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Retailer Spotlight de Boulle In Dallas, TX, And Richter & Phillips Jewelers In Cincinnati, OH

Retailer Spotlight de Boulle In Dallas, TX, And Richter & Phillips Jewelers In Cincinnati, OH

The retailers at the center of attention today have both cut out specialties for themselves. In Cincinnati, Richter & Phillips isn’t just taking into account, yet additionally creating a blossoming watch scene. As any HODINKEE reader knows, there’s a social perspective to our diversion. Indeed, even the current circumstance isn’t halting the social affairs, they’re simply online at this point. Richter & Phillips is driving a scene where it didn’t exist previously, and that is an uncommon situation to occupy. 

Down in Dallas and Houston, de Boulle is reliably pushing the scene ahead; they immediately turned into a set up power in the business. They also caused a situation where it didn’t beforehand exist, bringing various head horological makers to the Lone Star state. However, what shocked me is their mind blowing accomplishments in the domain of motorsports, with Nick Boulle having won the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. 

de Boulle in Dallas, Texas

Everybody has a creation story. What’s yours?

In the mid 1980s, Denis and Karen Boulle moved from England to start another life abroad together in Dallas, Texas, and seek after the American Dream. Their family name, Boulle, has since quite a while ago conveyed an energy for craftsmanship that traces all the way back to the 1700s. André Charles Boulle was known at the ideal opportunity for being “the most capable craftsman in Paris” and completed various imperial commissions, from Henri IV to Louis XV, just as for unfamiliar sovereigns, extraordinary aristocrats, government priests, and lenders the same. In like manner, Denis and Karen Boulle likewise shared an inborn energy for fine handcrafts, precious stones, and gems. From the earliest starting point, the English couple committed both their time and investment funds towards their fantasy about opening a fine precious stone and gems store.

In 1983, Denis and Karen transformed their fantasy into a reality. With the name that signifies “of Boulle,” they opened de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry in a little Dallas mall known as Snider Plaza. The couple would be one of the first to acquaint the city with a few extravagance watch brands and fine adornments assortments from everywhere the world, including the recorded Swiss watch brand Vacheron Constantin, the now incredibly famous Italian designer Bulgari, and the French brand Cartier.

Despite being newcomers to Dallas, Denis and Karen acquainted themselves with the zone, and all the more critically, individuals, working eagerly to become famous from the earliest starting point. De Boulle immediately turned into a gem specialist to be trusted. Little did the youthful couple know at the time that these connections would transform into enduring companionships and steadfast customers, who might in any case shop at de Boulle more than 30 years later. 

Photo: Costa Christ Media

The little retail business quickly advanced from offering a couple of fine stones to a custom gems activity that additionally offered extravagance watches and fine adornments assortments. Despite their developing accomplishment at that point, Denis and Karen review that they “would just remove a couple thousand dollars from the store every year – barely to squeeze by.” Still today, this act of returning all leftover resources for de Boulle proceeds as a core value. Inside a couple of years, the couple moved into another space simply a traffic light away from Highland Park Village. Like their first area, this space also was minuscule. Nonetheless, presently de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry was just a short distance from an extravagance shopping destination that is as yet known today for offering the most head designer shops in Texas. 

In mid 2001, after a lot more long periods of development, the couple decided to move de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry to its present area, a lot bigger structure involving first rate property on Dallas’ celebrated Preston Road. This memorable, unsupported structure had recently been a toy store, an eatery, and a bank — yet after much recreation, the almost 15,000-square-foot building was changed into the refined two-story, yellow French manor. The vision behind de Boulle’s widely perceived yellow manor is as clear today as when the principal area opened in 1983: provide clients with the world’s most chief assortment of fine adornments, extravagance watches, and flawless assistance, in a wonderful and cordial, family-like environment.

As of 2020, de Boulle has areas in both Dallas and Houston — each with its own renowned Patek Philippe display area — serving a great many clients from around the world.

How has de Boulle been supporting the watch community?

The company has consistently been amazingly energetic about watches and supporting the watch community. We have a profoundly prepared group devoted to meeting all watch solicitations, and we routinely have community occasions dedicated to watches. Our whole de Boulle group has been prepared in Switzerland to guarantee predictable client and quality fulfillment. This broad preparing has given our group a careful information on a wide assortment of watches. Also, we have a watchmaker, a vintage watch partner, and a gem dealer on staff to focus on our customers. Our vintage watch partner and our business relates additionally uphold the watch community by empowering trade-ins. Our group esteems being essential for the interaction of how one individual’s used watch becomes someone else’s fortune. “Trade-ins and used watches permit us to offer our clients the chance of purchasing the watch they had always wanted,” Nick Boulle says, “particularly if the watch is hard to track down new or out of a client’s cost range.”

