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Retailer Spotlight Davis Jewelers In Louisville, KY, And Moyer Fine Jewelers In Carmel, IN

Retailer Spotlight Davis Jewelers In Louisville, KY, And Moyer Fine Jewelers In Carmel, IN

This week, we’re investigating retailers in Kentucky and Indiana that have been worked over a long time with a solid spotlight on the nearby community. Through occasions zeroed in on the area, similar to’s “Moyer Pro-Am Golf Tournament” and Davis’ nearby watch club, these retailers assume an indispensable part in keeping the energy around horology always developing. Peruse on the realize how else they’re doing help people experience passionate feelings for watches. 

Davis Jewelers In Louisville, Kentucky

Everybody has a creation story, what is yours?

Our creation story really started when Hank Davis, our leader and CEO, decided to come into the privately-owned company in 1979 in the wake of moving on from the University of Louisville School of Business. At that point called Davis & Sons, it was a greater amount of an upscale pawn and outdoor supplies business with a little gems division, with which Hank immediately became enamored. 

Owners Ashley Davis Sigman and Hank Davis

Since Hank’s dad, Skip, had no conventional information on the precious stone or adornments business, Hank’s vision for the fate of the store persuaded him to gain proficiency with the business all alone. In the wake of going to his first gems show, Hank’s premium was expanded ten times – he was committed to learning however much as could reasonably be expected about the intriguing universe of adornments. It wasn’t some time before he started to purchase “new” gems for the store.

To spare the gritty details, Hank started adding grandstands a few years as the adornments side of the business developed, moving Hank’s most current dream: to rebuild the business office all around. As a component of this change, Hank assumed control over a segment of the structure recently utilized as a distribution center and revamped it as a different adornments business, living adjoining the pawned gems and outdoor supplies store.

Hank’s journey for information and development didn’t stop with building a great new office. He was welcome to join a gems the board/peer gathering to additional his comprehension of the business. The gathering met double a year to examine the individuals’ organizations. Through this interaction, Hank’s mastery developed to the point that his family had the option to strip itself of the outdoor supplies business. Hank sold the non-adornments sections of the business to prepare for a store that could flaunt more than 40 features gems and watches.

Although the watches Davis & Sons conveyed around then were generally passage level like Pulsar, Seiko, Seiko LaSalle, Bulova, Longines, Wittnauer, and Bertolucci, Hank’s advantage advanced with his adornments business.

Hank’s business acquired energy. By 2000, he had bought 1.3 sections of land in developing East Louisville and kicked things off to fabricate a 8,500 square foot first-of-its-sort extravagance adornments store to give Louisvillians a phenomenal gems purchasing experience. In 2001, Davis Jewelers was born.

In building the store, Hank made a commitment: convey the best brands, have the best determination, and make an unrivaled shopping experience. It was this commitment that compelled Hank to go to his first Basel show. Today, Davis flaunts brands like Rolex, Tudor, TAG Heuer, Longines, Oris, and Grand Seiko. From the get-go in the new store’s life, Davis conveyed brands like Citizen, Maurice Lacroix, Baume & Mercier, Gucci, Ebel, and Movado. 

Seven years prior, Hank employed a Sales Associate, Cory, whose past experience was principally in men’s attire. Cory, like Hank right off the bat in his profession, immediately showed an interest in watches. As Cory’s information base developed, he started attempting to develop Davis Jewelers’ watch determination, in the long run becoming the Timepiece Manager.

How has Davis Jewelers been supporting the watch community?

Davis Jewelers is the go-to watch objective in Louisville. We have encouraged a climate of energy and enthusiasm for watch gathering. From facilitating occasions, looking for upcoming and head watch brands, and beginning a watch club, we completely embrace the watch community. 

Chef Josh Moore, victor of Chopped on Food Network, Ashley Davis Sigman, and the University of Louisville’s b-ball 2013 NCAA MVP and Davis Jewelers representative, Luke Hancock.

We need individuals to feel comfortable coming to us for guidance for anything watch-related. We have a warm, receptive staff – regardless of whether a visitor needs to talk about watch patterns with Hank and Cory or utilize our best in class watch administration focus, we have confidence in causing everybody to feel like family. Nothing is more fulfilling than being a piece of somebody’s first watch buy and having the opportunity to watch their insight and assortment develop from there.

