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Recommended Reading What Happens When You're 'Too Annoying' To Become Swiss

Recommended Reading What Happens When You’re ‘Too Annoying’ To Become Swiss

Way back in January 2017, various global distributions began giving an account of the tale of a 42-year-old, would-be Swiss lady named Nancy Holten ( The Atlantic did an especially great job here). By “would-be Swiss” I imply that she is Dutch by birth, had lived in Switzerland since she was a little kid, brought her family up in Switzerland, and was at long last endeavoring to become a naturalized Swiss resident. Nonetheless, because of an old fashioned law that permits community individuals to decide on whether their neighbors’ applications for citizenship are affirmed, Holten was denied her citizenship on different occasions. The explanation? They discovered her to be “too annoying.”

I will not ruin the scene to an extreme, however at the very least Holten has a ton of solid conclusions and isn’t modest about sharing them, in any event, when they negate the customs of the little town she calls home. Radiolab correspondent and maker Kelly Primer jumped a trip to Zürich and took the short drive to the town of Gipf-Oberfrick to get to the lower part of things. She talks with Holten and her neighbors trying to comprehend what occurred with Holten’s citizenship refusal, yet additionally what this case can enlighten us regarding a changing Switzerland and how they’re managing it.

Listen to the full Radiolab scene here.

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