Photo: Costa Christ Media

We additionally have numerous extraordinary watch occasions with the aim of uniting gatherers. A year ago, we facilitated a watch reasonable for feature the most recent appearances from Baselworld. Throughout the long term, we found that there are many divided interests among watch gatherers, vehicle fan, and fine wearing arm specialists. We have a yearly de Boulle Guys Night Out, which brings people from everywhere the world together for a night dedicated to watches, donning arms, extraordinary vehicles, stogies, and spirits. Similarly as we appreciate supporting the watch community, we likewise enjoy bringing gatherers of all foundations together at our display areas, just as facilitating offsite events.

What watches do you convey that people ought to be focusing on the present moment?

Today, de Boulle is an approved dealer for a tremendous choice of head extravagance watches, including Patek Philippe, Rolex, Tudor, Blancpain, Corum, Girard-Perregaux, and some more. For a much bigger determination and more assortment, de Boulle offers an expansive choice of used and vintage timepieces.

As one of the biggest approved Patek Philippe dealers with a background marked by more than 30 years,  and one of Dallas’ most striking authority Rolex Jewelers, we hold an uncommon spot in our souls for these two restrictive watch brands. “The energy and fervor that proceeds to develop and encompass both Rolex and Patek Philippe watches,” Denis Boulle says, “is not normal for anything we have at any point seen in more than 35 years of business.” 

Our history with Rolex started in the mid 1990s. All along, Rolex and de Boulle have had an exceptionally uncommon bond, endless supply of our common qualities and interests. On numerous occasions, these common qualities and interests have brought Rolex and de Boulle together in festival of a few exceptional minutes. From golf to motorsports, Rolex has consistently been effectively engaged with different renowned occasions around the globe, and de Boulle is appreciative to be included in so many of these occasions each year. 

In 2017, Denis and Karen Boulle’s child, Nick Boulle, made history by winning the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and becoming the first-since forever Rolex Jeweler to dominate this renowned race. “As though dominating this famous race and the notorious Cosmograph Daytona was sufficiently not, Rolex praised us with an unexpected ad in the paper,” Denis adds, “and we are as yet stunned, even three years later!”

Our association with Patek Philippe returns to 1989, making this relationship one of de Boulle’s longest-remaining to date. Denis Boulle refers to numerous significant common qualities between Patek Philippe and de Boulle. In particular, “the two companies,” Denis says, “are independent, family-claimed companies that combine custom and make progress toward development and perfection.” 

Over 20 years after the launch of de Boulle Diamond and Jewelry, Denis and Karen Boulle had the chance to grow to another city with Patek Philippe. In 2015, we opened our subsequent area including a display area completely dedicated to Patek Philippe in Houston. In contrast to our almost 15,000-square-foot, detached de Boulle area in Dallas, our subsequent area is a simple 1,800-square-foot salon situated in River Oaks District, an outside extravagance shopping and eating district.

More as of late, in 2019, we praised the kickoff of our recently revamped de Boulle store in Dallas. The redesign included the expansion of a 600-square-foot display area only dedicated to Patek Philippe. The display area includes a broad assortment of the world’s most enrapturing watches, shown among an open, coordinated floor plan and parlor.

Photo: Costa Christ Media

Patek Philippe and de Boulle share extraordinary minutes, for example, de Boulle’s Patek Philippe display area in Houston accepting the honor for being America’s Coolest Store as indicated by INSTORE Magazine. All the more as of late, Patek Philippe welcomed de Boulle and a limited handful steadfast customers to New York for a private visit through the Patek Philippe Manufacturing Headquarters. Patek Philippe treated de Boulle and our extraordinary visitors to active preparing in watchmaking and then some.

What do you have some expertise in?

There are many aspects of de Boulle Diamond and Jewelry that separate us from others. To begin, we are staggeringly glad for our long-standing and uncommon associations with the selective extravagance brands we convey. We are appreciative for every one of our brands’ reliability and backing over the years.

Photo: Costa Christ Media

Since the absolute starting point, Denis and Karen Boulle have been energetic about continually offering immaculate support of every one of our clients. Our fine jewel assortment has been curated over numerous years with an emphasis on style, quality, and long haul esteem. Likewise, we additionally center around guaranteeing that the experience of buying extravagance watches is consistently enlightening, fun, and rewarding. 

