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HODINKEE Radio Episode 86: Gary Shteyngart & Danny's Talking Watches Highlights

Radio Episode 86: Gary Shteyngart & Danny’s Talking Watches Highlights

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We’re going practically right back to the start of HODINKEE Radio this week. Our visitor is creator and watch enthusiast Gary Shteyngart, who you may recall as the star of Episode 2 (and as a top choice in the Watch Madness Talking Watches competition for his untouched extraordinary scene ). Self-separating during a pandemic seemed like the ideal pardon to get two profoundly masochist folks on-mic to discuss how their individual isolates are going, how they’re doing occupy themselves, and the job that watches can play on the whole of this. We additionally talk about Gary’s most recent story for The New Yorker and the watches that he’s additional to his assortment since we keep going had him on the ‘dink. There are not many individuals who can adjust gravity and levity like Gary, and, talking actually, this was only the discussion I required as we wrapped up last week.

Oh, however there’s additional! Our most current proofreader, Danny Milton, has been en fuego recently, distributing executioner story after executioner story from the comforts of his folks’ home in Washington, D.C. There’s an extraordinary story about his first watch , a Submariner passed down from his granddad, and afterward a report about some wild Patek Philippe watches hitting the sale block in Hong Kong. 

We talk about those, however the genuine explanation I needed to visit with Danny this week is Watch Madness. When you’re hearing this, we’ll be in the Elite 8 phase of the competition, and the matchups are getting more tight and more tight. Everybody in Team HODINKEE has their number one TW minutes, however I needed to catch wind of Danny’s since he actually recollects the times of simply being a fan, watching the recordings with no of within data. We get into his features and why we both actually love the arrangement, even subsequent to watching the scenes innumerable times.

And, to polish off the scene, we have a tale about work from home watches from Jason Heaton. As somebody who’s accustomed to getting out into the world, the subject of remaining at home is unquestionably a major difference in speed for Jason, at the same time, as he clarifies, his watches are a decent token of the multitude of incredible experiences that were had – and the number of are still left to be had too.

We trust you appreciate Episode 86 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath, and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

When it comes to steel sport watches from Patek Philippe, the Nautilus gets the majority of the consideration. Nonetheless, in case you’re resting on the Aquanaut, you’re passing up a major opportunity. A few people laugh at the Aquanaut as a watered-down form of the Genta unique (in the event that you’ll exculpate the joke), however I’d contend those individuals are seeing things all off-base. Gary concurs. We’ve both come around on the Aquanaut in the wake of beginning as cynics, and he set some things in motion, adding this ref. 5167/1A on a wristband to his assortment a year ago. This is one of the more recondite current Pateks, however it likewise may be truly outstanding. Gary appreciates wearing his while he’s swimming and thinks the watch truly dominates with a foot or two of water among it and the sparkling sun. 

Show Notes

My First Watch

The ‘Titanium And Ruby’ Patek Philippe Collection

Talking Watches With Matt Jacobson

Sotheby’s Titanium Collection

Watch Madness

Talking Watches With John Mayer

Talking Watches With Alton Brown

Talking Watches With Gary Shteyngart

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Talking Watches With John Mayer, Pt 2

IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition HODINKEE

Talking Watches With Spike Feresten

Talking Watches With Keegan Allen

Talking Watches With Roger Smith

Stephen’s Grand Seiko 56GS

Wrist Check


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