todd Levin versus Matt Jacobson

(1:08:45) Raúl de Molina versus Josh Bernstein

(1:10:15) Gary Shteyngart versus Andre Iguodala

(1:14:00) John Edelman versus Keegan Allen

Show Notes


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