Our counsel to visitors is to look for the watches that address them. We are not here to sell them something we like, however what will be a piece they will appreciate for a lifetime. We are not occupied with selling pieces individuals like – rather, pieces they love. The energy and bliss somebody encounters from choosing a watch they love is infectious. That is the thing that it’s all about.

What watches do you convey that people ought to be focusing on this moment?

We feel that the entirety of our watch lines merit consideration and have pieces that are sought after. Our freshest and most blazing augmentations are Oris and Grand Seiko. Both offer incredible glances at an uncommon worth, and they likewise offer extraordinary restricted edition pieces. Having added those brands to our current setup, we feel glad and certain about our image grouping. We approach the absolute most sought after watches in the world! 

Oris Pro-Pilot X

From a style angle, game and legacy relaunch watches keep on being the hot pattern for men. Ladies are moving towards more generous sizes, water-safe watches, and precious stone pieces. 

What do you have some expertise in?

We represent considerable authority in a complete encounter. We believe we have the best grouping of watches (new and recently delighted in), deals staff, and watch administration focus in Kentucky. Our consideration, energy, and skill are genuinely unrivaled in this market, and it doesn’t stop once the exchange is complete. We put stock in agreeable extravagance. Comfort, information, and amicability all accompany our polished skill. Regardless of your financial plan or tastes, we need everybody to feel welcome. That is the thing that makes Davis Jewelers.

How might clients and those keen on buying a watch interface with you?

We like to meet visitors at their favored methodology of communication—telephone, text, email, social, video talk, face to face. Anybody can associate with us through our site , or Instagram , Facebook , or Twitter . Our physical store will probably open to in-store traffic on May 20. Meanwhile, we offer curbside administration and neighborhood conveyance. Text 502-212-0420 to begin the conversation.

Davis Jewelers

9901 Forest Green Blvd.

 Louisville, KY 40223

(502) 212-0420

Moyer Fine Jewelers In Carmel, Indiana

Everybody has a creation story. What's yours?

The story of Moyer Fine Jewelers is one of an original retailer set up by a diligent enthusiasm for creating connections, business, and opportunity. Dan Moyer made the store in 1979, yet the genuine history of the business begins before at that point. The business has experienced numerous means of advancement in the course of recent years to become what it is today, a main retailer of fine adornments and remarkable watches in the Midwest. 

Dan Moyer

As a young fellow with an enterprising brain in a working class childhood, Dan was continually searching for approaches to fabricate his future in business. In his local growing up, he would trim yards and do the common positions of that nature. Ultimately, a family companion in the discount business had an assortment of Native American gems which Dan had the option to buy and re-sell. This was another extraordinary chance for the youthful Dan Moyer which made a way to the idea of Moyer & Co. Fine Jewelers. 

Dan began selling the Native American turquoise and silver gems to his colleagues in secondary school. From that point, it transformed into selling gold chains and other gems at sorority local gatherings while going to Indiana University. He would likewise broaden credit extensions for his customers nearby, and cosmetologists additionally started to get the news out of Dan’s reputation. Dan was a money major at that point, and he was basically centered around paying his way through school. He immediately acknowledged he could transform this pleasant side hustle into a business instead of going into the financial business like a large number of his associates.

After graduating with his account degree in 1979, Dan chose to quit fooling around occupied with adornments. He found a retail space in organization with a nail salon for a couple of months close to his old neighborhood. A couple of months after the fact, he found a retail space with around 1,500 square feet to open an area.

Each day, he would place in hours considering the market, neighborhood corporate blessing possibilities, and his clients to ensure he did all that he could to augment openings. Dan developed each point of the activity starting from the earliest stage. Ultimately, he had the option to draw in incredible workers and top fashioner brands to sell in the store. Thus, this all made a flourishing association which would form into the store as far as we might be concerned today. The now-13,000 square foot display area is in Carmel, IN, and pretty much quickly, you can discover Dan at the store constantly working the business with his group guaranteeing it satisfies the elevated expectations set.

The watch side of the business has consistently been a huge part of Moyer Fine Jewelers. In the main year of the store, Moyer added Seiko and Seiko LaSalle as the primary watch brands. Quickly after, Moyer Fine Jewelers effectively followed other top brands like TAG Heuer, Baume & Mercier, and Chopard. In the 1990s, other huge names at the time like Girard-Perregaux and Vacheron Constantin were added to the division. Moyer had then assembled a standing as a main watch business for the Indianapolis region.