Another of Denis and Karen Boulle’s interests includes continually causing customers to feel comfortable and comfortable when visiting de Boulle. This has affected the design and stylistic theme of de Boulle areas. Our recently revamped leader store in Dallas exemplifies this objective of establishing a climate that rejuvenates our enthusiasm inside a lovely and agreeable, family-like climate more suggestive of a home than a retail location. Regardless of whether visiting the Dallas or Houston display area, visitors will see and feel hints of the de Boulle way of life around the store as a coffeehouse, comfortable seating zone, family photos, and the sky is the limit from there. One of our most energizing post-remodel augmentations includes the shocking Shelby-claimed, 1969 Aston Martin DBR-1 race vehicle. This vehicle may look recognizable to the individuals who have seen the film, Ford v Ferrari. The vehicle is the Aston Martin industrial facility made entertainment of the 1959 Le Mans-dominating race vehicle. To get the vehicle into the store, we needed to dismantle the front entryways of de Boulle, and the actual vehicle was dismantled to prepare for it to be wheeled through the fundamental passageway, with just millimeters to spare.

Photo: Costa Christ Media

From a youthful age, Nick Boulle has expertly hustled vehicles and partaken in races, for example, the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and Le Mans 24. With Denis and Nick’s energy for dashing, de Boulle Diamond and Jewelry began a motorsports group, de Boulle Motorsports. The de Boulle Motorsports group welcomes a portion of our most faithful customers to support Nick Boulle and the vehicle, allowing them the chance to go to renowned races around the globe and become part of history. Scratch’s 2017 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona winning prize, the second spot prize for the 2020 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, just as other post position prizes are largely in plain view as a necessary piece of the store’s décor.

Motorsports have additionally allowed us the chance to provide our customers with other extraordinary encounters. These encounters include facilitating vehicle shows, customer track days, and in any event, flying client base to Formula One races by personal luxury plane and helicopter around the same time as being engaged by our image accomplice, Holland & Holland. Of note, Holland & Holland, a Chanel-possessed, London-based gunmaker, known for making the world’s best bespoke shotguns and rifles for use in field sports, involves the second level of our Dallas’ store. This gunroom is just one of two Holland & Holland areas on the planet. Numerous visitors have referenced that the chance to visit a fine adornments and watch store that likewise offers a portion of the world’s best donning arms is genuinely an unequaled experience. 

How could clients and those keen on buying a watch interface with you?

Photo: Costa Christ Media

Due to the new COVID-19 flare-up, both our Dallas and Houston in-store activities are incidentally waiting. In spite of the fact that we are pitiful that we can’t welcome you into our stores, if it’s not too much trouble, realize that we stay at your administration and anticipate proceeding to serve clients through our site and other online stages. Clients can likewise interface with us through calls, text informing, messages, and web-based media. Upon demand, we will likewise offer computerized photos and videos of our products. 

Richter & Phillips Jewelers in Cincinnati, Ohio

Everybody has a creation story. What’s yours?

Being around for more than 124 years now, it is difficult to rapidly return as expected. Since our commencement, Richter & Phillips Jewelers has offered various things and administrations to our clients. Our first display area offered gems, precious stones, watches, and giftware, while sales reps likewise ventured to every part of the country with huge trunks of product, offering to other adornments companies. The index business was top dog – mail-order inventories were sent nationwide, including everything from watches, gems, giftware, gear, satchels, prizes, plaques, timekeepers, electrical machines, outdoor supplies, instruments, dolls, and toys. Regardless of whether you needed a jewel or a toaster oven, we were your go-to provider. 

Our unique proprietorship bunch had to petition for financial protection during the Great Depression. When that occurred, Frederick W. Fehr, Sr., a voyaging jewel sales rep working for an alternate company, took his free precious stones to the second National Bank. There, they lent him the cash needed to purchase the store and keep it open. Over the course of the following not many years, Mr. Fehr purchased out every single excess stockholder, making us a family-possessed business.

Thereafter, Frederick W. Fehr, Sr’s. child, Fred, started working at the store. Fred’s children, Rick and Art, gotten the third era, and in 2016, Rick’s child Eric joined, denoting the fourth era to possess and work Richter & Phillips Jewelers.

While our set of experiences has been rich and assorted, watches and watchmaking have consistently been a piece of our story. During the 1950s, we had four watchmakers on staff who could dismantle and assemble back any watch. We likewise had our own watch image, trademarked “Luzerne Watches.”

