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HODINKEE Radio Episode 92: A Grand Seiko Collectors' Roundtable

Radio Episode 92: A Grand Seiko Collectors’ Roundtable

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Anyone who’s been engaged with watch gathering for any genuine timeframe will realize that there are incalculable subcultures and subcategories of gathering, each with their own unique characteristics, their own particular manners of talking about things, and their own ceaseless fixations. Quite possibly the most energetic gatherings of authorities taking all things together of watch excitement, however, is the Grand Seiko community, so we chose to collaborate with Grand Seiko again and plunk down with the absolute most enthusiastic Grand Seiko gatherers on the planet to discuss what makes these watches so unique and why these three gentlemen are so enchanted by them.

Now, as a Grand Seiko darling and gatherer myself, I’m fortunate to call these three people companions, so I was energized when we had the option to arrange the coordinations and get JP Vicente , Stefan Molin , and Daniel Yong all on the line from Florida, Sweden, and Australia to talk everything Grand Seiko. In the event that these names sound natural to you, this is on the grounds that these are the three individuals we included in our arrangement of Grand Seiko Collector Profiles a year ago. In the event that you haven’t looked at those yet, make certain to give them a take care of the episode. Whether you’re a stalwart Grand Seiko darling yourself or an all out fledgling with regards to the particularly Japanese watchmaker, there’s a ton to adore in this scene, and I think it portrays the changed manners by which watches can make our lives simply that tad better.

We trust you appreciate Episode 92 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath, and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

As you’d expect, JP, Stefan, and Daniel each welcomed some genuine warmth on their wrists. During our call, Stefan was brandishing a vintage Grand Seiko reference 5645-8000 in strong 18k yellow gold with a coordinating 18k gold arm band. This adaptation of the 56GS is especially uncommon, and the wristband requires change by a goldsmith (no effectively removable connections), yet it merited the difficulty for Stefan. It took him four years to persuade a companion in Tokyo to sell him the watch and an additional four years to at long last choose estimating and to get it changed. In any case, simply take a gander at it. Wow.

JP was shaking one of my #1 current Grand Seiko watches, the SBGA413, otherwise called the Shunbun or the Spring restricted release. It’s essential for a bunch of four watches delivered only for the US market to praise the four seasons, and this one has a titanium case and wristband, a Spring Drive development, and a shocking light pink dial motivated by Japan’s popular cherry blooms. JP purchased the watch on his last outing to Japan to commemorate his visit to the Grand Seiko fabricate in Shiojiri, and it’s been getting a huge load of wrist time ever since.

Finally, Daniel chose to wear his SBGK007, another cutting edge exemplary and a HODINKEE group top choice ( I’m taking a gander at you, Cole ). Daniel enjoys that the watch encapsulates a great deal of exemplary Grand Seiko characteristics, while likewise having something somewhat out of control about it with the unbalanced design. As he says it, “it’s a steady suggestion to scrutinize what’s viewed as typical and that it’s absolutely cool to appear as something else.” I was unable to have said it better myself.

Show Notes

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