In 2006, Dan employed Bill O’Brien as an accomplished watch proficient who had more than 25 years in the watch business at that point. He had insight with the top brands, with his experience in overseeing and selling through approved vendors in the Los Angeles and Midwest areas. Bill realized how to sell watches, yet additionally had mastery in purchasing used watches and building watch assortments. Bill has effectively dealt with the division with his sharp watch information and capacity to interface with his customers.

Derek Klepper imagined center. 

Moyer Fine Jewelers’ watch division began to become a more critical watch destination. In 2012 Moyer recruited a salesman named Derek Krepper who immediately chose to zero in on the online business side of the business. He utilized his energy for advanced promoting to grow the selling limits outside of Indianapolis. Enthusiasts from adjoining states, all through the country, and even universally were presently ready to contact Moyer Fine Jewelers to construct a relationship in purchasing and selling watches. As of late they have added another skilled watch proficient, Scott Poisel, who absolutely needs a notice as he has worked close by Bill and Derek in raising the watch business both on the web and coming up.

Dan and his group have cooperated to combine their energy and build up the watch business year over year into a substantially more critical watch store. This eagerness for watches has become present all through the group and has made an intriguing watch culture. Alongside the extraordinary gems business at the store, the watch division has developed throughout the most recent 40 years and has made Moyer Fine Jewelers a top watch retailer in the Midwest.

How has Moyer Fine Jewelers been supporting the watch community?

The roomy watch division includes a little more than twenty brands to investigate with seven of them being in-store boutiques. There is a parlor territory with a thoroughly stocked bar higher up which is extraordinary for social occasions and occasions. Consistently, Moyer makes instructive content and sends notices to supporters alongside customized messages to customers advising them regarding new deliveries and selective models.

The enormous display area at Moyer surely gives an extraordinary space to mingling and engaging. Makers and unique visitors will once in a while fly in to exhibit item or give compelling introductions in the office and higher up parlor. You will frequently discover a gathering of lovers having a specialty brew or glass of Japanese bourbon while talking for quite a long time on the condition of their assortment and the energizing new watch launches.

Buying and selling used watches addresses one of the additional energizing sections of the store for the Moyer watch community. The used segment normally includes between 100-200 rapidly diverting watches from a wide range of brands from producers like Audemars Piguet to Zodiac and everything in the middle. Moyer is continually looking for used item whether vintage or new and altogether value focuses. The used stock can likewise be discovered online through Moyer’s web based business presence. 

Moyer Pro-Am Golf Tournament

The Moyer Annual Watch Auction has raised assets to fly many Vietnam and World War II veterans on the mind boggling Honor Flight venture. The Honor Flight is a non-benefit which makes a once in a blue moon insight, where veterans are traveled to the dedications in Washington D.C. what’s more, back in one day and are given a thundering sincere welcome by an exercise center brimming with residents and friends and family to communicate appreciation for their military administrations. This is an incredible occasion the Moyer group and watch customers the same appreciate being a section of.

Moyer gives free watch batteries and watch measuring to anybody strolling through the entryway. As a trade-off for the free watch battery or estimating, Moyer keeps a discretionary gift box at the front counter. The gift box is assigned to a foundation Moyer works with over time like the American Cancer Society or the Humane Society. The community consistently appreciates this assistance, particularly when they can have a battery traded for nothing in that old “mixer” watch one final time before its end.

Grand Seiko Demonstration

Some other explicit occasions facilitated at Moyer with the watch community incorporate live exhibits with a Grand Seiko watch-creator, “Watchtoberfest” with an introduction from a perceived vintage master, and yearly race watch occasions during the period of the Indianapolis 500. Moyer has likewise raised more than $1 million for a nearby kid community known as St. Mary’s by facilitating the yearly Moyer Pro-Am Golf Tournament. The golf competition brings out long-term clients and welcomes the watch brands to support and take part.

These social and humanitarian occasions have consistently been vital to the Moyer group. The store is continually welcoming to watch devotees inside each class and appreciates being a piece of uniting various gatherers. Eventually, Moyer’s objective in the watch community is to give a satisfying encounter past the idea of buying or selling a watch.

What watches do you convey that people ought to be focusing on the present moment?