For the most recent a very long while, we have zeroed in chiefly on watches and precious stones. After long being known as the city’s head free precious stone and wedding band provider, our turning point in the watch business occurred through our organization with Rolex in 1997. Rolex complemented our image and legacy impeccably, as it was, and keeps on being, inseparable from the best quality and craftsmanship. 

Over the years, we have kept making progress in the watch business by adding more watch brands, like Tudor, Omega, Breitling, Grand Seiko, and numerous more. Most critically, we have accentuated our emphasis on watch fix and after-deals administration. In 2013, we welcomed on Matt Schloemer, one of the locale’s best Rolex-prepared watchmakers, and fabricated a cutting edge, in-house watch auto shop. With Matt’s ability and on location assets, we procured the designation as a Rolex plaque provider. We think the future here is brilliant, and watches will be a colossal piece of that. 

How has Richter & Phillips Jewelers been supporting the watch community?

We realize that buying a watch doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Regardless of whether it’s somebody’s first or 10th watch buy, we need it to be an over-the-top experience. To that end, we attempt to instruct and offer whatever we can to scratch that itch.

Education and experience are what we are about. Consistently, we hold and advance a small bunch of occasions taking into account the watch community. The headliner is Whiskey & Watches. The idea is to offer the region’s biggest collection of watch brands, with a blending of bourbon as an afterthought. From humble beginnings seven years back (Matt was the bartender, and the attendees were a modest bunch of Rick and Art’s companions), Whiskey & Watches has become the feature of the period for the neighborhood watch community. Through verbal exchange and online media, the occasion currently pulls in more than 250 individuals every evening. A year ago’s occasion sold out before it was even publicized. It has end up being an extraordinary method to show the widest determination of watches in a pleasant climate, where everybody leaves with either another watch on their wrist or fervor for the following one. 

The really imaginative part about how we are helping the watch community is allowing them to learn, or even instruct themselves. We have partnered with the American Watchmakers/Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) on at any rate about six events for occasions. Those include two courses and four “Form A-Watch” occasions facilitated at our store. People get the chance to have our Rolex prepared watchmaker, Matt, show them how to assemble a watch and understand how it functions. The looks on their appearances when they have assembled their own watch is something that can’t be replicated.

And we additionally oblige the individuals who are now deep into the watch game. A year ago, we hosted a RedBar occasion in our bank vault, offering a really interesting setting to see, contact, and feel the best watches in the world. 

The key takeaway from the entirety of this: We understand that the watch community in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky is detonating, and we will do our part to keep it that way. 

What watches do you convey that people ought to be focusing on this moment?

We have a stunning contribution of watch brands in our store, 10 and developing. The Seiko Luxe and Grand Seiko product offerings have been a feature and are acquiring huge loads of force. Albeit these brands are presently discrete, they were resulting from a similar family. Seiko is once again introducing their high-type item and watchmaking roots through the Luxe line. This part of Seiko is making amazingly top notch developments in the 6R and at an exceptionally competitive value point. The line is developing quick and keeps on putting out many stunning watches. There have been many legacy pieces and restricted versions that have become profoundly pursued. Excellent Seiko, on the opposite side of things, has taken the U.S. market by storm. We have encountered the brand’s development direct in the course of recent years. Fabulous Seiko keeps on putting out hit restricted release pieces that individuals come from all over to acquire or even glance at. By and large, both of these brands fill a gigantic hole in the U.S. watch market and particularly in our store.

What do you have some expertise in?

Broadly, we represent considerable authority in contribution a full-administration experience. From purchasing your watch, to overhauling your watch, to just geeking out and discussing your watch, we are in with no reservations. The underlying acquisition of a watch is simply essential for it to us – it doesn’t stop there. We need to think about your experience, on the grounds that the watches we sell are treasure quality. The individual touch is imperative to us. In the event that you buy a watch from one of our watch partners, Blake, odds are he will be messaging you before long, asking how long you have gazed at it. In the event that a watch comes in for administration, bought here or not, Matt recollects that it. From the underlying retail location to numerous years as it were, we endeavor to provide an encounter deserving of the watch on your wrist. 

How might clients and those keen on buying a watch associate with you?

People can email any of our watch specialists directly:

Blake Stelzer: blake@richterphillips.com

George Kiniyalocts: george@richterphillips.com

Eric Fehr: eric@richterphillips.com

Matt Schloemer: matt@richterphillips.com 

Richter & Phillips Jewelers

601 Main Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202

(513) 241-3510

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