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HODINKEE Radio Episode 85: Howie Kendrick & Revisiting The Tudor Black Bay GMT

adio Episode 85: Howie Kendrick & Revisiting The Tudor Black Bay GMT

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We’re overly energized for this present week to bring back a HODINKEE fan-top choice (and somebody I’m constantly eager to converse with), Mr. Howie Kendrick. At the point when we recorded Talking Watches with Howie back in the late spring of 2016, he was playing a respectable halfway point for the Los Angeles Dodgers, however by the 2018 season, he had gotten the nation over to carry out his specialty with the Washington Nationals. A year ago, he had a remarkable postseason, driving his group to triumph with an epic extra-innings fabulous pummel (just the second in Major League Baseball history) in the NLDS and a World Series-winning grand slam in Game Seven against the Houston Astros.

Since we last addressed him however, Howie has likewise added some executioner pieces to his watch assortment (a couple with World Series associations as well) and has advanced as an authority and fan. Will and I visit with him about everything from baseball to his number one Nautilus references to his cameras of decision (he’s an inconceivable picture taker, as though being an incredible baseball player wasn’t sufficient). Howie is one of those folks who simply overflows inspiration and energy, and I realize you will cherish our conversation.

Before that however, I associated with James up in Toronto (through Zoom, obviously) to record our absolute initial A Week On The Wrist: Revisited. In August 2018, we dropped what is as yet one of my number one HODINKEE surveys ever, James’ inside and out gander at the Tudor Black Bay GMT . Presently, with us all yearning to travel, it seemed like as great a period as any to think back and get somewhat of an in the background see what went into that survey, just as find out about how James’ considerations on the watch and its spot in the market have changed from that point forward. We likewise visit somewhat about Watch Madness , however I will not ruin any of that here…

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We trust you appreciate Episode 85 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath, and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

One of the incredible things about Howie as a gatherer is that he’s into a wide range of watches. From vintage Subs to current Nautilus and everything in the middle. One of the more elusive watches that he’s bought as of late is this Seiko M726 plunge watch, a crazy mid 90s take on an innovative jump computer that you could wear each day. He purchased his on eBay with the first tie, box, and papers (obviously), yet he’s been wearing it on a material tie to make it somewhat more refined. A watch doesn’t need to be costly to be great – and here’s an update why.

Show Notes

The 2020 HODINKEE Talking Watches Tournament

The Tudor Black Bay GMT

First Take: Black Bay GMT

Doxa Sub 750T GMT

Howie Kendrick 2019 MLB Postseason Highlights 

How ‘Child Shark’ Became The Washington Nationals’ Unofficial Anthem

Talking Watches With Howie Kendrick

Patek Philippe 5726

Nomos Tangomat GMT

Howie’s Seiko M726


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