Moyer is pleased to be an approved seller for more than 20 brands, for example, IWC, Omega, Grand Seiko, Hublot, Norqain, Breitling, Chopard, Hamilton, TAG Heuer, Bell & Ross, Franck Muller, Zodiac, Michele, Citizen, Alpina, Carl F. Bucherer, Seiko Prospex and Presage, Swiss Army, Everest Straps, and obviously used looks as well. Moyer reliably attempts to comprehend what mark, regardless of whether enormous or little, can be added to the watch division and improve the experience for the Moyer clients. The latest features in the most recent year would be Norqain and Seiko Astron. But, Omega, IWC, Grand Seiko, Seiko, and Hublot have reliably been enormous players to watch out for the store. Generally speaking, the main brand for us is used watches. 

Norqain has been developing quickly as a little autonomous brand. Their plans are appealing and the incentive at their cost is on point. Their plan permits a custom etching on the case which functions admirably for corporate endowments and extraordinary events, for example, graduation or an anniversary.

Seiko Prospex, Presage, Astron, and Grand Seiko appear to be an incredibly hot line for pretty much every store who has them. It’s the same for Moyer, and they have immediately become critical brands at the store. The developments, the detail on the dial, and the general nature of any Seiko item right currently is extremely hard to compete with in consistent comparison.

Omega reliably has developed year over year with Moyer and has been getting heaps of consideration at the store. Certain center Speedmaster and Seamaster models are frequently hard to keep in stock. The restricted and uncommon editions like the ’57 Moonwatch and the James Bond styles are presumably the most energizing models to visit about with clients. It will be intriguing to check whether there will be an Apollo XIII piece this year.

Hublot has been taking some incredible actions with their new case plans and creative styling. The store has consistently been a major fanatic of their magnum opus complications. They make a pleasant edge to the watch office, and the Hublot show gets a ton of consideration. The new coordinated arm band Big Bang Integral will be one to watch out for this year, particularly with the attention on the 42mm case size.

IWC made a showcase in the a few years ago. The Moyer authorities principally float towards the Pilot arrangement models. It has been extraordinary to see the 41mm Pilot Chronographs acquire energy alongside the Spitfire editions. The upcoming 40mm Portugieser models will be something to watch out for as they discharge.

What do you represent considerable authority in?

Moyer Fine Jewelers centers around having the best conceivable determination of watches and gems in the Indianapolis zone and, eventually, the Midwest. The purchasing group is continually ensuring the top restricted pieces are on hand and the clients approach the moving item. Moyer may not be an approved vendor for the most celebrated brand or probably the most noteworthy dollar pieces, however it compensates for it with the wide scope of fascinating and energizing lines which are restrictive and can be valued on a similar level – also the used segment, which includes that most renowned brand along other large names and elusive pieces.

The Moyer team

Ultimately associations with customers and incredible encounters are the way in to Moyer’s general achievement. The information on item, energy in offering quality support, and excitement to develop the business transmits through the store as it has since 1979. If you somehow managed to ask a Moyer client, it is Moyer’s expectation that an extraordinary encounter and relationship would be known as the main piece of the store’s specialization.

How could clients and those keen on buying a watch associate with you?

Through the wellbeing emergency, the store has needed to play it safe and kept the entryways shut for the initial 40 days. Recently, Indiana has permitted retail to open, accordingly the store is welcoming the individuals who might want to shop in person. Moyer Fine Jewelers is anxious and prepared to help in any computerized strategy, for example, video visit and messaging for the individuals who are uncomfortable shopping face to face or unfit to head out to the store. On the off chance that you do come to the store or do a video visit, simply kindly comprehend the Moyer group may in any case be past due for a hair style since the boutiques are still closed!

Shopping at Moyer

The group at Moyer Fine Jewelers can be arrived at effectively through different strategies relying upon how you like to shop. You can generally contact them through the site , the telephone at 1-800-99-MOYER, or messaging Online@MoyerFJ.com . If you might want to draw in over web-based media, you can by means of Facebook , YouTube , Moyer FJ Watches Instagram , the Moyer Fine Jewelers Instagram , and others. 

*Moyer will give free delivery and a special blessing on all orders through the current emergency.

Moyer Fine Jewelers

14727 Thatcher Ln.

 Carmel, IN 46032


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