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Raven Venture Dive Watch Review

Raven Venture Dive Watch Review

I consistently believe it to be an uncommon and monstrously important open door at whatever point I find the opportunity to associate with devoted brand proprietors anxious to flaunt their items. Truth be told, there’s nothing better than feeling the complete thought of an item at last “clicking” in the wake of seeing the relentlessness and determination of the people committed to creating something new – particularly if we’re discussing miniature brands. This was actually important for the experience not long after gathering with Steve Laughlin of Raven Watches for an opportunity to review the Raven Venture during an astounding day in Manhattan the previous fall. It’s a watch that, shockingly, failed to help me in photographs. Be that as it may, subsequent to finding out about Laughlin’s vision for the watch, investing energy with it, and finding how far more modest brands can stretch the boundaries of fit and completing, I turned into a devotee of this stout dive watch chock-brimming with personality.

Raven has been there since the start of the miniature brand adventure and this previous year has truly indicated that Laughlin is anxious to deliver however many models as could be expected under the circumstances while hanging out in this packed market. As it were, the Raven Venture was initially planned as such a 42mm replacement to the Raven Trekker, which we assessed a year ago . In any case, in the wake of understanding that few of the plan characteristics wouldn’t fundamentally interpret well in a bigger case, plans for another assortment were immediately drafted. The outcome is a watch that I feel would be ideal for esteem cognizant watch aficionados, however people that are interested about the leisure activity, yet anxious to discover however much incentive as could reasonably be expected in an item estimated under $1,000.


The Raven Venture’s heave is quickly obvious and a lot of this is because of the durable 42mm treated steel case. This specific model is delivered in brushed 316L treated steel, yet Raven additionally offers a completely sand-impacted adaptation that gives a more quieted, nearly titanium-like shading tone. It’s likewise an extremely pleased case, implying that while it doesn’t really wear tall at 12.5mm thick (same thickness as an advanced Rolex Submariner ), its quality is unquestionably felt. This isn’t one of those “under the cuff” watches, however it isn’t intended to be and the recognizable case shape will be more than fulfilling for anybody looking for a “adventure watch.”

There’s additionally a lot of detail that’s predictable along parts like the 7.5mm screw-down crown and the unidirectional dive bezel with its matte artistic supplement. Collaborating with these components yields a positive reaction, and that sort of material fulfillment is frequently uncommon in this sub-$1,000 domain. The brushing is fresh and meets at forcefully highlighted case corners and the hauls bend and contort somewhat to help a comfortable fit. It’s additionally significant how well the leeway was determined for a portion of these components that sit so flush with one another. The case estimates 50mm drag to-carry, has a haul width of 20mm, and takes into consideration 300m of water resistance.


Quite a couple of individuals will rapidly perceive that the Raven Venture dial acquires a lot of plan motivation from the Tudor Heritage Ranger . The trademark 3, 6, 9 design decorates a huge part of visual space while serving to upgrade neatness. Raven likewise fused a comparative snake head hour hand that’s proportional in comparison to the basic moment hand. Both are of a satisfactory length and blend well in with the brilliant orange lance tip seconds hand. At around 4:30 we likewise get a date window opening. It by and by didn’t trouble me much and fortunately, Steve decided to work with a coordinating date wheel.

Another fun component is the 12 o’clock hour marker, which nearly helps me to remember the “Big Triangle” Seamaster 300 models that have acquired prevalence lately. All the dial markings are sharp, professional, and simple to peruse because of the high differentiation configuration approach. To coordinate the vibe of the bezel, the dial is likewise produced in a matte completion. Be that as it may, odd bezel markings along with the irregular ’30’ at 6 o’clock can make it simple to forget about slipped by time. Later on, I’d like to see Raven refine these bezel markings and maybe significantly offer a couple of various inserts –like a 12-hour/second time region choice. Generally speaking, the dial is fulfilling to interface with and the Super-LumiNova applied all through is a genuine treat.


A significant watch like the Venture needs a generous arm band and this is one of the additionally intriguing assortments I’ve found in the miniature brand space. Every single connection is strong, brushed treated steel and the end joins themselves are strong also. It conveys an exceptional vibe that has truly recently driven me to try not to change ties altogether –I’d nearly feel as though the watch would be incomplete without the arm band. So while the 22mm drag width would function admirably with a scope of lashes, I think the arm band offers the best wearing experience and keeps the general feel of the watch exceptionally adjusted. For much more added comfort, Raven designed a thick catch complete with a tightening dive extension.

The catch is of the two-button assortment with a good activity that has a sense of safety when shut. It includes a cool Raven logo and didn’t truly get such a large number of scratches during my survey period. The catch is anyway on the thicker side and I’m practically still astounded by the amount it stands free from the wrist. While this could be expected to the inherent tightening system, I’m sure there could be an approach to address the issue in future models. Truly, except if I was composing ceaselessly at my work area, I didn’t notice it. However, in the event that you’re the sort to dodge however much mass as could be expected, this might be a watch to avoid. All things considered, the arm band does likewise have a pleasant shape to its plan and this was useful when the watch was tied to my 7.25″ wrist.


The Raven Venture, I accept, is one of the primary models from Raven to highlight the ETA-2824 programmed development. I’m sure it’s a beautiful rest inciting alternative for in excess of a couple of watch nuts, yet by and by, I think it’s ideal for those looking for availability. Additionally, the entire “Swiss-made” thing isn’t even strutted on the dial and at the cost, I think this element adds a huge load of significant worth. This truly is a low upkeep watch, however one that is really worth adjusting and keeping up for a lifetime.

The model I was depended with just lost a couple of moments for each day and everything was smooth to work through the pleasant, grippy crown. Much like some other standard ETA, the development works at 28,800 bph, has a 40-hour power hold, and is fit for hacking and hand-winding. A strong, screw-down caseback keeps everything covered up and completes the bundle. As far as anyone is concerned, Raven likewise directs and investigates these in-house, yet it’s indistinct if the training is carried on for the remainder of their models.


Overall I think this is one of the more grounded miniature brand models out there close by watches like the Orion Calamity . The unshakable case and arm band development along with a demonstrated development makes for a watch that makes certain to take care of business; particularly if you’re the sort of individual that’ll truly put it under serious scrutiny. Truth be told, I think this is as yet probably the best worth if you’re searching for an ETA-prepared diver. As of now, stock numbers for the Raven Venture are low, yet Laughlin has just embarked to deliver the Venture II, which is likewise accessible for pre-request. The original model tried here is evaluated at $650 and it appears as though the fresher models will likewise convey a similar cost tag.  ravenwatches.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Raven

>Model: Venture

>Price: $650

>Size: 42mm

>Would analyst actually wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone searching for a definitive “dad watch” that isn’t keen on spending more than $1,000.

>Best normal for watch: The put-togetherness accomplished between the case and arm band alongside the excessively decipherable Ranger-propelled matte dial.

>Worst normal for watch: Bezel markings are a little wonky and the catch thickness can be shaved down truly a bit.